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Why does the news on Television always tell bad news?

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    Dismal news is a staple of American television. Most other places in the world don't follow 'if it bleeds, it leads." If you believe Marilyn Manson it is because corporate America (the ones who pay the bills at TV stations with advertizing) wants us to be scared. If we are scared we will consume to aquire protection from what scares us. If we are scared of burglery then we buy home security systems, if we are scared the girl won't date us we buy cars or zit cream or the "right" clothes, if we are scared of terrorists we will fight a war costing billions of dollars a day. It is all about fear and if we are afraid we will consume.

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    The reason why televison gives us shitty news is to distract us from the Iraq War and terrorism and replace with with ******* Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and ******* Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.I just think it is a waste of air time that is why I stick to reading newspapers like the New York Times or the Village Voice those newspapers have the time and dedication about what's going on in the "Real World" while crappy news programs gives us irrelvant infomation The United States is living in the information Matrix of bad news.

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    Probably for the same reason we all find it necessary to look at car wrecks when we drive by. However, I always thought it would be fun to create a TV news show with nothing but positive news stories. I think there's more good news than bad news out there, but I guess bad news makes for better ratings.

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    Because they feel the need to keep everyone scared. If the news was always good, not a lot of people would watch it. Canadian news still isn't even close to how bad American news is.

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    Well, people just aren't interested in happy news that much. I mean, is "No school shootings today" or "Car trip ends happily, no injuries" a story most want to read?

    People like sensational, gory, and scary stories, and the media gives that to them.

    If you want happy news, go to :)

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    Bad news is part of our life. We don't live in a idylly.

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    Because as depressing as it might be, it's important that we hear about those things.

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    to keep ordinary people on their toes and so they are reminded that they need the government.

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    journalism 101--first day "if it bleeds, it leads"

    sad, but true

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