Question about no-claims bonus (UK)?

Soon, I will be coming up to the 1 year anniversary of passing my driving test. After that date, I want to buy a car and get it insured in my name (I have not had any insurance before). Do I qualify for any no-claims bonus, as I have not made any claims in the previous year?

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    Not really no.

    But there are some companies who specialise in insuring people like yourself.

    They will tell you that they will give a no claims discount. They still charge quite a bit though.

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    I assume you haven't been driving on any insurance during the 12 month period? In that case, I could only imagine that your no-claims bonus will begin when you're first insured as I fail to see how you can be rewarded for a period where you haven't been in possession of a vehicle and driving?

    This is not an expert opinion, I don't work in insurance but this is my feeling on the matter, my no-claims bonus runs from when I first had a car and insured it.

    Happy driving! Don't take out your insurance with Tesco's though and avoid Diamond (cheaper for women?! Ha! They quoted me hundreds of pounds more than other companies so shop around)

    Source(s): My opinon for what it's worth
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    Well I am in India. But the question is a fundemental basic one common to many countries.

    To qualify for a no claim bonus first you must have taken a policy of insurance for a vehicle and during that one year period you should not have made any claim nor any one else had any claim against your insurance policy .Since you dont seem to have a policy for any car, since you did not even possess a car of your own with an insurable interest thereon, you have to wait for your own car and then insurance and then one year free of any claim to become eligible for no claim bonus..You had no insurance and so it is but natural you had no claim. And so no NOCLAIM BONUS TOO>

  • Afraid not. No-claims only starts when you get an insurance policy.

    Also worth noting that if, like me, you stop driving for whatever reason (ive taken my car off the road) and you stop your policy, your no-claims is set back to zero. A little frustrating as i had accumalated nearly 6 years!

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    you have to have had insurance for a year without any claims to get a year, try norich union insurance, i think they will be good for you as you can get insurance for 9 months, which will be cheaper, then after the 9 months they will give you 1 years no claims! wow

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    No... otherwise people who passed their test 6 years but haven't yet driven a car regularly would qualify for full no claims discount as soon as they took out their first car insurance - which would be nightmarish....

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    Not likely, and why have you been driving for a year without insurance? One of the questions they will ask is "Do you currently have insurace?" and when the answer is "no" you will automatically become high risk high premium.

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    if your insuredby direct line you will have a percentage of that no claims bonus itwont be a year yetbut you will have somethin

  • 1 decade ago

    no -your have to be insured to earn no claims

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