Bin Laden has always said that he is just the tip of the iceberg of Islamic hatred for America and that his ideas are shared by the Islamic world.

1998 Time - "For the American forces to expect anything from me personally reflects a VERY NARROW PERCEPTION. Thousands of millions of Muslims are angry."

Bin Ladens first two years of issuing statements focused on his claim that Muslims hate America for their presence holylands of Islam (Mecca and Medina) without reference to israel:

AUGUST, 1996 - "Muslims burn with anger at America. For its own good, America should leave [Saudi Arabia.] ... There is no more important duty than pushing the American enemy out of the holy land. ...

Over 80% of Pakis & Jordanian still have confidence in Bin Laden; Most muslims support terror v.civilians




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    Muslims do not support killing of innocent people. Period. Its against the very tenets of Islam. So, it would be wrong to say all Muslims like Bin Laden. There are good peple and bad peple in every religion and unfortunately some of these lend a bad name to the entire group. There are a lot of political and economic agendas behind what is happenning in the world today. Everything is not so plain as it appears. I'd say Bin Laden is an enemy of Muslims becoz he has done more harm than good to their coz. Muslims, in general, do not hate Americans or America, its the policy makers and politicians they dont agree with. Its becomes difficult to make out the difference, though, what with the media turning completely against muslims.

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    Bin Laden is a Civil Engineer. If he is not that intelligent at least he is one of the more educated middle eastern people in that region. Being a Muslim, he knows Islam very well. He knows too that Middle eastern people have more illiteracy than smart people who believe in the teachings of the Qur'an by terrorizing and killing the nonbelievers whom they call as infidels. With these information at hand, he starts pointing his fingers to the direction of the infidels, so what can we expect to happen next. Anger and confusion starts rising and we saw what happened and God only knows what comes after that.

    To Honkerbonkerz

    I did not say he's one of the "most intelligent". Take note that I don't even believe that he's intelligent. I just said he's ONE OF THE MORE "not most" INTELLIGENT meaning little education just to be polite. I have muslim acquantances or should I say friends from the Middle East and they call sperm "bacteria". Sperm creates people while bacteria infects and may kill people. How's that for intelligence. And that's a very big difference. You can laugh at your self now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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    I cant speak for other muslims but I hate Bush for waging a war on Iraq. There is so much of destruction. It's not my country but I would be devastated if it would have happened to my home country.

    He never found any weapons of mass destruction. It seems like more of his personal hatred towards muslims and Bin Laden which he took out on Iraq and has ruined the country. People are homeless, so many children have died, become orphans and misery is everywhere. I feel so bad. And all this just because of one man's decision. I'm sorry to say this, but I Hate him for this.

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    i wish you see that...

    A lot of people will find this video too difficult to believe and it just another silly conspiracy theory .but the truth...The United States has been deviously messing with the politics and cultural stability in the Middle-East since the cold war period. We have previously funded and supplied weapons to a number of the organizations, including AL-Quida. The United Status's conduct towards many of the Muslim factions in the Middle-East has been kept under wraps for the most part, so what the American media reports is only the backlash after decades and decades of dirty politicking, which makes Muslim extremists look as though they are acting without provocation, which is just not true. . In addition to the sweeping Americanism that is so obvious in this century, Bush has gone on national television numerous times and called these groups "evil", groups who truly believe they are standing up against a superpower that has been attempting to exploit them and their natural resources for decades. So they in turn call USA "evil". It's a nasty cycle of hatred and until we are able to outgrow our debilitating racism and total lack of respect for non-western culture, that cycle will continue until there is no one left alive to keep on hating.

    by the way you yourself is a great clear alive example for the silly shallow mind people who increas the hate...well done really....God help us all...

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    Bin Laden is just trying to whip up hatred and get other Muslims to kill people and die for him. If he wasn't such a coward, he would come out of his hole and do a little dying of his own. He thinks he's the indispensable man, that nobody but he can save Islam. But, to quote Roger Zelazny, "the graveyards are full of men who thought they could not be replaced."

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    Lol Someone here that since Bin ladden sh-it is a CIVIL ENGINEER thatmakes him one of the 'most educated people' in our region. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    WOW, i mean WOW WOW WOW, what the hell do they tell you about us in your media?

    I guess if You ever travel to an arab country you would be really shocked:)

    No sir, we don`t support baby killers who pretend to be muslims, and we don`t support the CIA who train baby killers when the fought against USSR in afghanistan and we don`t support any sort of ladykillers/babykillers who come to our coiuntries and steel our petrol regardles of how they might justify it.

    I guess it would be nice if you could turn on the quaking box for sometime and start reading some books, serious ones, or maybe spending a vacation abroad, it will do you lots of good I promise:)

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    Osama does not signify the fact of Islam. He represents evil. yet he's unquestionably getting used to added some ill twisted end. If a individual believes that maximum all of us is reliable, then they ought to have self assurance that they are reliable. With all the reliable practising Muslims in the international why might Osama must be a representative of Islam? Muslims get puzzled approximately this for all time and it puzzles me...why? of direction there are some muslims who wish Osama, yet they're truthfully erroneous. it fairly is the exception--no longer the guideline. What if I used David Duke as a representative of all White people..David Duke represents the perspectives of a few white people, yet no longer all. Or to invite all catholics in the event that they accept as true with the monks who're pedophiles? seems extreme does not it? of direction it style of feels ridiculous. i'm no longer attempting to be disrespectful, yet for sure, if maximum all of us is fairly reliable and we ourselves believes this, then maximum people might agree that killing harmless people in the call of religion is incorrect. we are residing in a deceptive international. we've been lied to lots that we don't think the fact each so often as quickly as we pay attention it. We actual take the understanding of people who're are 'representatives' of fact. the information isn't the fact. The media legally does not have an criminal accountability to let us know the fact. The media has replaced. we ought to constantly seek for fact, otherwise we fall for something that we are informed without question. we ought to seek for fact because of the fact our hearts are like a dogs leash it could stick to regardless of direction that's pulled if we don't have suited coaching.

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    I am a muslim and an arab and my opinion, so is the opinioins of everyone I know in my country, that Bin ladden is created by USA to justify occuying arab countries to control the petrol. No boidy here or indeed in any arab country supports a cheal criminal like Bin ladden

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    Lately it seems that way, but I'm sure that not every single Islamic person hates America like he does.

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    Sounds to me like everyone on both sides of this argument should just stop what they are doing and just find an honest way to make a living.

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