Why is a sandwich called a sarnie?


If you wanted to shorten it, wouldn't you call it a sandie?!

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    This article is about the foodstuff. For other uses, see Sandwich (disambiguation). For the term sandwich in mathematics see the sandwich theorem or the ham sandwich theorem.

    An Italian sandwichA sandwich is a food item typically consisting of two pieces of bread between which are laid one or more layers of meat, vegetable, cheese or other fillings, together with optional or traditionally provided condiments, sauces, and other accompaniments. The bread is used as is, lightly buttered, or covered in a flavoured oil to enhance flavour and texture.

    Sandwiches are commonly carried to work or school in lunchboxes or brown paper bags (in sandwich bags) to be eaten as the midday meal, taken on picnics, hiking trips, or other outings. They are also served in many restaurants as entrées, and are sometimes eaten at home, either as a quick meal or as part of a larger meal. As part of a full meal sandwiches are traditionally accompanied with such side dishes as a serving of soup (soup-and-sandwich), a salad (salad-and-sandwich), or potato chips and a pickle or coleslaw.

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    The term "sandwich" has been expanded—especially in the United States—to include items made with other types of bread, such as rolls and focaccia. Thus hamburgers and "subs", for example, are called "sandwiches" on the East Coast of the United States, but not in the Midwest, South or western states, or in most other English-speaking countries (since such "sandwiches" are not made with slices of bread from a loaf).

    The nearest traditional Scandinavian equivalent is generally known elsewhere as an "open" or "open-face" sandwich, i.e. a single slice of bread with meat, fish, cheese, etc. as a topping, although the sandwich with two slices of bread has become more commonplace in recent times. This open-face variation is also prevalent in Russia, where it is known as a buterbrod (бутерброд, from the German word for "buttered bread"). In Norway, there is also an ice-cream called Sandwich, consisting of two square cookies with vanilla ice-cream in the middle.

    In the UK, particularly in the north of England they are known, informally, as 'butties' or 'sarnies'. This is particularly the case with sandwiches including freshly-cooked bacon and butter, though other forms of 'butty' use other ingredients and mayonnaise. A sandwich filled with chips (US: french fries) is known as a 'chip butty'. In Britain roughly 1.8 billion sandwiches are purchased outside the home every year. In French countries one might see this referred to as un Belge: a Belgian (sandwich). In Scotland, sandwiches are called 'pieces'. One Australian slang term for sandwich is 'sanger' (or 'sanga'). In South Africa sandwiches are sometimes called 'sarmies'.

    In the U.S., some children, and a few adults, pronounce the word sandwich as sammich, either out of difficulty pronouncing the word, or as a form of baby talk or stereotyped child's speech. Blue Collar member Larry The Cable Guy uses the pronunciation sammich in one of his bits in Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie, as did Richard Pryor in a recorded routine ("God/Grandmother"). Comic strip character Dennis the Menace and his friends used the variant samwich, while comedian Dane Cook, as part of one of his routines, uses the pronunciation sangwich, most likely for gag value.



    The sandwich was named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, an 18th-century English aristocrat, although it is unlikely to have been invented by him. Indeed a form of sandwich is attributed to the ancient Jewish sage Hillel the Elder, who is said to have put meat from the Paschal lamb and bitter herbs inside matzo (or flat bread) during Passover. However, crediting any single person with the invention of the sandwich is arguably similar to crediting someone with the invention of the wheel since they are both highly likely to have been thought of independently by different minds.

    It is said that Lord Sandwich was fond of this form of food because it allowed him to continue playing cards at cribbage while eating, because he did not want to get his cards sticky, from eating meat with his bare hands. The name of the earldom comes from that of the English town of Sandwich in Kent—from the Old English Sandwic, meaning "sand place". Nowadays some types of sandwich are too unwieldy to be held in one hand, thus defeating Montagu's original purpose, and must be eaten with a knife and fork, or at least with both hands. In some countries it is considered proper to always use cutlery to eat sandwiches.

