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Our cat sneezes constantly-enough to where I think he can't breath from so many in a row. What causes this?

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    It could be any number of things. One could be allergies. Another is a reaction to some household chemical, either a cleaner or freshener. The scariest possibility is that he has heart trouble (also the least likely, but to be considered none the less). I would check with a vet to make certain. They can tell you for certain and tell you what you can do for it. It is common for a cat to rip off several sneezes in a row once started, but not so often as you're describing.

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    Could be allergies! My cat used to sneeze up to 15 times in a row and snot all over his face... it was icky. I took him to the vet, it was allergies. He takes a pill now. He doesn't like it, but he takes it.

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    He may have an upper respiratory condition (aka a "cat cold"). Take him to the vet if you're really concerned about it. He/she can help you better than any of us could with this one!

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    allergies probally is the best answer it reallt depends on how often it happensmost cats do snezze ike that quite often most ly its just because there nasal passage gets blocked

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