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    Is it okay to date a 13 year old? im 38.?

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    Troll go prison

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    Should I accept this behavior from my boyfriend ? ?

    So last weekend I had a bday celebration  for my birthday at my house....I had invited  my boyfriend Of two years... he always working out of town and a lot of hours. So the times I do spend time with him are only on the weekends. Well that weekend was my celebration party.... my bf came down and I had told him prior about the party. Well that day came, I didn’t hear from my boyfriend.  I kept on calling him to see what time was he coming but no I didn’t hear from him all day.. what made it worse was that I had told my family he was coming and they kept on asking me so I felt so embarrassed coz it was already late... well I was so sad! Anyways the next morning he called me telling me that he was sooooo sorry and that he was asleep all day long at home and he lost track of time.....I accepted this apology however he didn’t even think of stopping by at my house to just see me since he was already going to leave out of town to work agian. 

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    Do I have a right to feel the way I do about a baby shower?

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    Oh dear. She has completely railoraded you and sadly your husband isnt supporting you the way he should. OK we understand he doesnt want to upset his mother, but, he vowed to support you.

    Your shower includes everyone, I cant fathom why she wants to be seen as the main host for their family only.

    Your husband saying he wont go to your shower would be the final straw for me. Fine, dont go. Let him sulk with his mommy. They are trying to railroad you, where will that end?

    They will look foolish having a baby shower with no mother to be there. I just couldnt be manipulated by them like they are trying. MIL needs to learn her place, today

    13 AnswersFamily16 hours ago
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    What is the cause of excessive vagina tightness and dryness?

    I find to always difficult to penetrate my wife doing coitus even after foreplay. We have been married for two years now.

    16 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 day ago
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    How to get a girl out of my head..?

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    I feel you and let me tell you that it is almost impossible to get rid of your crush specially when you love them that much. So I'm gonna share with you the things I did to accept the fact that my crush and I will never be more than friends and that I have to love myself and move on. The first thing I tried was stop texting him. I know it is something you have tried already and it didnt go well in your case, but what I did to avoid blocking was saying something like "I really dont wanna get used to you anymore. You know i will always be here for you and the best of happiness and sucess is all i wish you", I asked him to talk just once a week or once a month to know about him, and he dubiously accepted. After that he felt unsured about the agreement but I had to explain that it was something needed for his good and mine. We kept talking once a week for 1 and half year, I met new ppl, I tried to focus on loving myself and he started dating someone. When he told me he was in a relationship, I didnt feel bad at all but happy instead bc I already knew that something like that was gonna happen. I started dating someone too, and that is another thing that made me distracted myself. Another thing I also did was thinking about my crush like an impossible, like that kind of crush you have on a celebrity, you can say they are cute and nice but they dont know about your existance and alos thinking in that way will make you accept you like your crush but you cant have them. This thing leads to the other thing I also did: accept i like my crush. The more you say you dont like your crush, the more you get attached to them. 

    In few words, it is impossible to get rid of your crush but wishing them the best in this life, be their best friend, learn to live just knowing about then occasionally and give yourself a chance to like other ppl. We dont have only one chance to fall in love but thousand of chances. And never forget to love yourself first to love others.  

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    Co worker and girls?

    I work in Starbucks. My male co-worker is 24 years old, whom I have the most amount of shifts has has taken fancy to one of the female customers who is a regular face at our branch.

    I had noticed him eyeing her quite a bit a few weeks ago but brushed it off. Now, this particular lady is apparently on his "friends" list when she visits the shop. She usually comes every day.

    While him eyeing her all the time hasn't impacted his work performance as he does focus on his work, I do find it a bit unsettling that he's doing this? I caught him directly today when we were making smoothies for a customer. This girl was picking up a Starbucks cup from the shelves, he saw her, eyed her for a few secs then got back to work. He has been quite blatant lately as our female co worker also pointed out that a week ago, he just started chatting with the same girl in front of her even though he was given the task of unpacking the cups and bottles. He ultimately went on to do his job but not before he sought attention from her.

    Is this unprofessional? Let him have his fling or love story as he pleases?

    17 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 days ago
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    Would you say based on these factors that my relationship won't work long term?

    I'm 34, my bf is 30.

    He works FT 5 days a week for Sprint from home doing customer service.

    He has worked customer service for Sprint since he was 23 and graduated from college with a bachelor's. He hasn't gotten any promotions he's just remained in customer service.

