What are some story ideas for magical realism? (English paper)?

I need a concept for a story I'm doing for 9th grade English. I'm kind of stuck. Magical realism is the use of realistic characters and a realistic setting, but unusual events occur.

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    Magical realism is basically when wacky, unrealistic and magical things are incorporated into a story as if they're part of every-day life. For example, you can describe someone casually walking down the street, waving to his friends giraffes, who are selling fresh fruits and vegetables to feed their baby elephants. It has to be crazy, and unrealistic, but told in such a way as if it was a normal life. A great movie exmaple of magic realism is Big Fish. Maybe you could do a review of that?

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    I'm writing a story about a house named Percy that is alive. He doesn't talk, but strange things are constantly happening to get the hero and the heroine to fall in love.

    Maybe someone gets a superpower for a day/while. (Bruce Almighty or that movie where Mel Gibson can hear women's thoughts.)

    Then there's also movies like Freaky Friday, Big, or 13 going 30 where people switch ages.

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    Try a seance which goes bad...finding out your grandmother was a witch, and you've inherited some of her powers...finding a fairy under a flower and befriending her/him...finding a magic wand/spoon/pen/feather

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    I'll give you some...

    -A 12-year old girl, living in NY.

    -Never given a name. Doesn't know why.

    -Her mother is killed because of a bottle.


    -A 13-year old boy.

    -Discovers he is related to Satan.

    -Must clear the name of Hell to redeem himself when he's killed by an assasin.


    -A 14-year old girl.

    -Discovers a working witchboard (Ouija Board) in her attic.

    Towards the end....

    -Must choose between keeping the witchboard (Losing her parents) or losing the witchboard (And returned to the orphanage.)

    (Don't always make the choice that seems right. Surprise your readers.)

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    i just did that

    look up Garcia Marquez

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