I would like to no if it is to late to make a claim after 6 years gone June.?

We were in Tenerife in June 2007 with family who all had different flights. We were with Jet 2 and had a evening flight. We boarded the plane and taxied to the runway when the plane broke down . We all disembarked and it was chaos! We finally were taken to a flee pit dump and took back to the airport early morning. We spent over 15 hours stuck in Tenerife South airport and al we got was vouchers for a snack. We didn't get any satisfaction from Jet 2.

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  • Pompal
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    6 years ago
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    It's not too late to submit a claim for compensation. The airline might say that the delay was due to extraordinary circumstances but, as the attached shows, a mechanical failure can still merit compensation being awarded.


    You will need the flight details and, providing you have the date, you can recover this information from "flightstats". The service is free and all you will need to do is register and begin your search. You will have all you need in minutes.


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  • Brian
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    6 years ago

    Alas, it is too late to expect the airline to make up for your dissatisfaction. When things like this happen, you must file a complaint immediately so the carrier can not only try to placate you, but can take steps to make sure situations like yours don't occur again in the future to other passengers. Waiting six years and then expecting something out of the airline is a little presumptuous.

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