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What is a 'transformational change'?

In answering this myself I would answer: A change that makes one start a completely different lifestyle. One where the person is so certain that what he/she is doing on the deepest level is right and for good that there is no room for fear, or wrong actions and decisions. All actions are completely in tune with the rest of the universe.

This is my understanding, I am interested in hearing yours.

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    Your explication is describing a possible result of a transformational change but not what it is by itself. Indeed, a ‘transformational change’ will have significant results, which will turn out and show in one’s lifestyle, behavior, etc. There might be no fear anymore, as fear is a reaction coming out from one’s unconscious background and this might be cleared up and also is the result of a transformational change.

    Now how does this happen? If ice melts and becomes water, then this is a transformational change. If waste goes into the compost and what comes out is good earth, or if a seed grows and becomes a plant, or a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, then this we might understand as a transformational change. The problems with humans is that they can’t really ‘understand’ what ‘transformational change’ in a human is, unless they have passed this change themselves, - as it includes one’s whole being... ‘Understanding’ as long as it happens in the mind, just can be a concept and then this even might hinder if not inhibit such a change, because the individual does not want such a change and will do everything to avoid it. Concepts do a good job in this and there is no end in this kind of understanding. So whatever I might explain it will be added to one’s already stored concepts and this will not help to further any ‘transformational change’. So that means that I have to refuse to talk about it as whatever I might express it will be used to add to your concepts.

    So the only thing I can do is to point out why it is so difficult that there happens a ‘transformational change’. This should be a new subject, but at least I will start here: It has to do with what might be called ‘Personality’, that what we believe we are. This is not specifically ‘human’ because also animals have it, but humans are totally identified with it and that’s what makes it so extremely difficult to go beyond it. The system of ‘personality’, like all systems, wants to keep itself together, for sure not wanting to lose itself, instead of this the personality is trying to gain more and more, whatever this might be: Property on all levels, security on all levels, power on all levels, etc. If there is property, then there is power. Property not only on the material level, although the tendency in our society puts the most importance on this, but after this comes the intellectual property. If one is rich, then one has the possibility to manipulate others and they will serve to get even richer. The same with intellectual properties: one can manipulate others and make them to followers or make that they do what one wants. There is no end and one can never get enough.

    Do you think those people want a ‘transformational change’? So then who might want it? Probably nobody. Those who are professionals for ‘transformational change’ are using their knowledge to manipulate the individuals and the masses for their own purpose. For example: The professionals in spiritual matters like the churches and religious organizations. What are they doing? They offer concepts and rituals. This is enough to keep people as followers and keep them quiet. (Churches are still the richest companies in the world). Next: Professionals for psychological changes: They have their techniques to treat people, charge a lot of money and if they can’t help, then they describe medication: Prozac, etc. Do you think they are interested in a ‘transformational change’? Hahaha. Politicians: For sure they are not interested in any ‘transformational change’; this is so obvious that I don’t need to say more about it. Medical doctors: There might be a few interested, but what happens is that they are mainly interested in treating symptoms by describing medication. Are there individuals among those professionals who might be interested in a ‘transformational change’ for themselves? Probably not, because they use their professional knowledge as part of their personality to be confirmed in their existence and if they can combine for example the knowledge from psychology with spiritual concepts then they are absolutely unbeatable and any ‘transformational change’ is kept out. Why? Because whatever might happen and whatever challenge shows up, it will be successfully rejected and put in its place where it belongs. One’s superiority will stay untouched. Change might happen always, because adaptation is necessary and wanted for one’s personality, but for sure no ‘transformational change’.

    Question: Yes, I know that ‘I’ don’t want to give up and ‘I’ don’t want to know about the possibility that ‘I am’ still hanging on with an intellectual concept or other kind of trick - fooling myself. So then my other question is what is the yardstick that we can use to measure ourselves - in an independent way without needing an authority to tell us - if there might be something currently needing transformation?

    BeiYin: Dropping one concept in exchange for another one is not a ‘transformational change’. But if you become aware that you are identified with your concepts and getting your feeling of existence out of it, then this might be the beginning...

    Of course we are fooling ourselves and we are clinging using all kind of tricks. All and every thing turns around the ‘I’. If you can measure yourself? A good question. You can’t, there isn’t such a ‘stick’. Do what feels right at the moment, knowing that this is not a measure, but the only way to do it, because your feeling of what is right is still too much influenced by yourself: your needs, your wishes, your dreams, your self image, your concepts, your unconscious background. But if you sensitively are aware then you will observe yourself and discover the tricks you are using, again being aware that with this you are going into another game, etc. Your own reactions towards what shows up in daily life from your surrounding and from people are the best measure, if you are aware of this and observe and reflect about it, that’s all.

    So better relax and trust that finally it will come to an end, what means you will not react anymore because your background has been cleared up, more you can’t do. And then a ‘transformational change’ might happen.

