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What is new diversion trick to cover Israelis attack on Iran?

When Israel attacked Lebanon in 2006. I happened to watch CNN. After it reported the Lebanon War broke out, CNN’s Lou Dobbs is accusing, in a full length, with vehement tones, that China was cyber attacking Pentagon. It lasted about 10 minutes.

It made viewers immediately forget Israelis attack, but left with immense hatred or resentments against the Chinese.

Now the attack on Iran is imminent, I wonder what is the new diversion scheme this time?


@ read.truth.

You are a truth proofer. Thanks for the finding of link to CNN’s transcript. That certainly verify what I said in my post is true.. And it puts the Dr manipulator into shame.

Wait, I just wondering why the Manipulator is vehemently protecting US and Israel ? Is he… ? I remember you were hinting he is CIA operative by some CIA’s operational manual. I thought that was funny. But it may be true. Can you verify he is CIA operative? lol

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    Please provide proper references to this assertion, otherwise don't pollute this Travel section.

    Edit: yes, I work for the CIA, they just sent me my black suit and dark glasses...I'm ready to rock'n roll...

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    Good question. checks B

    BTW, don't be intimidated by that pedophile manipulator. I also watched that day. It is lou dobbs alright. let me see if I can find sth to verify it.


    I think I found proof for you. Israeli attacked Lebanon on July 12, 2006. Here is CNN's transcripts on that day, aired by Lou Dobbs Tonight:

    "LOU DOBBS, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight, Israel is on the verge of all- out war with Lebanon. Israeli tanks, artillery and troops are now in southern Lebanon. We'll have a live report from the Israel-Lebanon border.

    And the U.S. State Department today revealed its computers have been attacked. Have North Korea and communist China commenced a cyber war against the United States? "


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    Checks B you are quite welcome.

    What I posted is " rule of engagement for CIA operative". I might need add "for Mossad's operative" to it.

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    I am not sure, but I think the reason Israel and america have been demonising Islam, is because Islam will not allow usury. In other words. The charging of interest on the lending of money.

    This is the basis of Israel's power.

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    While it is common US tactic to divert attention by controlling the media. Your farce makes it unbelievable to all now. Your gang of 4 to 1? You do more harm to you point of view by making it obvious that you are 4 or 5 or maybe 6 people answering and asking. Very funny conversing to yourself.

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    Keep wondering

    Source(s): Though to catch my drift he is striving I will dissemble, I will dissemble, When he sees at what I'm driving, Let him tremble, let him tremble
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    You post makes some upset. and rea.truth's proof may upset even more. Truth hurts.

    As to your question-- what's the new diversion scheme this time? Would that CNN transcript under read.truth link gives out a hint? I am reading it .

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    I don't know, I want to know thats going on in Japan and there 7.0 mag earthquake that happen this morning.

  • They would never do that!

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