Why do you think God is using the Faith approach for us instead of showing himself and proving He is real?

What are the supposed effects for humanity of each side of this argument?
Update: Bob, that doesn't even attempt to answer the question. Are you 4?
Update 2: curious, all true but why doesn't He just come and show Himself so there is no longer any question? What exactly would that do to humanity?
Update 3: fsb2u2004, I like how profound your answer is. Did God Have to give us free-will? Is that just so our worship of Him is just genuine and not forced?
Update 4: jtuckerndfw, why did you waste your time? If God doesn't exist, who is it that keeps answering my questions with things I've never even thought of?
Update 5: **************
Hey, everyone, I'm talking about showing Himself TODAY, in 2006. I know He came as Jesus Christ.
Update 6: Don't miss the meaning of PROVING Himself real. I mean like the burning bush, the voice of God resonating the whole world. Proof that NEEDS NO FAITH.
Update 7: I should also point out...

I'm an Evangelical Christian.

My Faith can NOT be crushed.
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