She holds me in her arms but won't let me kiss yet. Maybe she isn't ready yet?

The lady of my dreams comes over to my home last night. I'm in love with her and I was very happy. This past Thursday her cat of years passed away. While on the phone she was crying and upset because she loved her cat so much. Yesterday I went and bought a kitten for her and surprised her with the kitten. She came over last night and we had a great time except everyone was worried about her and kept calling. When she went to leave I held her in my arms for a long, long time. I tried to kiss her and she turned her head. I didn't get hurt and I'm only thinking that she may not be ready to take our relationship to the next level. As she was leaving my home I mistakenly blurted out I love you and then I said sorry I didn't mean for that to come out. She replied no thats alright. My question is even though we are held each other for a couple of minutes why do you think she didn't want to kiss me? I feel she is in love with me but this relationship is very new for both of us.

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    my be your right that she's not ready yet... but there are also some facts that made her stop you from kissing her: maybe both of you is still young for those things, maybe she's conservative, maybe she came from a different place with a different culture (compare to yours)... try to talk to her about what you feel, try to court her, try to impress doesn't mean because she refuse you, that she doesn't like you...

    maybe she don't want herself to be kissed until she is married... it really depends, because just like in our nation (Philippines) kissing is for married couples only...

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    Could be your breath. Could be the level of intimacy...Kissing is on a deeper level of intimacy for most people and nobody is thinking about that when in mourning. The "I love you" statement, was just to justify your attempt to try to "take the relationship to the next level". She probably already senses that a kiss is just not going to be just a kiss with you but may lead to something she isn't looking for. Finally, you can't substitute a beloved pet with another one at least not so soon. How old are you? this may be a reason for so many errors.

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    I would say give it some time. Don't go after her right now while she is still very sad and probably feeling fairly vulnerable. Let it happen. Show that you care about her and support her, and she'll decide on her own when it's a good time. She could be very attracted to you as well and that might scare her. Women can get very nervous when they experience feelings that they can't control. Calm down, don't rush into anything, and the pieces will fall into place.

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    I had lots of dates before I let my boyfriend kiss me.I knew it was the real thing and wanted to take my time and enjoy the romance of it all.Its a getting to know each other time.There is no rush,even for a kiss.It makes it all the more special when it happens.The anticipation.If my animal had passed away the last thing I would want to do would taint my first kiss,when I would be thinking of my beloved animal.I have two cats,they are like family.We have had them for years and years.I would break my heart and It wouldnt be top of my list to start kissing.Be patient and her a card,with Im sorry for your loss,put kisses inside.See if you can get a picture of her cat and get a nice frame for it.Show you are there for her.She will love you for it.

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    She's probably not ready yet..She probably likes you to, but is just not sure about the relationship and when you said you loved her you shouldn't have went back on that, unless she had a puzzled look on her face or something that would make you want to immediately take back what you said.

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    Its a new relationship. Take it slow. It could be because shes not ready, or that she is still really upset about her cat. Don't rush her, that will only push her away. You will know when the time is right.

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    ok actually i'm a 14 year previous guy. My first kiss advance into variety of peculiar. I advised a woman that I had a dream that she kissed me. Then I pronounced i needed it to be genuine. nicely specific sufficient here day she kissed me. merely be honest and robust success!

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    Could be something as simple as oral hygiene. You didn't list an age, so it is hard to tell.

    Brush your teeth good, and your tongue! Use a good mouthwash, don't eat garlic or onion before seeing her.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Don't you think it is a bit presumptuous of you to buy her a kitten? People generally like to pick their own pets. I think that was really taking a chance and perhaps indicates a controlling urge in you.

  • Ya-sai
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    Giving someone a hug because they are sad does not mean love. Letting someone hug you does not mean love.

    Looks like because you are in love with her you think she feels the same. She doesn't. Don't make this out to be more than it is.

    She was sad, you were there for her, end of romantic tale.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's it right there, it's a new relationship. She's probably scared to take it to the next level because she doesn't want to get hurt, a lot of girls do that.

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