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    Is there a good chance our new kitten could be a purebred?

    Does she look like she could be one or is she for sure a mix?

    8 AnswersCats2 months ago
  • Can a parent collect and use child’s money from a child’s tribal membership? ?

    The mom who has full custody of my friend’s (he’s native and the mom isn’t) daughter wants to start her tribal membership and collect and use their kids money. Can she do this? Their daughter is almost three and the mom has no native heritage at all

    1 AnswerParenting9 months ago
  • Feeding your lizard wild game?

    To be specific I’m referring to an Argentine B&W tegu I just got, I’ve had many reptiles but never a tegu until now. He loves fish especially salmon and I’m wondering if it would it be ok to throw him some wild game to eat here and there. I live in Minnesota and do a good amount of fishing and not sure if it would be bad for his health if I fed him some fish I catch here and there. Have you ever? I always fed my reptiles store bought food and just thought of this so any input on it would be nice. Especially if you have good experience with a tegu already.

    1 AnswerReptiles9 months ago
  • Can a landlord throw out a sublease occupant?

    My apartments allowed my fiancé to move in with me as a sub tenant. After 6 months living with me there was a bad event that happened regarding her disability that the cops needed to be called and she was taken away in an ambulance. Now they just told me today that they changed their minds about allowing me to sublease and allow her to live there. They said that I have to immediately throw her out the door Can they do this? I mean I couldn’t even legally just suddenly throw her out even if I wanted to right?

    7 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 months ago
  • Buying Rick and Morty on Amazon prime?

    I’m new to buying on amazon and have my assumptions but double checking. If I buy Rick and Morty season 4 will I get just 3 episodes available on there? Or will I get more just the others aren’t available yet? How does buying a new season on amazon work?

    1 AnswerComedy11 months ago
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    Is this a good engagement/wedding band set? ?

    My girlfriend has wanted me to propose to her for quite some time. She even said it would be fine to do it with a ring pop, I’m not rich but I don’t want to be that cheap. I found this set for $2400 does it look nice for the price? Is it a good looking set? I’ve never proposed before so I’m absolutely new at this. Any advice would be awesome.

    39 AnswersWeddings11 months ago
  • Advice on buying a new Xbox One game for my girlfriend?

    I want to get my girlfriend a new Xbox One Game for Christmas. She’s a Fallout fanatic and Fallout 76 is her favorite, but she already has it. If she loves 76 are there any Newer Xbox One games that you think she would like a lot?

    Xbox11 months ago
  • My girlfriend keeps breaking up with me and coming back?

    she’ll suddenly break up with me, go away (I won’t bother trying to speak with her), then a few days later she’ll hit me up wanting to be back saying she loves me. I love her too so what should I do?

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating11 months ago
  • Does anyone get weird feelings about your existence?

    I get these feeling, quite often, that I’m not really here. While it’s going on my thought of reality pretty much shuts off and comes back on. When reality comes back I get this strange physical feeling rush through my body it happens multiple times. A lot of times I’ll get a headache from it yet I randomly bust out laughing from it too. Am I a crazy schizo? I was diagnosed with epilepsy 20 years ago, (I was eleven) is that what’s causing this? Is it normal? It’s happening right now and it’s freaky as hell. What is this and why am I thinking like this?

    1 AnswerMental Health11 months ago
  • What are the and fishing rights that natives have?

    What are the rights for hunting and fishing that natives have over a standard US citizen? Ojibwe to be specific if anyone knows. I’m even curious regarding being married to one. My wife is Ojibwe, never hunted or fished and I’ve started to get her interested. I’d like to tell her what rights she has as a native. Any info will help, thanks

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics11 months ago
  • Would proposing by surprise be a bad way in my predicament.?

    I’ve heard that proposing by surprise is a bad thing to do but what about this situation. Me and my girlfriend have a friend who told me she said she never thought she’d love a man so much. She also told him multiple times that she is surprised in herself that she’d even marry me and I wouldn’t even need to get a diamond ring. She said It could just be some cheap plastic ring or anything I can slip on her finger. But yeah I’m holding off so I can actually get a real diamond ring and I want it to be a surprise. Do you think she’d like surprising her by proposing with an actual diamond ring? Would it be a bad idea?

