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DENIS asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 2 decades ago

why is america always at war?.?


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  • 2 decades ago
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    We have to justify our expenditures for our military infrastructure somehow.

  • 2 decades ago

    Read Zinn´s "Peoples History of the USA".

    After WW2, the US economy was booming. the boom came because of the heavy increase of arms production during the war which led to employment and the rise of many fringe industries. (Dont wanna get into too many details now.)

    The industrial lobby groups asked the government to keep it in a constant state of war so that the boom never stops. Thus the wars practically never stopped.

    After WW2, America needed to insure that the foreign markets were kept open to absorb the abundance of american products. As a superpower, the US needed to make sure it could keep its interests and stay powerful. A powerful nation needs to go to war more often to mantain its many interests. America does what every nation would do in this position.

    War makes a few people very rich, and puts many people in misery. We life in capitalism, so only the interests of the rich are being served.

    Dracirons answers are mostly incorrect. He/she seem to be a self-righteous, zealos american patriot. The Mexican american war, for example, was completely staged by the US.

    Plus, do not forget all the interventions in Latin America. The United States has often supported dictators like Saddam Hussein and Pinochet. So freedom has no part in decision making. Freedom is just an empty phrase for idiots who believe in propaganda. Goverments are never interested in freedom.

  • 2 decades ago

    The US is at peace more than most nations in the world. You could pull up a similer list for many nations. Also you include many actions that were not even close to a war or that we had a minor role in. Kosovo for example. We were only a small portion of the peace keepers there. Somolia is another UN Operation. Korea yet another. Panama could not be called a war in any fasion. It was probably the largest no knock raid in the history or the world LOL. Bay of Pigs was not an American military operation though it should have been and was supposed to have been.

    In WWII we were attacked. The American revolution was a revolt necesary for the formation of our nation. The war of 1812 was again necessary for us to survive.

    WWI we were asked to join for years and finally did so. Deffinitely not a war of our making and many Americans wanted nothing to do with it.

    Korea was technically a UN operation and many nations did send troops. Turks, Australians, Britons and many other nations particpated in that war. The bulk of the fighting was by American troops however and a large part of the enemies army towards the end was Chinese troops. The war itself was really a war between America and China. Again a war we got dragged into.

    Vietnam was origionally a revolt against the French. In support of our allies and to battle the USSR which got involved long before we did, we were dragged into that war. One I think we should have stayed out of, failing that fought it like a war.

    Iraq invaded Kuwait. I don't think many Kuwatis enjoyed that experience or wanted to be part of Iraq. Nor do I think many Westerners would want to see the economic results of such a take over. Surprisingly Arabs rooted for Iraq. The reality is had the US not intervened Iraq would not have stopepd with Kuwait. In possession of Kuwait for a short time Iraq would have had the economic resources to arm and equip an army capable of taking over all the way to Sudan and Egypt. Once these nations fell, the rest of the Arab world could not have opposed Iraq. It would not have made Iraq any more formidble against outside powers. So why the sympathy for Iraq?

    The Mexican American war was a shoving match between two kids on a playground. Both Mexico and the US wanted the war. Both thought they would win.

    The Spanish American war is something history hasn't told the real story of yet. What the real story is may never be told though. For some reason the Spanish blew up a US vessel or were made to look like they did. This caused a short lived one sided war which gained the US a great deal of territory it really did not want. Much of it territory it did not hold for long. The war cost us money, got American's killed, made some enemies. The Spanish had no reason to fight the war and could have opted for a diplomatic solution but instead fought. Something else was going on. Not sure what but you can be sure that there was more than the history books describe.

    Afghanistan was the training base for terrorists. It was also a nation that could be easily invaded and thus put pressure on other Arab nations to clean up their act. It made perfect sense to invade such a repressive regime. Especially given the acts it was comitting against priceless works of history.

    If I remember correctly Dominican republic was the Bananna war. Plantation owners fighting against impoverished workers. This was apparently pure bribery if that is the case.

    The Cival war started against such corruption. It eventually took on different meanings such as going for a Monroe style Federalism rather than a Jefforsonian confederacy. It also ended slavery in the US (something that was already going to happen as well as something that had already happened in most Western nations already) Beyond that it redefined quite a few aspects of US society.

    You did forget our actitions against the Barbery pirates. The US and many other nations were losing people and ships to the pirates and diplomatic solutions failed miserably. We went in, tore the place up and piracy against the US stopped. It also slowed down noticable and finally ended against other nations. So you might exist purely because of this if your ancestors were sailors who traveled that region. You also forgot the one set of wars where the US was most morally wrong. That is the wars against the Indians.

    For such a war like nation the US is in a number of wars that we had no participation in the start of and were brought in by allies and or being attacked. The US was rarely the aggressor in wars. Rarely fought wars for gain. You will find France for example has been far more active militarily as a peace keeper than the US. You can compile just as long a list of wars for the UK over the last 200 years. Make it 400 years and the UK is a downright violent nation. Russia, Japan, China and the list goes on. All nations involved in many wars.

    The answer to your non-question is that no we havn't been a war mongerer. No the US is not involved in more wars than other developed nations. You missed quite a few military missions as well as portrayed many small military operations as wars including one with no US military involvement at all.

  • 2 decades ago

    Not all our wars are to keep us free. Canada is free, how many wars have they fought?

    Nothing boosts the old poll numbers like a good war, atleast if its short and victorious. If those in power can justify using our military for something, and they think they will gain popularity, resources, or political capital, they wont hesitate for a second.

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  • 2 decades ago

    I'd say cause the president does not have family members in the military and does not know what it is to lose someone or even be worried about your loved one being at war.

  • 4 years ago

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  • 2 decades ago

    the natural state of civilization is WAR

    all great leaders from ALexander to Napolean to Hitler all understood this

    to create the new you must first be rid of the old

    expansion baby we taken over this here

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    They want oil and thats the bottom line

  • 2 decades ago

    It is because US is full of people like --HandsomeRockus and there are very few band_camp_dowrk

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