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I need help keeping ticks off my cat?

One of my cats has been coming home with small ticks all around his head, and a TON of small ones all around his eyes. We have been giving him frontline once every month as directed and when we give it to him, they all fall off and stay off for like 10-15 days. After those first days, they always come back and we can't re-apply too soon because the package says once per month. Are there any other products that do a better job?

Please keep in mind that we live in an area with a lot of tall grass in fields near us that he sleeps in at times and there is no way we can fence in our yard. And no, we will not make him an indoor cat. If this is the best we can do and he will keep having tick problems, then so be it. Thanks.

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    Ask your VET this question, and always keep your pets best interest in mind..

  • Try treating your yard with sulfur. A thin coating over the entire yard and then a thicker line around the perimeter. The sulfur will keep the ticks out of the yard and help kill any that catch a ride into the yard on your cat. Raid also has a product for fleas and ticks that you spray directly on the animal. I use it on my dogs and I have no probs with fleas or ticks. As for the seed ticks getting around his eyes, you might try Vaseline around the lids so maybe they can't get a grip on the skin.

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    give your cat a flee and tick bath you can buy that shampoo in any store or you could have it groomed for like around 30 dollars, then put on a tick and flee collar make sure you get a good from a pet store or vets office ask someone if you are not sure but i personally believe you get what you pay for, the best way to keep the ticks off is to not let the cat go outside. I have two cats and I don't feel bad at all for keeping them in the house, I love them and I don't want anything to hurt them and ticks can make your cat sick there are to many things outside that can harm or hurt your cat.

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    I'm not sure I understand why the Frontline is wearing off so quickly. My parents use it on their critters, and it works at least twice that long- and they also live in an area with a lot of ticks.

    Try feeding him garlic and brewer's yeast: It's supposed to be efficacious against blood-suckers. And if you have the time for it, try planting a lot of aromatic herbs around your place: There's something about them that fleas and ticks don't like. A friend of mine has assorted herbs growing wild where her pets play, and she doesn't have any trouble at all with ticks.

    Good luck!

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    Don't know too many ways to keep them off other than medication and flea/tick collars, but you can go to your local pharmacy and buy a "tick puller." It is a small green stick that you slide over the tick and gently twist. It does not hurt the animal, and is the easiest way I have found to be sure you get the whole head out.

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    Frontline or anvange works great it keeps the ticks and fleas off for one month at a time

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    T You might try a flea and tick collar as a bridge between the applications of Frontline.

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    You actually can use Frontline Plus every 3 weeks. It is safe. I do this when we were in a highly infested area.

    DO NOT FEED GARLIC or brewers yeast!!! OLD wives tale and dangerous to cats!!!

    Also there is no "injection" for fleas and ticks! Frontline works best!

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    Your vet can give the cat an injection, or advise you when / how often Frontline can be applied more frequently. The strenght of Frontline is less for smaller animals than it is for larger animals. Dosage is determined by the weight of the recipient.

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    Is there a better product than frontline? I did see on our local vet. sign that you're not supposed to give a cat advantix. I imagine they have had some type of problem in cats from it. I really would check on another product from your vet. because you really seem to care about your cat and obviously you want it outdoors only. I understand totally.

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    I know this sounds silly but try a salt bath twice a week or when the ticks appear the salt is supposed to dry them out If that don't work try vegetable oil then they should slide off

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