    Question: It seems to me that it is a good thing for any individual to have some kind of change, especially to make it more in touch with its spiritual side.

    BeiYin: “Some kind of change?” Is there a real change? Or is there just a change in concepts? Does it make any difference if somebody is killed because of materialistic reasons or killed by religious reasons? For the killed person for sure it will not make any difference, although the religious motivation might give more strength to the killer...

    What is the ‘spiritual side’ of a person? This seems to be part of an image and so has little or nothing to do with ‘spirituality’. An example: I am observing a person who is in a strong ‘spiritual transformational process’. She is pretending, although she believes totally it is true... It is not real, but this person is totally involved in it and obviously believes that she is nearly enlightened. But her daily life behavior showing up in her reactions are still totally unconscious and to such an extreme, that no communication is possible. Doing this old game of provoking reactions in another person and then using the situation to react even stronger and of course finding a reason for this and giving the fault to the other. Trying to draw the other into arguing: to win the game. If this doesn’t work, because one doesn’t join this game, then getting into a desperate situation with the need to pull the emergency brake. You see, it is much more complicated and the ‘personality’ owns a huge arsenal of tricky ways to defend itself that the ongoing game can continue and the personality can survive. There seems to be no limitation, but there is: There happens an inner blockage where no trick will help to find one’s ‘self confirmation’.

    This is called ‘guardian of the threshold’ and keeps the door close for everybody who is not ready. There is no trick possible and always turns the pretending person back to oneself. So the last trick might be to end in total ‘craziness’ to save oneself. Pretty absurd and sad, but it works...

    But don't let us be confused by extremes. Transformational change is possible. Let's water the plants, clean the dishes and don't let us worry too much about transformation...


    Source(s): Experience, self knowledge, meditation, intuition.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sounds more like a psychotic event to me. A normal person neither feels the need to be "in perfect harmony with the rest of the universe", nor would they waste time or energy on trying to get "there".

    A person without any fear will obviously be a danger to themselves and others because they will have no control mechanism to stop them from doing things that will endanger them and others. Not exactly my cup of tea, either.

    If there is no room for wrong actions, then there is no room for actions, period. And since that alone is a wrong action, such a person would be living in a constant state of self-contradiction. Sounds great, not.

    In general, to do something means to take a chance at doing the wrong thing. The rules of the game are not to never fail but to try as many times as possible to get it right WITHOUT hurting someone else. That is what adults do all day long. They try and fail and try again and see that nobody gets hurt and on average everybody is better of.

    Your understanding is pretty scary. I hope you are not experiencing such an episode yourself. And if you do, please do me a favor and stay away from others. Otherwise somebody might just get hurt.

  • ?
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    A transformational change as you see it, is going from being a normal human to that of being God, so it would be the same as when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

    I think this kind of view is unrealistic, because it ignores the time inbetween to do the growing from the larva stage to the butterfly. What are you doing in this interval? Well, we know we are on earth and alive, and the reality is that we don't know everything, we are not sure if we are right or wrong in our decisions, and we have fear we will make mistakes.

    While it would be great if we could just leap from one point to another, it simply doesn't work that way, we have to do the living and learning in between the two points. If we hold back from 'expressing ourselves' out of fear or of not knowing, then we won't challenge ourselves to go beyond the edges of our KNOWN comfort zone. If we don't challenge ourselves we won't grow into the butterfly, we will stay the same.

    I don't see transformational change as a single event, it happens step by step, it is a gradual and a biological process. Just like the acorn seed grows and turns into an oak tree, the same is happening with us.

    The complexity comes in with humans because of our unique ability of the mind to self-reflect and make decisions for our actions out of what we perceive -- not to mention that we are mobile unlike the tree... The beliefs we hold greatly affect our perception of the world and put a limit on what we might be able to perceive if we didn't have them.

    A caterpillar transforms itself into a butterfly by going to sleep - it surrenders it's old life and allows the new form to take shape - it is the same with humans. Each time 'you' sleep (surrender) you will be changed biologically and this 'growing' takes it's time. The transformational change that happens biologically in humans is a reduction in energy devoted to personality and an increase in energy as awareness. The old energy is used as fuel to make the new.

    That's why they call it metamorphosis.


  • ?
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

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  • T.
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I totally agree! But leave your window open for learning more & opportunities that will arise from this transission. Remember you have the word "change" in there! If you were completely in tune with the universe then the change has taken place & you are actually done, over, dead!

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    'transformational change',

    as you correctly described as ,

    "A change that makes one start a completely different lifestyle" ,

    This change only takes place , when a person REVERT's to Islam ,

  • 1 decade ago

    Alien robot into yellow Camaro

  • 1 decade ago

    It's more than meets the eye

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    see optimus prime.

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