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    Info on this vase?

    It was my grandmothers who had recently passed. She always stressed and bragged about it. Just curious why. Thanks!

    6 AnswersHistory12 months ago
  • I missed one payment on my personal loan, will that hurt my credit score?

    My payment was due the 17th and its my last payment on the loan. Appearntly ive been spaced out for 4 days because i just realized i missed a payment. It was a 1 year loan and ive paid it off in about 7 months never missing a payment besides this last one. So will my credit get hurt or will i just have to pay a late fee?

    3 AnswersCredit4 years ago
  • Do I still get my GI bill for a Chapter 13 Honorable Discharge?

    So I ve been in the army for a year and 5 months, I recently failed my 2nd PT test due to a hurt hip but I never went to sick call so I m just getting a PT chapter, I was wondering if I can still use my GI bill and if so will I still get laid to go to college or with it only cover my tuition because of my discharge. Thanks!

    5 AnswersMilitary4 years ago
  • Can you go Airborne if partial colorblind?

    So I'm in AIT right now and really want to go to Airborne school. I am partially colorblind which confuses me because I've never had a problem with colors. I also passed the red/green color test tho, anyway I can get in?

    2 AnswersMilitary5 years ago
  • Can you request to deploy in the Army?

    So I m a 12N and am currently about to graduate in early December, I got my orders to go to Hunter Army Airfield for the 3rd Aviation unit. My instructors said I ll most likely be there all for years but I was wondering if I requested to get deployed would I most likely go?

    7 AnswersMilitary5 years ago
  • Steps to getting motorcycle license?

    So im 18 and leave for the Army next week. I've been practicing on a 150cc dirt bike for the past year so I could learn and get ready for a sports bike. So after basic im looking into buying a bike but do i hvae to be on a permit for a year? Or can i go straight to a license. Please let me know

    5 AnswersMotorcycles5 years ago
  • Why do DJ's not have copyright?

    Why and how can they just use other artists songs, mix them and get away with all it?

    2 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop6 years ago
  • Army MOS chances of going from 12N to 12B?

    So i just enlisted as a 12N Horizontal Construction Engineer. I've read and talked to people that said often you can get assigned to a Combat Engineer unit. I just wanted to know how hard or what steps i would need to take to get this opportunity.

    3 AnswersMilitary6 years ago
  • Black people more racist than whites?

    People need to realize that if they would just listen to cops THEY WILL NOT GET HURT! It seems like once police do have to take legal action it turns out to be racist because the victim is black but if they where white i'm sure it would be no problem. Then, Black people then clarify all whites as racist? Well if you state all whites are racist then doesn't that make you racist for judging? Whole thing is pretty ******* stupid, obey the law for once so then none of this mess would happen in the first place.

    8 AnswersOther - Society & Culture6 years ago
  • Army 12n to 12b?

    So i just enlisted as a 12N, my recruiter did that MOS and he said i have a chance of becoming a 12B after basic adn AIT, i was just wondering what is the likelihood that i will get this opportunity. Also would it matter that i am not qualified to do Airborne.

    3 AnswersMilitary6 years ago
  • Do you guys think officer Darren Wilson is innocent in the Freguson case?

    It is pissing me off seeing people complain over this story and blaming it on racism. Maybe if they actually watch the interview and ignore the fact the officer was white they would see that Wilson did what was needed. Let me know what you guys think

    11 AnswersCurrent Events6 years ago
  • Pros on sending troops overseas?

    Typing a paper and need as many PROS that i can get. Thanks

    4 AnswersMilitary6 years ago
  • Fort Leonard Wood Experience?

    Going to basic for 9 weeks basic then another 8 for AIT. Heard it is a shitty base any have experience there?

    3 AnswersMilitary6 years ago
  • Army MOS 12N?

    Mihgt be a silly question considering im already enlisted but what does the N in 12n stand for?

    Military6 years ago
  • Army 12N Heavy Equipment Operator?

    Just signed up for 12N, Just wondering what kind of equipment i will mostly be working with, Thanks

    3 AnswersMilitary6 years ago
  • Best DSLR for Videography?

    Use to Use a T3i but looking to step it up a bit. Going to be shooting car meets so whats a good DSLR that shoots amazing quality, Price doesn't matter.

    5 AnswersCameras6 years ago
  • Turbo vs Supercharger?

    Going in a K20 motor. Lets compare them.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • Superchargers vs Turbos?

    Which should i choose for my K20 2.0

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • How long does it take to get a letter back from a eye console from the army?

    So i went to MEPs and pulled a eye console or whatever it is called. I was then sent to a doctor who said i would be fine and just needs to forward his notes to MEPs. I then got a letter from MEPs saying i am permanently Disqualified to join the United States Army. I called my recruiter and he said that was the letter from when i went to MEPs and that he is still waiting to hear back from them for my actual results. So how long does it usually take to get the news back from MEPs

    3 AnswersMilitary6 years ago
  • Coverting FWD To RWD?

    Ok so fisrt of i want to start off by saying this. I know it is not practical or a wise financial investment. i have a 2004 Accord , it was my first car. Once i get back from Afghanistan i wasn't to throw a LS1 into it. Not trying to be cocky but money isn't a problem for me so i was wondering roughly how much it would cost to throw a LS1 in my car and convert it to RWD. Pricing must include Parts labor ect. Thanks

    16 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago