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Mysilv asked in SportsHorse Racing · 10 years ago

So who do you think is going to win the Epsom Derby/Oaks next week?

With Aidan O'Brien sounding very hesitant (doesn't he always though) on the Morning Line this morning, which of his horses do you think merits favouritism in next weeks Derby, if any. Or do you think that Henry Cecil has the winner in Bullet Train, or could it be Azmeel or even Coordinated Cut to spring a surprise?

The Oaks looks a little easier and I think it will be a Henry Cecil trained filly who will win but will it be Aviate or Timepiece, or have you another filly that you fancy has a chance next Friday?

For me it's a Henry Cecil double in the Classics...BULLET TRAIN and TIMEPIECE (the filly definitely needed her last two runs and to me looks more an Oaks type than her stable companion).

I don't think the Classics have been so undecided so close to the race and what are your thoughts on the much hyped St. Nicholas Abbey, reportedly putting in sluggish results on the gallops. We know that some horses can only perform their best on the actual racecourse but Epsom is unforgiving and a horse needs to be spot on, the myster deepens

Interested to hear your thoughts...Jac x


Edit:...Well done Des...we'll be having coffee and a cosy chat over the Racing Post before Kezza arrives...lolx

Update 2:

Tommy..Its been 11 years since Henry won the Derby with Oath who beat the ill fated Dubai Millenium (way back that day)..and if Bullet Train can live up to his namesake the high speed Bullet Train in Japan then nothing will pass him, apart from Henry running to lead him into the winners enclosure..lolx

Stay true to Timepiece I'm convinced she will win the Oaks she just looks the part and Henry says he will try different tactics with her on Friday..your 12's is looking good Tommy..x

Update 3:

Mick I do believe you might be right and that hot air has blown a lot of peoples money into the bookies satchels. ..

...and another thing I bet by Wednesday Fallon has a mount in the Derby did you see the smug look on his face when asked the question by Tommo after winning on Bewitched today...

Update 4:


Confirmed today (Wednesday) Fallon has Derby ride on Al Zir...hope you got your each way on early Kezza because he has halved in price now from about 33's down to 16's...

For me it's still Bullet Train and I'm each way on Coordinated's very open this year.

Hoping to keep the question going until at least Oaks/Derby has run so keep those answers coming in.

Will someone wake Des up in the top slot that he bagged...lolx ...getting to comfy there how about your thoughts on the Classics Des... I'm running out of tea and biscuits and I think your tent has sprung a leak.lolx...Jac xx

Update 5:

Edit: Thanks for your thoughts Des, must say Stoute is hitting form now, just at the right time and wouldn't be surprised to see a good run from Workforce, but a better one from Bullet Train..lolx

Will def. link this question in with your compy on Saturday Des, by then we will know half the answer to the question and I'm agin you again with Timepiece.(hang on I'm talking like Scotch...lolx)

Re: Flat compy end date think we agreed The Cesarewitch Meeting in mid-October which is also Champions Day at Newmarket..a great way to end the compy....Jac xxx

Update 6:

EDIT..early Friday morning



(in that order)

give Henry a much deserved winner


Update 7:


No Oaks today for our Henry as the understudys scooped the spoils from the Ante Post Divas...Had a little each way saver on Snow Fairy at 16's this morning but Timepiece was my main bet and very disappointing she never got into gear. Great run from the winner and the 2nd & 3rd Meeznah and Remember's going to be an interesting day tomorrow with the Derby wide open hoping that Bullet Train will live up to his name, my each way saver is Coordinated Cut....good luck all...Best Answer tomorrow to whoever finds the winner...Jac x

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  • des
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    10 years ago
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    hi jac x can i be cheeky and just get my answer in first before i attempt to answer this question ?

    thanks jac (im sure kezza will understand) x


    hi jac firstly it tells you how long your question has got left just scroll back up and look underneath were you have wrote

    (((( intresting to hear your thoughts ))))))

    sorry it has took me 4 days to answer this question i do feel awful xx

    yes its no secret that the cecil duo are well fancied for fridays show down and whilst Tregoning,s yard isnt really in top form as late rumoush maybe best left alone and with no disrespect to Akderna im going to call AVIATE home .

