Did The Beatles ever meet Pink Floyd?

Specifically Syd Barret?

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    Yes, Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd did meet. It was while Pink Floyd was recording The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn at Abbey Road studio's and The Beatles were right down the hall recording Sgt. Peppers. Pink Floyd's engineer at the time was Norman Smith who was the producer for The Beatles on all their albums up to Rubber Soul, so it was probably through him that they met.

    Here is how Roger Waters described it, "I remember the first sessions we did at Abby Road on four-track. The Beatles were making 'Sgt. Pepper' in the other studio. At about five-thirty in the afternoon, Ringo, Paul and George came into our studios and we all stood rooted to the spot, excited by it all."

    Nick Mason tells it a bit differently. "We spent three months recording it (piper at the gates of dawn) which was quite a long time in those days. Bands used to have to finish albums in a week, with session players brought in to play the difficult bits. But because The Beatles were taking their time recording Sgt Pepper in the studio next door, EMI thought this was the way people now made records. We were taken into meet them once, while they were recording 'Lovely Rita'. It was a bit like meeting the Royal Family"

    Even though their stories a slightly different, it's quite clear that Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett did meet The Beatles.

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    I'm guessing yes, because the Beatles were recording Sgt. Pepper at Abbey Road Studios right next door to Syd and Pink Floyd while they were recording their first album, Piper at the Gates of Dawn

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    Yes they did. During the recording of piper at the gates of dawn the Beatles were recoding Srg. Peppers. They did meet and there have been rumor of Syd playing guitar on Srg Peppers. Not true though.

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    I haven't found any evidence that they did. The two bands were in Abbey Road Studios at the same time once (03/21/1967), but the official story only mentions their producer, Norman Smith, who used to work with The Beatles, visiting and being treated very coldly.

    Source(s): I'm an amateur Beatles historian
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    i know a story where pink floyd, had booked abbey road for a few days, and they had to be bumped to another date because the beatles had used up there recording time for sgt pepper...and they would not abandon the project until it was finished..they actually where the four kings of EMI and nobody could challenge them..not even the mighty Floyd...if i play Dark Side of The Moon followed by Sgt.Pepper today..i know which one i prefer...Pink Floyd every time

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    You can read the case for the truth in this rumour here:


    The evidence appears circumstantial - probably?

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    Yes when they were high

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