    He makes $16/hr and he is working from 9am-6:30pm Tuesday-Saturday so he doesn't have a lot of free time. He gets 2 days off (Sunday-Monday). His Monday off is only used for appointments (dentist, doctor), car stuff (oil changes, new tires) and errands (grocery shopping, cleaning). So we get one day to do things together on Sunday. He tends to want to rest on Sunday as well and enjoy his hobby (gaming) which he neglects during the work week.

    He only has $1500 in his savings account. 

    I have 55k in my savings, I work 3 days a week and have more free time and work less than him because I saved half of my earnings for years. He spent most of his money on his ex (vacations, designer handbags) he had the mentality that since he lived at home from 23 until 27 when he moved in with his gf (ex) he could use his savings of 10k on gifts for her since he had saved it and only had to pay 3/4 of her rent when he moved in which was $800/month and that was his only overhead.

    He can't travel, he won't even try to ask for a promotion after 7 yrs at his job. He can't afford to go out to eat. I feel like I'm wasting my youth waiting for him to get his life together and we've discussed this many times in 2 yrs still no progress.

    11 AnswersMarriage & Divorce14 hours ago
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    Girlfriend is jealous that I "love my cat"?

    We have been dating for only a few weeks now but whenever she's over she get visually upset when I cuddle with my kitty. She about lost it when I kissed my cat on the forehead saying I love that thing more than her, obviously I love my cat more than her. Should I dump her or will this pass? The cat is my daughters so I would never get rid of her. 

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    what are your thoughts?

    We have been discussing (my husband and I) in a permanent birth control plan. I have been on the pill for the last 20 yrs of our marriage. I am so tired of taking care of the birth control. We planned for 3 kids. Well, we are expecting our bonus baby, I was not careful with my pills, sleep depravation, and raising a teen, preteen and a toddler. I asked my husband to get a vasectomy, which he is refusing because he's masculinity will not allow him to "give in". I don't want to get a tubal ligation, but might as well get it. These are his words and I quote: "I would get a vasectomy only if I knew I was going to be unfaithful and sleep around", like wth?! I've been giving birth to our children, and I thought I asked for what was fair, for him to give in for once. Am I over exaggerating? Or he's just being unreasonable? 

    19 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 days ago
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    My husband said he needs a lot of time to deal with my affair before he comes back home. do I deal with the feelings of intense loneliness?

    How do I cope? I didn’t expect this to happen.. it started off with me just craving a friend after me and my husband were fighting constantly over money issues.. I realized that we should have seen a therapist before it got so bad.. I can’t stop thinking about him and nights and weekends are the loneliest.. I never had feelings for the other man.. just was a way to escape from my stressful finances.. the pain of my husband being gone is so bad sometimes I feel I can’t breathe..

    31 AnswersMarriage & Divorce4 days ago
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    What is wrong with white cops?

    Inspite of the horrible sh#t they do, most of them are married with kids. How can they do tge things they do? And how could somebody live with a monsters like that? 

    18 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 days ago
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    My friend still depressed over her husband divorcing her it’s been like 8 months. She act like the man died. Is this normal ?

    Told her It’s been 7 months this is getting out of hand you shouldn’t be crying still you act like the man died and she’s posting crying pictures on Facebook and all that. I told her don’t do that take crying post don’t you don’t want people in your BUISNESS and she snapped at me and told me “ I don’t care about people being in my BUISNESS leant me alone about that.”

    19 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 days ago
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    Is going to a strip club cheating?

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    It is a very interesting question-

    As far as the definition of cheating is concerned, it seems pretty no-ish... but if you would feel disrespected, then it would seem like a messed up thing for him to do...

    But all things being even, he has said he wants to go there; so I would imagine it is the kind of thing he has wanted to do prior to meeting you... or if y'all weren't together.

    So here is an interesting question posed back to you - I hope you read this answer, b/c I think this question will give you something to think about

    - if you guys broke up [for unrelated reasons] and got back together some time later... but during the time you guys weren't seeing each other, he went to the strip club, would you still be mad at him??

    This question will hopefully help determine why it is you feel the way you feel. For instance, are you only against him going b/c his is your bf? Or do you think every gf Should feel disrespected by the bf going to a strip club??

    Are you against it b/c he would have [limited] access to women there?? Or b/c women would have access to Him there?

    Are you against it b/c you don't think it is dignified job for a lady to have? Or b/c you think your bf going to a strip club would reflect poorly on you for one reason or another?

