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  • question about a dads rights?

    heres the situation. im not with my little girls dad anymore. i didnt want to go to court for custody so i gave him the chance to see her every single day till 8pm from whenever he wants. i thought this was fair as it means he will see her everyday and wont effect their bond. he hasnt seen her in nearly a week by his choice and he lives less then 5 mins away and doesnt work. now he keeps causing fights and giving me drama for no reason as a excuse not to see her. she is 3 weeks old and has only seen him a handful of times. im worried he will take me to court for custody if i tell him to leave us alone as he stresses me out and i cant even talk to people on facebook without him starting a fear with court is he has a awful temper and i wouldnt trust him alone with my little girl. if we were to go to court would i be able to bring this fear up and use texts to prove that he has a bad temper? i let him see her everyday he chooses not to but i think he would go for custody just to get at me he does give me 50euro a week for her

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  • constipated 17 day old baby?

    what can i give my 17 day old baby girl for constipation? i was told water but is that safe to give to a baby

    8 AnswersNewborn & Baby9 years ago
  • how old was you baby before you started keeping him/her awake during the day?

    my baby girl is 7 days old. ive no plans of messing with her sleep just wondering when others starting keeping baby awake more during the day or does it just happen naturally

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  • how many ounces/mls of baby formula did your newborn drink?

    my little girl is 7 days old. im just wondering if she is drinking enough. she takes about 3ozs/ 90mls every four hours. she was born 6lbs 7oz and sat she was weighed at 6lbs and yesterday i got her weighed and she was 6lb 1oz. how much did your baby drink? also i was told give her cool boiled water in between feeds if she wakes but will that effect her feeds?

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  • just had a membrane sweep this morning?

    just wondering if it helped anyone go into labour and if so how long did it take before you started feeling anything. also how long were you bleeding for after the sweep was done

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  • just watching drinking and pregnant?

    how many women on here drink during pregnancy? i havent even had one drink. but im just wondering about others drinking habits while pregnant. there is loads of different confusing advice given to women

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  • tummy time questions?

    when did you start tummy time with your baby?

    for how long at first and when did you start increasing time?

    did you use toys during tummy time at first?

    did you buy one of those tummy time mats or just use a towel or blanket?

    im being induced on the 8th november im not due till the 19th but due to major problems im having her 11days earlier should i start tummy time at a later age or is 11 days not a big deal?

    thanks in advance for any answers.

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  • im 37 weeks pregnant and in so much pain what can i do?

    im in agony all the time. im in and out of hospital alot theres nothing they can do. tonight the pain is so intense i can barely breathe. i havent slept properly in weeks and i feel like just crying. what can i do to ease the pain? everytime i go hospital they keep me in check baby she is always nice and happy and can never tell me what is wrong.. what are some safe and good ways to ease pain. its my entire stomach mainly focused at the top and down the sides really low down and across my lower back

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  • Had a scam at 34 weeks 6 days baby only weighs 4lb 14oz?

    And her thigh bones only measure at 31 weeks. Just wonderin if anyone else here thinks thats a bit small? Also do u know what rough weight ur baby was/is aroumd that time

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  • pumping before baby is due?

    i plan on breastfeeding my baby when she is born i was told i should start pumping my breast milk now before my baby is due, she will be here in 5 weeks and 6 days. i was complaining im leaking so much to a friend she said this is what she did from 30 weeks on. i dont think its a good idea to be honest but she said it will bring my supply in properly for when baby is here. i havent done it but im wondering if anyone has or am i right to just put up with the leaking and wait till my baby gets here and breastfeed?

    thanks in advance

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  • 32 weeks pregnant and have the vomiting bug?

    i cant even drink orange juice. just wondering what i can take to settle it. so i can even have some toast or something. the hospital said i have to let it pass, what works good for vomiting thats natural as my throat is starting to bleed. thanks alot

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  • 27 weeks and 5 days pregnant?

    This has been a akward painfull pregnancy but today seems worse then normal. Lookin for tips to help with the back pain and period like cramps. Also my little girl isnt movin at all today what can i do to get her moving. ive a doctors appointment tomorrow but just wonderin what i can do today

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  • Steriod injections to strenghten babies lungs?

    Im 25 weeks saturday and have been feelin contractions so went to hospital they gave me steriod injections. Just wonderin if there will be any long term effects to my baby girl also has anyone gone through this and carried their baby to full term? Thanks in advance

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  • Need a middle name for Katie?

    Any ideas or suggestions would be great

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  • ok this question is killing me to ask and i really dont want to but i have to. blood found in my little cousin?

    underwear. they are being seen by social workers as all 4 kids are autistic but today i got told that they found blood in her underwear. her mom is in hospital due to issues with current pregnancy. you'd think she`d stop after 4 but no having one more. anyway i know all 4 kids sleep in the one bed with mom and dad which is ok i guess but the oldest is 7 the youngest is 2 and then the new baby will be added to the bed. im wondering is it possible for my cousin to be getting a period at 7 or would a kidney infection explain it. i know what social workers have said and i know myself what im thinking but is it possible that it is just a early period or infection not abuse? this is a awful question and i dont want to think of the possibility of abuse. ive no idea what will happen next but i just want to know what ye think. we cant ask her as she doesn't talk none of the kids do. they are being neglected and we are trying our best to get them into a better home environment. but we cant be there 24/7 and we are getting help from social workers.

    3 AnswersOther - Pregnancy & Parenting9 years ago
  • im 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant and im after getting a fright today?

    i was feeling alot of pressure down below so went to the bathroom but what came out was like a bit of blood and what looked like a clot. im kinda worried it might be my mucus plug since this is my first pregnancy i dont know what it was and not sure if i should be worried. also i havent felt much movement over the last 6 days i went to my doc friday she checked the heart beat which was perfect so told me not to worry about no movement.

    5 AnswersPregnancy9 years ago
  • question about sterilizing baby bottles and baby clothes?

    im not due my baby for 18 weeks lol but im just trying to get as much information as possible. did you sterilize the bottles after every feed for a newborn or did you just do it for the first feed and wash them the rest of the time also how many bottles did you buy? also about baby clothes all the clothes i have are brand new but i wanted to wash them when im off work 2 weeks before baby is due but is there any need if they are new?

    thanks for the help

    4 AnswersNewborn & Baby9 years ago
  • packing mine and my babies hospital bags?

    im not due for a little while yet but because everyone in my family goes into labour early i thought id get ready. what did you pack in yours and your babies bag? ive asked in my hospital and that don't provide much besides nappies and bottles

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  • weight gain during pregnancy?

    i was 50kg when i got pregnant im now almost 21 weeks and only gained 5kg alot of other women due just after or around the same time as me that i know have gained way more and are actually showing. at my last hospital appointment i was weighed and nothing was said about it but im wondering is that ok weight gain or should i have gained way more by now?

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  • do women who express into bottles always get alot of hassle?

    i bought bottles today for when my baby is born as i plan to put breast milk into bottles as i will be going back to work and think it will be easier then having to wean baby from breast to bottle. but i actually got a lecture off my mom about feeding a baby from a bottle even though it is breast milk. is it actually so bad to feed from a bottle? it will work out easier for all of us as i will be able to return to work as soon as im ready and will give me a bit of freedom to do things like shopping and have my partner mind the baby

    6 AnswersNewborn & Baby9 years ago