I am very concerned because of and email scam I receaved...who can I forward this email to...?

I was asked for my real name address and phone number....I know better but there may be someone who will fall for it because of the money thats promised

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    1 decade ago
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    There is a nice little tool at www.scamomatic.com

    You copy the text of the scam,paste it in the box,put in the address of the sender,and it will show you how you can prove it is a scam.

    The information in the scam letter will be separated from the text and email addresses (not yours) and phone numbers will be put on a spam blacklist.

    Anyone that searches for the name of the scammer will be directed to a list of known scammer names.

    YOU as an individual cannot do a lot to stop these scams.

    But as a society....we can do a lot!

    Source(s): www.scamomatic.com www.fraudwatchers.org
  • 1 decade ago

    just trash it.

    YOU alone can not stop the world from this sort of stuff.

    Just make sure YOU are ok.

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