    As I said, this is quite interesting to me; hopefully you find a good resolution to this situation soon. If it is any consolation, him going to a strip club one time probably wouldn't be the end of the world... even if you would feel disrespected, maybe there is a way to get something out of it... if you give it your [partial] blessing, he has to do something for you... If you do something like that however, do me a favor, don't hold it over his head that he went to a strip club; if you guys came to an agreement where you OK'd it, he shouldn't have to hear about it all the time, you know? That would be grating...

    Anyways, like I was saying, good luck w/ all of this.

    14 AnswersSingles & Dating2 days ago
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    Should I stay with him even though he did all of this to me?

    I'm 25 years old and i've been dating my baby's father for 2 years now.  before I got pregnant, he had told me he an 2 month old already. He had no house, no car, and no job. (yes I know I was desperate). 3 months later into the relationship, I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child.  after that, he started cheating on me with his 1st baby mom and other women as well. (His 1st baby mama told me she didn't know that he was with me. She even sent me screenshots asking our babys father why didn't he tell her) which I actually still didn't believe her so I called her a liar.  Then She said, "Since you want to keep playing games, i'm going to continue sleeping with him again. My reply was, "That's y'all business".  2 years later, Now im pregnant again and He's STILL cheating on me with other women. (not with his babys mom tho because she put a PPO on him for abusing her in front of their kid). He doesn't pay any us child support, he never keeps money, I have to ask my sister to babysit, and for cash for all 3 of us. (His child, my daughter and myself) most times he's not even at the house. I found out not to long ago that he spent a night out with his 1ST BABY MAMA AND THEIR CHILD WHILE I WAS AT THE HOUSE PREGNANT WITH OUR SON smh. I feel so bad. I cheated with him while his 1st baby mom was pregnant, now he's cheating on me too. I dont know what to do. Should I stay with him even though he's doing all of this to me? 😪

    11 AnswersMarriage & Divorce2 days ago
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    My son in law holds over my daughters head that he makes more money than her.  ?

    She is a teacher and then comes home, takes care of her daughter and his, cleans the house, cooks etc. but he still feels superior.  They are newly married. He bought the house with a minimal amount down from the sale of his old house. When he sold his old house he bought a fishing bought and a trailer. Then his SUV broke down so instead of fixing it he bought a new truck. She has an older car and hit a deer which totaled the car. The amount the insurance company gave was less than she owed so he told her she was a financial burden to the marriage. To top things off she is pregnant. She miscarried the first time they tried and is only 3 months pregnant. He doesn't seem to care that he is more concerned about the money than her or his baby or daughter that was in the car when the accident happened. She asked me not to say anything to him and I won't but how do you deal with this? They've only been married 6 months and he's being such a jerk to her. He knows we talk and he always says things like I know your will run to your Mom or your Daddy. We have never confronted him about any of this because we don't want to make it worse but I can't stand how he is treating her. What can we do?

    8 AnswersMarriage & Divorce18 hours ago
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    Do you agree with my mum?

    My mum says that if you don’t like the food someone has made for you - it is better to keep it yourself to avoid hurting their feelings, than to tell them that you don’t like it.

    Is she right.

    8 AnswersFamily19 hours ago
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    What is wrong with my husband? One day he's nice, and than he's in a bad mood?

    Its getting on my last nerve because I've been dealing with this for a long while. We've been married for 3 years and after a year of marriage, he started treating me like garbage. There's days where he's cool and collected and spoils me and shows me love, and than the next day, there's a silent treatment out of nowhere. I use to think it was my fault and I kept crying myself to sleep but its constantly happening now so I no longer pay it any attention. When he gives me the silent treatment, I just ignore him throughout the day. And than the next day, he's all over me. Whenever we see friends or family, he always tells them how much of a horrible wife I am and blah blah blah. He talks about everything and compares me to others. He says I'm stupid or slow and that I lack brain cells. I ignore him because I got use to the harsh treatment but I've reached a point where I'm not in love at all anymore. I no longer care for him. I'm actually going about my day like I'm single. I consider myself single and if I do meet another guy, I'll consider going out with him. I find myself daydreaming of a man who can love me better. Am I wrong for this? I do not want to fix anything with my husband. I just want to move on and forget him forever. I'm tired of hearing him constantly being disappointed in everything I do. Is this normal? What should I do from here? I do work but I still don't have much to move out.

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    Please answer no one is answering ?

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    Your story keeps getting better....................troll

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