Dream of Anubis, bridge, star chart or puzzle and bald guy stealing my breathe.?

I was traveling on dark roads until I reached a bridge with two Anubis like beings who told me I did not belong there, and that I must leave, so I did hastily. I then was in a room solving a puzzle that resembled a star chart, when I solved the puzzle it appeared to show a shooting star, then a bald headed male being entered the room and opened his mouth unnaturally wide and I heard wind and believed he was stealing my breathe. I was unable to cry out for help, initially, and became aware that I was dreaming and continued to cry for help of my family in the other room. I thought how can I escape, and then pinched the being hard and regained my breath and voice and awakened immediately, frightened and remembering these details of my dream. Before I went to sleep I had been reading a book about Mesopotamian Gods, demons and symbols, and thumbed through Children of the Matrix by David Iche. I know my mind can play tricks on me, but this seems more than coincidental. Sounds crazy, but I found mention of similar dreams on the internet.


The bald being sat on me, and opened his mouth over my face, like he was going to eat me but then he just inhaled and that is when I heard wind. Like in the movie The Mummy. I have had other dreams of wind with a female entering my room and consoling me, reassuring me, and then instructed me to go to my closet. When I went to my closet, I heard very loud wind and objects were blowing around me and I felt sucked into this whirlwind. I do not remember the rest of that dream.

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    9 years ago
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    The dark roads could symbolise your life ''on the wrong track'' full of uncertainty and danger. But then you're at a point where you need to make a decision to ''cross a bridge'' and make a change or remain the same. Anubis, god and guide of the dead is at the bridge telling you you don't belong there, basically ''you're not dead, what are you doing traveling these roads?'' maybe you need to take a look at your life and make some changes in dangerous aspects of your life. maybe you are unhappy/depressed and have been living like you are dead. if that's true, you should get help for your depression because you aren't dead yet! you're very much so alive and need to live your life.

    Shooting stars symbolize selffulfilment advancement. so mybe you are trying to figure out the answer to your success?

    men (in dreams) symbolise masculinity and authority, and hair represents youth, sexuality, and virility. so maybe an authority figure who has no youth/sexuality/virility is interrupting your search for success. maybe this person is overbearing especially with his words which may be ''stealing your breath''. this could mean that you aren't being allowed to express what you desire especially about your future, and he/the situation is stealing a lot of your energy.

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    Your dream is fueled by your interests but actually how the dream was "dressed up" is not what is at issue here: You may be suffering the onset of asthma (we do not all get it as children) or have one of the various forms of sleep apnea. Sleep paralysis dreams and hag or succuba dreams (sorry if that is not spelled right) are often associated with the various kinds of sleep apnea which in some cases means the brain literally forgets to make your heart pump or your lungs to breath. So you really are in a low oxygen state. Many hospitals now have sleep clinics where you can be monitered. Then you can get the help you need to make sure your airways are doing their job such as mildly pressurzed air or oxygen assemblies to wear to bed. If you are known for your snoring then all the more reason to go get checked out. Good luck!

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