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  • how likely is intra and inter district transfer of school in socal?

    I know CA permit parent to apply for their children to attend school outside of their original district or different school within their district other than the school they are originally assigned to by default. But how likely is it granted? My understanding is they have to apply each yrs and it's not guaranteed either. There has to be open spaces and also district has to allow it. 

    If there is area I like to live but I schools are pretty bad and I prefer my kids to attend different school (other school within same district or school in different district), I want to know how difficult it is. Does it get granted pretty much every time unless the kid or parent has some negative issue? Or it rarely gets granted unless parent or kid has some special condition? or is it 50/50? Have you tried this? or do you know anyone who tried this? thanks. 

  • do you have to answer every questions in mail vote ballot?

    hello. i'm voting for the first time. I am using mail. i see that there are many areas where I 'm not comfortable answering. like, I don't know any of those candidate for certain position and I don't want to just pick anyone. Also, for some of props, I don't know outcome of both positions (yes or no), and I don't want to be part of some props that ends up making CA worse off. 

    So, is it ok to just skip some questions and my mail in ballot still be valid? or will skipping any question automatically make my vote ballot invalid and even those candidates and props that I support become not countable? thanks

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  • what is true earning of celebrities?

    when I hear something like an special event paid 100 thousands to a singer, what does that really mean? does it mean that singer actually got paid 100T, or the event paid 100T to the entertainment company the singer is part of, and probably the entertainment company paid 20-30 percent to that singer. So, the singer earned 20-30T as income for the performance?

    Let s say, some magazine says, a movie paid al pacino 10M. Does this mean al pacino earned 10M for acting in that movie? or it means, the movie paid 10M to the entertainment business that al pacino is from, and that entertainment company paid something like 3M to al pacino?

    I hear things like singers and actors made some lousy contract with entertainment company and they end up earning only small fraction of the total revenue and they are only scaping by. So, being a celebrity is not as glamorous as people think it is.

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  • what is true earning of celebrities?

    when I hear something like an special event paid 100 thousands to a singer, what does that really mean? does it mean that singer actually got paid 100T, or the event paid 100T to the entertainment company the singer is part of, and probably the entertainment company paid 20-30 percent to that singer. So, the singer earned 20-30T as income for the performance?

    Let s say, some magazine says, a movie paid al pacino 10M. Does this mean al pacino earned 10M for acting in that movie? or it means, the movie paid 10M to the entertainment business that al pacino is from, and that entertainment company paid something like 3M to al pacino?

    I hear things like singers and actors made some lousy contract with entertainment company and they end up earning only small fraction of the total revenue and they are only scaping by. So, being a celebrity is not as glamorous as people think it is.

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  • regarding jumbo loan for home, can I take out second loan from another bank to make up for 20% down payment?

    Hello. I am looking into buying home. I heard that jumbo loan ($765000 or more) requires at least 20% down payment. I'm at socal and for nice sized 4 beds house in decent areas can easily go higher than 1M. I am ok with monthly mortgage payment. but I don't have $200K for down payment now. 

    I was wondering, if I can get $100k loan from some bank first (as some call it second loan), and then if I apply for jumbo loan from another bank different than the first bank where I got $100k loan, will I be qualified for jumbo loan? or I have to have loan-free money of at least 20% for down payment in order to be qualified as jumbo loan? thank? if anyone can tell me anything eles I need to know regarding jumbo loan, I will appreciate it. 

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  • if nobody takes you seriously, does that bother you? what did you do to make others take you more seriously?

    hello. I know simply asking this question would stir some people to contempt me, but, this is something that has been bothering me for so long time and I just wanted to know if there is other people who has similar issue and what he/she did to overcome it and made others to take them more seriously.  

    Simply put, I'm one of those unfortunate people who seem to many others (especially those strong aggressive alpha type) as someone they can walk all over. I'm just 5'9" with 155 Ibs without much muscle who look rather meek, quiet, passive. I get offended and hurt on daily basis. Sadly, I'm the type of people if you want to cut line and look for who to stand in front of, you would choose me. Sometime I get those nasty attitude, or one of those cold condescending tone of voice from not-so-nice store clerk or waitress (i'm sure they would treat some 6 feet intimidating looking person with respect and nice submissive tone of voice). If I say something not so clear, I'm the type who often get one of those condescending "what?" or "what'zat" rather than "i'm sorry?" or "what did you want again?". 