    8 AnswersWeddings12 months ago
  • If you’re hospitalized because of your disability can a probation officer arrest you?

    My girlfriend is on a monitoring system house arrest. She’s been disabled by severe ptsd for a long time and she had an episode so I brought her to the ER then they sent her to to a psych ward. I notified her probation officer the next via voicemail but she was in and out of her office for a few days. After leaving multiple she called back a few days later and said a warrant was set for my girlfriend. Then when they let my girlfriend out she was arrested there and they won’t let her out of jail and didn’t bring up the hospital once during the trial. Are they allowed to do this because of my girlfriend’s disability? They know she has ptsd because she went once before.

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics12 months ago
  • Have you ever happily stayed with a girl you knocked up?

    Me and a girl started dating about a month and a half ago. We’ve known each other quite some time and started dating right after we got back in touch. Well we’re thinking I might have knocked her up... we do have strong feelings for each other and I’d take my roll as the father if she’s pregnant. But it’s fairly soon and I’m worried it would cause problems and ruin our relationship. Has this ever happened to anyone and you still happily stayed together?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Does she really want to take things slow or am I “friend zoned”?

    I got back in touch with her after 2 years and we’ve gone on a few dates now. Well I’m the only guy she spends time with, always initiates messaging when I’m gone, I feel something when we have eye contact, have a lot of good sex often initiated by her, laughs at everything I say, apologizes a lot for the most petty things and more.But every time I try to kiss her she turns her head and always pulls her hand away when I try to hold it. She told another friend she likes me but wants to take things slow. Was she being honest or am I being friend zoned? I’m confused and what should I do for her to kiss me?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Do I have an serious emotional or mental problem?

    I’ve lived a life of extreme emotional pain since I was 10. I’ve had endless experiences of discrimination, betrayal, disownment, anxiety, and every other form of mental abuse you could imagine, and my guard is a mile high. Honestly it might be too high, it’s like gaining true absolute trust from me is impossible, and as much stress as I go through I portray myself to be as happy as ever. It’s like I can’t allow myself to share anything about my pain so it’s built up to being unbearable and eats at me inside. I don’t know if it’s normal? or if it’s a serious medical condition? What should I do? :( I can’t take this

    3 AnswersPsychology2 years ago
  • Does anyone have tips and advice for dating a woman with ptsd?

    About a month ago I started dating a girl who has ptsd and I’m confused about some things about her. The things that are confusing me are the facts that she still hasn’t allowed me to kiss her and is really resistant to hold my hand etc. Yet we have amazing sex quite often and of all people she could spend time with it’s always me. Are there any tips or advice on how she probably feels and how I should handle it? She’s a wonderful person and treats me good.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • My new girl I’m dating is hurting me 😢 what should I do?

    I just started dating a girl a few weeks ago (I dated her for a bit a couple years ago) who I like very much due to her personality and she’s treated me wonderfully.... until now. We both got drunk and she’s smashed and brought up wanting her ex and she’s trying to have sex with me now but I can’t do it. I’ve felt like there has been something special until now. I like her but I have too much self respect to be turned on. We’re both drunk right now but I’m torn 😢 I really like her but I don’t know if I should let this slide because she’s drunk or not allow being drunk to be an excuse... what do I do?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • A girl I just started dating is confusing me a lot? What’s going on?

    She’s always wearing my clothes, always wants to spend time with me and stay at my place, always flirts with and touches me, we have that eye contact all the time, she initiates sex more than me, she even told me she likes me , and asks all kinds of questions. But when I try to hold her hand or kiss her or anything she withdraws.from it and it makes me feel awkward. Why is she doing this and what should I do? I like her too.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Girl I used to talk to is eager to hang out?

    We used to talk and hung out a few times. A year and a half went by and she messaged me the other day. We talked for a bit then wanted to hang out. I told her I have work until the weekend yet she messages me everyday asking what I’m doing wanting to hang out. I flirt with her a bit and think she’s awesome. Is this almost a fair enter she likes me? If not what?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating2 years ago