    as for the derby well im glad im not an anti post gambler as watching aiden obrien on ch4 saying he is not sure whom he is going to run when there is no doubt in my mind he knew

    st nicholas abbey was injured , yes it is a tricky race jac x as you point out ,, for me i think stoute,s horses have really sharpened up over the last few weeks and im going to call

    WORKFORCE home either way should be a cracking race

    AVIATE = 5/1

    WORKFORCE= 15/2


    Source(s): ## after posting my answer i just read everyone elses answers and your edits too jac hey gota say TOP ANSWER GUNTER jacx pherhaps you could post a link to this question on your answer in my comp fri or sat to generate more feedback from the gang xx
  • 10 years ago

    The one that pasts the post first!

    But seriously, the way Cape Blanco won the Dante and he is not even at the top of the ballydoyle pecking order makes me believe they will win it but with which one? St Nich Abbey altho he disappointed during the week at least now his odds are most realistic and maybe bit of value. Jan vemeer don't deserve his price on what he has beat and Midas Touch cud be the e/w value as he won Derrinstown in very impressive time so for me its SNA win and Midas Touch e/w. I dont think Bullet train will be in first 3 sorry Jac!!

    As for the Oaks Its all about Henry Cecil for me aswel, disappointed Queally isn't on Timepiece as I have her backed at 12's but still confident she will be in first 3. I really hope Cecil wins this even if its with Aviate

    EDIT: Kezza Cape Blanco looks like going for French Derby and Chabal def does not run in Epsom he's been givin a break,

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Aviate for the Oaks for me Jac, but I think Gertrude Bell could surprise a few for Gosden and Buick.

    The Derby still looks a head scratcher even though there's only 12 runners. I'm hoping Bullet Train can do a Reference Point and Slip Anchor for Henry Cecil but I'll be having a saver on Jan Vermeer.

  • 10 years ago

    Oaks-Winner could be Aviate, outside chance for me would be Marie De Medici if Frankie rides.

    Derby-I'd like to ee Rewilding win to get Saeed Suroors season back on track after hitting a flat spot with winners. The one everyones looking at is Jan Vermeer who I havent seen much of but I think Cape Blanco is very good value at 10/1 especially after his Dante win, outside chance for me in this one would be Chabal who is still a very good horse despite coming home 3rd in the Dante.

    Its all going wrong for me now!Chabal out, St Nicholas Abbey out due to a muscle injury, Marie De Medici not a certain runner, oh what next.

    I will perhaps have a small e/w on Al Zir and then lump a bit of money onto Workforce.

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  • 4 years ago

    The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla, Y2J, The Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho

  • 10 years ago

    Hi,well I got Jan Vermeer@11/2,so I hope it wins and I also backed Coordinated cut @25/1 each way.I liked the way Jan V won the last time out.I think it will relish the finish.But good luck to all,it looks a cracker of a race.

  • 10 years ago

    It quite difficult to call in both races but i'll start with the oaks on the 4th june -

    Timepiece - Henry Cecil - If the ground is Good or GF (Oaks)

    Midas Touch - Aiden O'Brien - Ground not a problem (Derby)

    Mark :)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Cape Blanco to win Ted Spread EW for me in the Derby.Gertrude Bell to win and Hibaayeb EW in the Oaks, cheers.

    Looks like Cape Blanco is going to win in France on Sunday instead, in that case I'm happy with Ted Spread EW and might have a sneaky bet on Al Zir seeing as Fallon is in unbelievable form. Also Hibaayeb gone so Champagne Lifestyle EW cheers.

  • 10 years ago

    Obviousley Sir Henry winning the Oaks and/or Derby would be a fantastic and emotional triumph for 99% of all enthuiasts including myself but i am afraid the head must rule the heart and my 2 for the Oaks are RUMOUSH and REMEMBER WHEN...... i hope we can have a Warren place winner but i fear not..... hope i am , as usual , wrong

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Al Zir

    as Fallon is Smoking at the moment ;-)

    would like to see Henry bags a winner as he's a gent....

    good luck

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