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Does anyone know at what age bengal cats stop growing ?

My cat "george" is a bengal, and i was just wondering at what age he would stop growing, he is about 8 or 9 months now, but still seems smaller than bengals in pictures that i have seen. Also does anyone know what height and lenght males are on av ? Thanks

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    Hi others have noted that most cats on average will reach full growing potential at 18 months--Bengals are no exception. However some, not all will begin to fill out width-wise up to 3 years of age. Depending on the pedigree each Bengal some will be either bigger or smaller even than their litter mates. For example my Bengal's father and his brothers were huge at 9 months...weighing in at 12 pounds, yet my boy was 4 pounds less than they were. Some Bengals are taller and longer than others as well even within the same family--my Bengal boy is very long and tall, but his brothers are more stocky and short like their father. Again, it all depends on the pedigree characteristics of the parents and grandparents as well as littermates.

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    I have several Bengal cats & I've just been out & measured one of my boys. It was a bit difficult as some of the others decided that the steel tape was a great new toy that I'd taken out of the cupboard especially for them to play with - but I'm sure that I got a reasonably accurate reading.

    Raucaus is about 14 inches at the shoulder & is 20 inches long from top of head to the start of his tail. He's a neutered male & is quite rangy. He's not as big or as muscular as his Dad (who's asleep) & I suppose Rau is also about mid size for all the boys that I have. Rau is about two years old. The younger boys are a lot smaller. I think that they keep growing until they are about 18 months to two years - & I think I'd agree with your other answer that they seem to get heftier past this age.

    I've seen a website that says they don't mature until about three. (Though sexual maturity is at a much younger age)

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    Like you I also have a male Bengal (named Shah) he is 9 months old and quite big I think - probably more to do with the fact that he only eats poached chicken and tuna....lucky boy!!!Cats are fully grown by the time they are 2 years so George will have plenty of time to catch up.

    Shah is my first Bengal,what stunning cats!

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    a year to year and 1/2

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    My brother's male bengal (he's gorgeous) went on growing height wise till he was about 18 months old, he was very leggy, by 3 he'd started filling out with lots of muscle, like an athlete. So I'd say till about 3 years he's still growing one way or another. They are beautiful cats arent they, very naughty, talkative and affectionate, with fantastic silky coat to the touch.

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    1 year or so

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    In my experience it can take up to three years for a cat to completely stop growing and even then if there quite a greedy cat there belly can carry on growing!.

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    no but you should try the google search on it

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