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Newcastle brown ale - how is it different to larger or bitter?

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    Lagers are brewed with "bottom-fermenting" yeasts at much colder temperatures than ales, typically around 35-50F over long periods of time (months). This is called "lagering," and it prevents fermentation byproducts to develop as they do in ales. Lagers include bocks, doppelbocks, Munich- and Vienna-style, MŠrzen/Oktoberfest, and pilsners. Expect them to generally taste cleaner and lighter than ales.

    A bitter (ale) is made bitter by high hop content which imparts a distintinctive and complex "bitter" flavor

    Brown Ale uses brown malt for a distinctive nutty flavor but generally has a low hop content

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    For Brown Ale (or Broon/Dog as it is sometimes referred to up north) specific information check the website below:

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