    However, the generally recognised way to eat a sandwich is with one's hands. Eating a sandwich with cutlery arguably defeats the purpose of this specific food.



    Sandwiches vary greatly both in their style—how they are put together—and their fillings. Not every style can be used with every filling.


    Sandwich styles

    Aram sandwich

    Filled baguette

    Bacon butty

    Barros Jarpa, Chilean sandwich consisting in melted cheese and fried ham on white bread.

    Barros Luco, Chilean sandwich consisting in, also, melted cheese, but with thin fried beef.



    Chip butty, is a sandwich that has french fries in it

    Club sandwich

    Dagwood sandwich

    Döner kebab

    Finger sandwich

    Georgia Hots

    Grilled cheese


    Melt sandwich: Tuna melt, etc.

    Monte Cristo sandwich

    Open sandwich, also known as "open face sandwiches". Traditional in several parts of Europe, especially in Scandinavia. In some parts of the United States the open face sandwich is usually served open face with warm meat (beef, turkey, ham) and covered with gravy.


    Peanut butter and jam sandwich

    Pizza puff, breading with filling inside.

    Ploughman's lunch

    Po' boy (or "poor boy")

    Reuben sandwich

    Sausage sandwich

    Sloppy Joe

    Smörgåstårta, sandwich cake.

    Submarine sandwich

    Taco, is a "soft" or fried corn or flour tortilla folded in half over the ingredients

    Tea sandwich, are diminutive sandwiches usually reserved for entertaining

    Toasted sandwich, is toasted under a grill or in a toaster oven



    The Warren, natural peanut butter, bananas, swedish bread.



    Bánh mì, Vietnamese sandwich

    Barbecue -shredded meat in BBQ sauce


    BLT sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato)

    Cheese (often served with pickle)



    Chicken salad

    Coronation chicken


    Croque Madame

    Croque Monsieur

    Cuban sandwich

    Cucumber sandwich

    Egg sandwich fried, scrambled, egg salad

    Peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff, called a Fluffernutter

    French Dip sandwich and Italian beef sandwich

    Grilled cheese



    Ham and cheese

    Hamburger or other ground meat patties, e.g.:

    Big Mac of McDonald's

    Whopper of Burger King

    Hot Brown

    Hot dog or other sausages

    Jam sandwich

    Monte Cristo sandwich


    Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

    Nutella and other chocolate spreads


    Potato chip sandwich, classic American "White trash" or "Trailer park trash" cuisine


    Roast beef



    SPAM - fried, with mayo or Miracle Whip



    Tuna salad


    Vegemite sandwich

    Vegetable sandwich

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    Why is a sandwich called a sarnie?

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    Yeah, It's a British nickname, as is buttie, Sarni is probably a shortened version of sandwich that has distorted over time, sorry I couldn't be of any more assistance.

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    Why is it called a chip butty and not a chip roll

    Where did that comes from as for sarnie i've heard it and I say it but i don't know were it comes from just one of those things that you hear from and early age but never question

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    The dialects with sarnie I am guessing all drop post-vocalic r so the word s pronunciation is likewise without the r . Sahnie, like. So the term s derivation is just the first syllable of sandwich. Typical for slang. Like nappie for napkin.

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    Apparently rhyming slang for sarnie is Georgio Armani...so if I was going to buy you a sarnie I'd ask you if you wanted a Georgio...personal I prefer saying sanger.

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    Sarnie, Pronounced sounding like Blarnie, Blaarrnie, (use the accent), is a Liverpool slang word for Sandwich.

    A Butty is a Liverpool word for Sandwich and it refers to the butter and bread, the filling variable.

    The best being a Chip Butty.

    A Connie-onnie Butty (Condenced Milk).

    God bless Liverpool.

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    we call them BLT's out here, and a sarnie I think is like a BLT but without the lettuce and tomato. That and theres apparently a guy running for office in the UK who doesn't know how to eat one.

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    Usually, that's too long for me. I think it depends on the guy as well as his face though. Certain guys can easily pull off long hair and other people can't.

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    The word fresh fruit has different meanings depending on context.

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