Dreaming of Anubis?

I've been having livid reoccurring dreams of the Egyptian god, Anubis. I don't think I'm ever close to anything that reminds me of Egypt or Anubis so why in the world am I dreaming of him?

I'm in a field with other people that I don't know, playing soccer on a semi cloudy day. The ball goes off the field so I go to get it. There's suddenly a huge flash of light, like lightning, but no thunder. I'm suddenly about 20 feet from a crowd surrounding my 'body' when I sense someone behind me and turn around, that person being Anubis. He then leads me to a red car (Not sure the type) and we start driving. I have no clue where we're going nor do I recognize the roads or area but there's a lot of winding curves, forks in the road and no one else is on the road which is more like a highway. We then stop in the middle of the highway, he takes my hand and says something that I can barely make out before I wake up.


The guy who is Anubis doesn't really look like the traditional version that you see in Egyptian painting either. He's seems like the average guy in black with dark hair and green eyes that really stand out in my dream. He does look a bit sickly looking, like half dead but not gruesome. I definetely know that Anubis is his name though even though he doesn't say it, it's just one of those things that you know without really knowing.

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    Last night, I was behind a car with the license plate ANUBIS. I was on my way to work on a play about Anubis. Now, I'm looking at your dream about Anubis. I am feeling a bit strange.

    Anubis is the Lord of the Underworld in Egyptian mythology. He was looked upon as a powerful intercessor both in this world and in the afterlife.

    In the dream, you are both yourself and Anubis. The road may represent the course of your life from now forward. Each turn is a development that is outside your control; each fork is a development that depends on a decision by you. Your inner Anubis-archetype takes your hand to indicate he is helping you. You will have to do the remainder of the journey on your own.

    You say you could barely make out his final message. This means that you DID hear what he said. I'd like to know what it was.

    Dreams are rarely prophetic--very rarely. In any case, you have some important elements that you must figure out for yourself. Why a RED car? What associations does RED have for you? The fact that the car can't be identified as any particular make probably means that that information (brand) would be misleading. Try to reverse analyze: Where would knowledge of the brand take you? What is the opposite of that direction.

    Also, does the word ANUBIS have any particular meaning? What about the letters in ANUBIS? Do they look like a similar word? Like the name of someone close to you? Like part of your own name? What memories or thoughts does EGYPT evoke? Is it associated with a person?

    What was the overall emotional tone of the dream?

    I bless thee and put my hand over thee...

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