    To people who get similar treatment, does it bother you? Or am I just overly sensitive? what did you do to make others take you more seriously with more respect? did you change how you dress (maybe started dressing more intimidating), did you start body building? did you stop smiling when talking to stranger? what worked for you to make others take you more seriously? thanks.

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  • Does accepting EIDL loan affect PPP loan (forgivable portion) in any negative way?

    Hello. I have small business that was negatively affected by covid and I did apply for EIDL during april and received some grant ($3000). I also applied PPP loan and got some money funded into my business acct. Now that they extended spending period for forgiveness from 8 wks to 24 wks, I'm looking forward to get the whole PPP amount forgiven.

    In the mean time, I never paid much attention regarding EIDL, and I keep getting email asking me to proceed with EIDL that I applied prior to PPP loan. I am wondering, if I proceed with EIDL and accept EIDL loan, will that affect PPP loan negatively in any way? Like, will it reduce the forgivable portion of PPP loan (if so, I shouldn't accept EIDL unless I really need more money)? Or both PPP and EIDL have nothing to do with each other?

    If i don't proceed with EIDL, will they take back grant money since they gave me grant money under the condition that I apply for EIDL? If I have to give up one of either EIDL grant money or PPP forgivable amount, I would rather give up EIDL and get PPP forgiven since PPP is a lot more than EIDL grant.

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  • have you heard of "furlough" in the past before covid?

    hello. I started working since 2005, and I don't remember ever hearing this word "furlough" before. After covid broke out, I have been furloughed on and off and I started hearing this word frequently. this word sounded so foreign to me in the beginning, but it seemed for most people, it has been around frequently for long time, like the "PTO", or " laid off", etc.  

    I was just wondering, if I'm the only one who never heard this word until this covid or this word has been used in work place frequently but for some odd reason I just hadn't been exposed to it. Thanks. 

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  • why are my eyes become so uncomfortable looking at digital screen?

    Hello. In the past, my eyes used to feel comfortable unless I watched 3-4 movies straight or something. But starting 10 yrs ago, I noticed that my eyes get uncomfortable looking into digital screen (computer, TV, phone, etc) faster and faster. These days lots of people sit in front of computer at work place for 8 hrs daily and they go home and watch TV or stare at phone, tablet, etc for another 2-3 hrs maybe. And most peoples seem OK with it. 

    But, for me, at my work place, my eyes get uncomfortable looking at monitor more than 2-3 hrs. I can't watch TV more than 3 hrs. For some reason, my i phone is worst. My eyes would get uncomfortable after staring at it for 20 mins. So, even at work, I try to minimize monitor viewing AMAP. If I need to read articles, I find myself printing it out and read instead of reading it from monitor. Whenever I don't need to use computer at work, I turn the monitor off. 

    I read that some peoples think this is due to not closing my eyes to lubricate while looking at screen. But, I don't really think that's the case for me because i can read paper book all day long without being uncomfortable. I think it's the electrical light coming out of screen that is bothering my eyes. Even at home, I prefer lowering room light and my wife complains why I make room so dark. What is going on with my eyes? Is this just part of aging(i'm 40's)? is that why lots of old peoples wear shade even  indoor because their eyes can't handle too much light? thanks.

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  • what are all the fees involved in mutual funds and what is typical gain?

    I'm starting to thinking about putting my foot into some kinds of investment. Stocks seem too risky and i am leaning toward mutual funds(MF) and began doing reading. My friend who has been doing stock for some time says MF takes away too much fee and it's stupid idea to do MF and told me to look into stock only. 

    So, for MF, there seems to be annual fee of about 1% typically which doesn't seem so much considering typical gain of 5-10% (which i understand is not guaranteed). How much are all other cost? is transaction fee separate or included in that annual 1% fee? 

    I understand nothing is guaranteed, but it seems if typical gain is 5-10% and typical expense is maybe 2-3% (i don't know. this is what I am trying to find out), you still gain about 5% as net. Unless you only want 10% or more net gain and willing to take a high risk, MF doesn't seem so bad if you want to gain some money without taking too much risk. Why do some people like my friend think MF is stupid? what would you say to novice invester is typical gain and typical total expense? what is typical net gain after all the expenses? thanks. 

