Budapest: Any must-sees or must does?

I'm visiting Budapest soon. I'm not finding much about it online. What is something unique to Budapest? Or something I definitely shouldn't miss? Thanks for the help!

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  • jonal
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    1 decade ago
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    Terrific! Lovely city,but Hungarian is very difficult. All the tourist signs are in Hungarian and English. The markets are famous...the biggest one is the The Great Market Hall near Liberty Bridge....spend half a day in it...foods and spices from round the world,loads of local specialities,clothes,bags,allsorts.....loads of other markets.....Trip on the river,right down to Vienna if you like,it's a regular boat service......dinner/dance on a boat for the evening,waltzing on deck to a four or six piece orchestra under the beautifully-lit bridges at night is so lovely...gorgeous,,,,Huge St.Stephen's basilica just off Ferenciek Ter,which is right in the city centre by the Ferenciek Bridge,and is the central hub for local trams and buses. Lots of other fine buildings,galleries,museums,parks,Heroes Square,....Lots of spas with healing mineral water. The locals play chess on floating boards while they're taking the waters for the morning ...The Danube Carnival is fantastic,loads of fun.The last day is a big party on Margeret Island in the! Fun! ... ... City website is here..spas are on the list on the left,and a what's on is at the top.. .. ........Another Budapest Q here..;_ylt=Am... ..

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