what does hang draw and quarter mean what did they do to people when they did this?

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    This punishment was usually reserved for the worst of crimes in history - treason. If a queen was unfaithful to her husband, the king, this was considered treason, a crime against the state, as the king was the state. That was why Anne Boleyn was beheaded (she narrowly escaped burning), and why her supposed lovers were tortured and beheaded. Anyway, in this particular gory punishment, you were hanged until very nearly dead; then you were disembowelled and your private parts cut off, all while you were still conscious. A good executioner could do it very quickly, so that you didn't die too early. Then your body was divided; the parts could be sent to different parts of the country and displayed for all to see. Many heads would be displayed on spikes on old London Bridge as a warning to traitors. This happened to William Wallace, for one.

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    Draw And Quarter

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    Being hung,drawn and quartered entails being hung (obviously) but not until youre dead,drawn which is basically having your guts pulled out,and quartered which means being cut into four.Sometimes they would drag you on a trolley round the city before they quartered you.When youd been quartered they could send each piece of you to the four corners of the uk,or impale the pieces around the tower of london...it all depended how badly they had it in for you.It was often a punishment for enemies of the state so to speak or for high treason.

  • Although put into disuse in 1970, to be drawn and quartered the convict would be:

    Dragged on a hurdle (a wooden frame) to the place of execution


    Hanged by the neck, but removed before death (hanged).

    Disembowelled, and the genitalia and entrails burned before the victim's eyes.

    Beheaded and the body divided into four parts (quartered).

    Thankfully, this method of execution is now considered cruel and unusual.

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    it was the most awful method of excution. You would be hanged by a knot that didn't break your neck, so you'd choke. Then before choking to death you'd be cut down and placed on a table, whereupon you guts would be torn from your stomach, and sometimes whilst still attached burn onto burning embers, and finally before you were allowed to die you'd be held apart feet and hands and pulled untill the limbs ripped off.

    The purpose of such a punishment was to prelong the dieing, making an example of you, and to show anyone else considering a like crime what would happen to them also!

    Source(s): Chartists riots, Newport, Gwent
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    First, they would hang them for a couple minutes until they are unconscious. Then tie each leg and arm to a horse. Then let the four horses pull 'em into four separate quarters. Yeow! A sick way to go!

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