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Did George Washington order the extermination of the Native Americans?


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In 1779 Washington ordered Maj Gen John Sullivan and Gen James Clinton to pursue a campaign against American colonists who remained loyal to Britain and the 4 Iroquois nations who had sided with Britain against the Americans to "not merely overrun, but destroy" the enemy.

Expeditions led b y the two generals targeted the Finger Lakes villages, at the end of 3 months 4000 American troops had destroyed dozens of Iroquois towns and villages and most of their food supply. Thousands of Iroquois sought safety at the British fort at Niagara, many perished in the harsh winter that followed. This led to the Iroquois giving Washington the nickname of Caunotaucarius, Cantocarious, Hanodaganears or Hanadahguyus in the local dialects meaning Town Destroyer or Devourer of Villages.

Update 2:

During the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783 there was a major split among the 6 nations. The Tuscarora and Oneida sided with the Americans while the remainder allied with Britain.

Wasgington mounted his anti Iroquois campaign after a series of successful operations had been waged against frontir settlements by the British and their Indian allies, led by Mohawk war chief Thayendanegea.

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    No. Washington ordered that Indians be killed and their villages wiped our during WARTIME (sorry, no italics), which is a big difference than simply ordering their extermination. Indian tribes along the western frontier were conducting savage guerilla raids against remote American settlements, and were aiding the British. Obviously, Washington had to put a stop to this.

    While he was president, he made several treaties with the Indians respecting their right to their ancestral land. However, many of the states (esp. Southern ones) did not honor those treaties, and the nascent U.S. was too weak to really enforce them. He also attempted to hold back white settlement west of the Appalachain mountains, but eventually the push from millions of Americans became too much. Not even George Washington, America's "First Secular Saint" could stop this tide.

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    There is no evidence of this that I know of. Back then, while raids and fights with the Natives were definitely issues it's a little farther along in history that Natives were more forcefully moved, and exterminated. Check under the presidencies of Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren. Also know, that when the railroads were being expanded, the builders and soldiers were encouraged to kill as many buffalo as possible. These buffalo for many Native American tribes were a way of life, a walking resource. By destroying the buffalo, they were destroying the Native American way of life. Check other cases such as Georgia Vs. The Cherokee Nation and such things as that. The 1800s is an era full of Native American abuse and exploitation. It is essentially their last standing. Hope this helps.

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    It happens and has happened, otherwise I would not exist. My maternal grandmother was half Sauk and half German. My paternal grandfather was half Cherokee (Western Oklahoma band) and half well Caucasian. However, I will be honest the culture is lost. My grandmother knew how to speak a few words of my great-grandmother's language but that was about it. My grandfather was abandoned by his Cherokee father, so my grandfather knew little of his father and his culture. It does happen but I feel like mixed Natives are made to feel like they must choose. I think in the eyes of Native people you are either Native or you are not. I just attended my first pow wow yesterday because I want to learn and find what my family lost.

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    Andrew Jackson wanted to exterminate the Native Americans.

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    Just politics.

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    Did he?.

    Looks like another extract from the ''Potted History of the World'' by Mel Gibson.

    A chap called Jackson springs to mind.

    He was heavily and financially involved in land and railways.

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    I wonder that too...

    I feel so down-graded when I think about the history between Native Americans and the Whites, because I'm Native American.

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    No he was kind of more worried about getting the new country off the ground.

    Andrew Jackson supported the Indian Removal act.

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    No, George didn't have much to do with Native Americans. He was dealing with American Independence. If the order for extermination ever came, it came much later.

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    no. this did not happen until andrew jackson became president and decided to expand the nation west...

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