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  • would you contact police if neighbor accidentally fired shotgun and bullet penetrated into your home?

    hello. yesterday our family was on first floor and suddenly there was loud popping sound from second floor. I went upstairs and noticed several holes on our wall which is shared by our next home. they looked like shotgun holes.  I suspected possible accidental shooting that you hear from news and expected our neighbor would come and apologize or something. But nobody came for about 5 min. I began to suspect possible burglary and became worried and called local police because i was afraid to go there to check. 

    I expected maybe couple of cops would show up to make sure everyone is ok. But more than 10 cops came. And they weren't very respectful and nice to our neighbors. They almost treated neighbors like possible crime suspect and arrested him and I felt kind of bad and sorry for our neighbor. Cop even asked me if we want to press charge which I declined.

    We have been good neighbors. We never invited each other for dinner or anything but we would greet each other and shared some small talks and we would help each others out from time to time in minor things.

    Later he came to apologize for the accident and led us know that he would pay for all the damage. I was just wondering if I did right thing by calling police and wonder how others would have dealt with this. I was afraid to going to their home because I may get shot if there was robber with gun. Would you have done anything different? Is calling police without first going to neighbor to check happened overkill?

    8 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police4 months ago
  • what are good high end basketball shoe for high school boys?

    hi. it's been an while since  i played basketball and kind of lost touch with baskball snickers (brands, cost, etc). I want to buy my 15 yrs old nephew (5'11") who is really into basketball a nice pair of basketball shoe for his birthday. Can anyone let me know what are good shoes that lots of kids want these days? what brands and kinds and the cost. 

    I'm not planning on getting some crazy over $1000 collectible or anything like that. But, some decent high end shoes that most basketball loving kids would save their allowance for or want for their birthday or Christmas. Something that would help him play well and last long time and also, be able to show off a little. Thanks. 

    Basketball4 months ago
  • why is making vaccine for covid19 taking so long?

    I recently watched movie outbreak and korean movie flu. In both movies, toward to end, one monkey with antibody (in outbreak) and one person with antibody (in flu) solved the whole problem so quickly and so easily, it seems. That made me wonder, I know they are just movies and I'm not epidemiologist. But, why is making vaccine for covid19 taking so long and why does it seem so difficult to make it? Why can't they just gather antibody from peoples who recovered on their own( there seem to be so many of them) and study it and develop vaccine? 

    I don't think they can make vaccine within a day or wk like in movies. But, it has been over 6 months already and still no vaccine? Or making vaccine was easy and there are proposed vaccines out there but strict regulation and approval process is hindering it from becoming public? 

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  • is gardena and compton safe to go during this riot 2020?

    hello. I have something that I may need to pick up from a place in gardena/compton area in CA. Do you know if it is safe to go there during this LA riot? i tried to search online to see which small cities in CA are affected by protest/riot, but can't find any site tells clearly. thanks. 

    3 AnswersLos Angeles5 months ago
  • what is downside of buying old but recently  remodeled home?

    hello. I've been looking into zillows to get some ideas of home value trend. I'm in socal for reference. I noticed that older homes (built 50-100 yrs ago) look very nice on photo after remodeled (very luxurious, clean, even better than some of newer homes built less than 20 yrs ago) and cheaper as well. I was wondering, as long as it was remodeled well, is it as good as new homes? Or, what are downsides? How long does foundation or things that are generally not touched during remodeling (I guess most of drainage, walls, electrical circuit, etc) good for? Can they last like 100 yrs without major issue? I'm afraid that even though it looks nice on outside, inside things you don't see may not be as good and being worn out. 

    It seems, taking things apart during remodeling (like demolishing existing cabinet, tiles, etc) is very traumatic to home as well and probably leave some permanent damage. 

    Also, people usually prefer new home rather than old homes. For example, I'm more attracted to homes built in 2000 or later, rather than some 50 yrs or older homes. So, I'm concerned that, if I get some remodeled beautiful home built in 70's, but, after 30 yrs I want to sell it, even if I remodel again, it becomes 80 yrs old home (which is like homes built in 40's these days)and I'm afraid that my home will become very unattractive and have hard time selling it. Can someone with knowledge give me some input? Thanks. 

    6 AnswersRenting & Real Estate5 months ago
  • harddrive(HD) memory capacity question. If I'm willing to get external memory back up device, does computer HD memory capacity still matter?

