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Why is my Hamster making beds in the corners of his cage?

He has a house all enclosed full of bedding that he's loved for ages him and his brother used to love it but his brother passed and lately his being digging in the corner of his cage pulling in the sawdust and a tiny bit of bedding and just sitting in his back legs puffing his fur up and sleeping in all corners on the cage :/

Him and his brother used to make big beds and drag it out the house etc but when his brother passed he slept in the house but now his acting wierd :/


But he looks scared and lonely....


Update 2:

I'm using softwood shavings, biodegradable, eco friendly, safe and hygienic.

Well I understand that they change beds because they used to drag the bedding from the house and use it and pull up all the wood shavings but it's not even a proper bed, it's about 1cm deep wood shavings and soft bedding. and he sits there hunched up :(

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    Hamsters often do this, for no apparent reason! He might be too warm in his house if you've had particularly hot weather recently. Or maybe there's not enough room in his bed for him, his bedding and his food?

    He might be mourning for his brother if he passed away recently or maybe he's just finding things a bit lonely. Make sure he has plenty of time out of the cage playing and having cuddles off you, I wouldn't worry about it, it's a very normal thing for a hamster to do. If you feel bad you could offer him some more bedding to make it a bit cosier in the corner? I'll fill my hamsters bed up so much and then leave some bedding dotted around the cage so he can add it if he wants it.

    I wouldn't worry unless you see some physical or worrying behavioural changes. Xxx

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    It's very normal for hamsters to change up the places they sleep every once in a while, I haven't had a hamster who HASN'T done that. Don't worry about it!

    One thing you said in the details concerns me. You said "sawdust". Sawdust is bad for hamsters, deadly in some cases. It causes respiratory problems. (Pine and Cedar are also bad). Aspen or Carefresh (but not carefresh basic, it has pine and cedar) are good alternatives.

    edit: Yes, softwood shavings are the bad ones. Hardwood is the only type of shavings you can have, which is Aspen.

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    My last hamster always slept in the corner, it's what they do. It's a hamster's instinct to burrow in their litter because they are originally from the dessert and they burrow in the dessert in big holes. Maybe he just slept in the place he used to because his brother was there. As for his loneliness, take him out more to play. Some people say its bad to keep holding your hamster, but it builds a better relationship between the hamster and its owner. It's healthy for them to get out more often. Trust me I've had hamsters for 5 years and all of them lived long, happy lives and I learned a lot about them (:

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    maybe he feels more comfortable in the corner of his cage,or he could be too warm,he should be okay just keep your eye on him

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    maybe his brother was the boss and the house isn't ideal for him, so he's moved out..don't worry about it.

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    its a clever bugger what tools does it have

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