How to Backpack around Europe?

Good countries, cities, attractions?

How much money

Cheapest way to travel?

Cheapest way to lodge?

Packing list

How long? A month okay?

Every piece of info you know. What are some of your adventures? Thanks

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  • jonal
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    9 years ago
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    1...Get a passport. Takes time so apply early Same with visas...look up Schengen visas.

    See your Government website... traveling abroad.

    2..Get any meds you need up to date. Can also take time, especially if boosters are needed three weeks after the initial jab.

    3...Book a cheap flight. Check the airlines own sites and sites like Travelocity to see the prices for your chosen route(s) across the pond for months ahead.

    One period will be cheaper than dates before and after. Prices start high, dip, then rise again.

    Now you know the time period for booking your own flight on that route...two months ahead, three months, whatever it is.

    Cheapest destinations for flights across the pond are Madrid Paris Amsterdam Frankfurt London.

    4...Book the first couple of nights in a backpacker hostel through Hostelbookers, Hostlworld etc.

    Small deposit up front, balance on arrival. Safe and reliable. Never a single problem on five continents so far.

    Everywhere had me on the arrivals list and a record of the deposit paid, even in Peru and Colombia.

    If you have an address then immigration will be happy. You're not a suspicious character with nowhere to go then.

    Keep them happy or risk going straight home on the next flight....oh nooooooo.

    We live in security-conscious days......tough, but play the game. It's easier.

    5... Book the next hostel from the one you're in when you've found out where you want to go. They all have internet.

    6...Overnight travel by train or coach saves a night in a hotel or hostel. Not too often though. Stay healthy.

    A Eurail pass can save money...sometimes. See the first link .

    Long distance modern comfortable buses run all over Europe. Safe and reliable, fairly cheap.

    7...When it's time to go home (booohooo. I don't wanna gooooo....) get to the departure city the day before for last minute rush on the big day getting to the airport that's still 200 miles away when you get up.

    Have an easy time. The month is up. Don't spoil it.......get home happy. Then start saving.

    You're hooked.

    8....$50 a day absolute rock bottom survival rate. $70 you can eat more than cold cut....$80, Ahhh, livin'...I can get lunch and supper the same day......and get the bus to the castle, hehehehe.

    Traveling isn't cheap if you want to eat OK and have a good roof over your head.

    Save money by cooking your own meals in hostel kitchens...they all have one, with very few exceptions.

    Share the food with folks you meet...go shopping together. Learn different ways of cooking from round the world.

    It's fun.......

    9...65 -70L pack, not too much in it. Buy stuff there and you'll have an interesting wardrobe when you get home.

    10.......Sum it all up. It's easier

    Yippppppppeeeeeeee......travelin' again.......Yahoooooooooooooooo....

    Hooked rotten.

    Cupla for lodgings;_ylt=Al... . . . . . . . . . .

    Take care, normal care as at home, and you'll be fine. Have a great time.

    Oh...cities. Paris and London, double that cost above. Berlin and the north of Italy...pricey.

    South of Italy is a bit cheaper, loads to see. Spain not so it....

    Most countries have so many good places to see you'll need to re-locate.

    Don't rush round everything. Enjoy a few and stay happy.

    In over twenty trips into Europe from the UK I've hardly

    Source(s): Five continents of fun...still going.
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  • korte
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    3 years ago

    2 weeks? thats no longer very long. A rail bypass for under 2 weeks in all probability wont be an exceedingly stable deal. i might advise staying longer or no longer buying a bypass in any respect and purely driving the prepare once you will be able to desire to and paying on the time you will be able to desire to circulate someplace. additionally the bus systems in europe are very affordable and actually excessable. Staying in hostels will shop you lots of money. i might additionally advise whilst backpacking is to reach at your trip spot contained in the early hours so which you have lots of sunlight hours to guard a place to crash. have relaxing!!!

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