    Hello. I m trying to replace the computer for my small business that I had for 7 yrs. I currently have computer with 500GB hard disk. I have used about 250GB during 7yrs. I prefer to have 1T memory for new computer. I also prefer to get SSD (more stable, faster) instead of traditional hard disk.

    But, getting 1T SSD will be so much more expensive and harder to get than 1T hard disk. So, either, I will have to buy 1T hard disk computer or 500GB SSD computer.

    Now, I m wondering, if I get 500GB SSD computer now but later I find that I need more memory capacity, will I have to upgrade SSD hard drive or just buy new computer again? or can I just install one of those external memory back up device and I won t have to worry about lack of memory or going thru hassle of upgrading hard drive and having to transfer all the data to new hard drive?

    So, if I get 500GB SSD computer now and later if I install 1T external memory back up device, will compter work as if it has 1.5 T memory capacity hard drive? or it s not that simple? thanks.

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  • what is "automatic reboots after Windows updates and active hours options."?

    Hello. I'm in the process of upgrading my computer for my business. One of the requirements for my business softaware program is making sure it has "automatic reboots after Windows updates and active hours options.". I assume it's some kind of function that makes computer automatically restart after updating. But, what is "active hr"?

    when shopping for computer, what feature should I look for under specification? Or, is this something that most modern computer that came out within last few yrs have it? I'm interested in buying window 10 pro, 8 GB RAM, 1T memory. thanks. 

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  • how did you deal with or are you dealing with marriage situation where other spouse dominates you?

    hello. Before marriage, we were getting along well. But, like many others, after marriage and honeymoon is over, things has been going south. One of the main things that bother me is that wife turned out to be those strong minded persons who sees only black and white (no gray), my way or highway type. She makes 90% of decisions regarding our kids and family. She even tries to make decisions on how I run my small business as well. 

    I'm not alpha male but not beta either. Most of the time we argue, she wins and out-talks me and I feel like a crap. I admit that in many aspects she is smarter and knows more than me. For example, I want to feed our babies those baby food from market like gerber from time to time. But, she is adamant on making her own baby food even if there is no time. If i say why don't we just feed gerber this time since we are busy, we get into argument and she wins and i feel like a loser. It seems she sees me as just a nice guy who is like her subordinate and is supposed to just adore her and support whatever she decides and just help her with it. And I also can't stand her commanding tone of voice (like, Do this, Eat first before me, etc). I do feel like I'm subordinate and very unhappy. I became less affectionate.

    I'm wondering, did you just give up and be submissive? Or did you just keep fighting? Is this reason why so many people divorce? Plz, I'm not looking for advice. I want to know how other human who has feeling and sense of pride do about this.

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  • for parents who let todders/children watch TV, smart phone, etc more than 3 hrs a day, do you feel TV caused negative effect?

    Hello. I and spouse disagree on letting our son (2.5 yrs old) watch digital entertainment (TV, cell phone, etc). My wife firmly believes any kind of digital screen is really bad and will have permanent negative effect on children, such as not being able to be social with others, not willing to read book later, etc. So, she doesn't let son watch any TV even though my son keeps begging us to show cartoons, racing cars which he loves,etc. 

    I'm uncaring and neglecting to our son (from her point of view) and want to let him watch children programs, cars, animals,etc up to about 1-2 hrs a day. I feel it's beneficial in many ways (he can learn to speak, relieve stress, learn how others react in certain situation, just learn about many aspects in life, etc). I also think being too strict and restrictive to kids can stress them out and have negative effect as well. This has been ongoing argument. I get that TV is not good. But, almost everyone grew up watching TV and I and all my cousins in their 30's and 40's are doing OK. No one is anti-social. One of my cousin was book worm even though she also used to watch TV. I understand it would be bad for todders/children to watch too much TV like more than 2 hrs daily.  And I am wondering, are those articles about watching TV having negative effect on kids really legitimate true or just theory that sounds nice. If you or your kids grew up watching TV in excess of 3-4 hrs a day, do you feel it had such a negative effect on you or kids? 

    2 AnswersToddler & Preschooler6 months ago
  • how do you get covid19 stimulus check if you are on social security& welfare and haven't filed tax?

    do you have to actively do anything like filling out some form or contacting some agency? or will fund be deposited or mailed (if acct is not linked to government)passively without having to do anything? thanks.

    2 AnswersPersonal Finance6 months ago