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"runtime error 216" +vclskin +delphi?

In my delphi app I use vclskin 3.02, but when the app exit I got the exception "runtime error 216". when I disable vclskin then there is no exception when closing my app. Why?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    i think what is happaning is your keeping it in memory and your not freeing it in the CloseQuiery procedure of the form you free it like this


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  • Manolo
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I copied the list of errors from Delphi Help system;

    I guess,since 216 means Acces violation, that you are trying to access a memory segment that is no more available.

    Since you get the error during the exit, perhaps you are trying to access some vclskin object AFTER it has been destroyed.

    Places to look for the culprit?

    the AfterDestroy, OnDestroy, Onclose events or the Destroy procedure

    This is the list of runtime errors:

    These errors always immediately terminate the program.

    In applications that use the SysUtils unit (as most GUI applications do), these errors are mapped to exceptions. For a description of the conditions that produce each error, see the documentation for the exception.


    200Division by zeroEDivByZero

    201Range check errorERangeError

    202Stack overflowEStackOverflow

    203Heap overflow errorEOutOfMemory

    204Invalid pointer operationEInvalidPointer

    205Floating point overflowEOverflow

    206Floating point underflowEUnderflow

    207Invalid floating point operationEInvalidOp

    210Abstract Method ErrorEAbstractError

    In CLX, this can’t be mapped to an exception. Program terminates.

    215Arithmetic overflow (integer only)EIntOverflow

    216Access violationEAccessViolation


    218Privileged instructionEPrivilege

    219Invalid typecastEInvalidCast

    220Invalid variant typecastEVariantError

    221Invalid variant operationEVariantError

    222No variant method call dispatcherEVariantError

    223Cannot create variant arrayEVariantError

    224Variant does not contain arrayEVariantError

    225Variant array bounds errorEVariantError

    226TLS initialization errorNo exception to map to.

    227Assertion failedEAssertionFailed

    228Interface Cast ErrorEIntfCastError

    229Safecall errorESafecallException

    230Unhandled exceptionNo exception to map to.

    231Too many nested exceptionsUp to 16 permitted.

    232Fatal signal raised on a non-Delphi threadNo exception to map to.

    Source(s): Delphi Help (for list of errors)
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