Is Pat Marriott still alive?

I love reading Willard Price books. I know that he is dead, but I was wondering if the illustrator, Pat Marriot was still alive? if so, where does she live?

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    Wow, this was a tough one!

    According to this site "Pat Marriott" is the name that Edward Gorey used to illustrate some books- it specifically names Joan Aikens' books. Here is the quote from the website:

    Amphigorey Apocrypha

    Your speculation on whether Hyacinthe Phypps and Edward Gorey were ever seen in the same room together ["The Topiary is Neglected," At The Margin #8] reminded me of my own suspicions that much of the Gorey Canon dwells under assumed names, or none. the 1996 biography alluded to, but did not catalog, various anonymous or pseudonymous illustrations that Gorey did to seal the cracks under the door on cold wintry nights. my personal candidate was the cover of Joan Aiken's deliciously sadistic neodickensian "Wolves of Willoughby Chase" (i obtained my copy in 1963 as my very first order from the Young America Book Club, and was highly dismayed when no subsequent offering measured up to the precedent). this is hardly wild conjecture anymore, since Gorey subsequently illustrated several other (acknowledged) books for Aiken. I am still wondering, however, about the drawings inside "Wolves" attributed to one Pat Marriott (may she forgive me if i err) but looking awfully Ardizzonian.

    i remain yr most obt svt,

    d. g. cornelius

    [Editor's Reply: Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop's Tom Owen tells me the May 2000 issue of the magazine Locus published an obituary saying that Gorey did the covers of "the early Joan Aiken books (as Pat Marriott)." Thanks for writing.]

    Wikipedia ( ) also mentions that he used pseudonyms, although they don't mention this specific one.

    Here's some more info on Edward Gorey, if you would like:

    Hope this helps!

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