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  • my sister’s boyfriend revealed he checks me out?

    My sister’s boyfriend lives with our family & he’s been staying here for like 2 months. He just revealed the other day to me through text message that he sometimes checks me out while i’m walking around the house. I told my parents about this & they don’t think it’s a good idea to tell my sister because they already argue all the time & they have a lot of trust issues. My parents just told me “he’s a guy. guys look. just try not to wear anything revealing around the house.” Like i don’t think that’s right. how is this my fault? now i don’t feel comfortable in my own house. & i don’t know what the best thing to do is. Because if i tell my sister about it, & they breakup, my parents told her boyfriend that if they ever breakup, it doesn’t mean he has to move out, because he is homeless at the moment. My parents took him in because he had no where to go. So i feel like if i speak up, he’s still gonna keep living here. so i feel stuck. WHATS THE BEST OPTION TO DO TO HANDLE THIS??

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  • If I got fired, what should I say at an interview? ?

    I just recently got fired from my first job after intentionally trying to switch a fake $50 bill at my job & I got caught on camera. I’ve accepted my mistake & I’m trying to learn from it. I’m job hunting right now & I don’t know whether I should put my job on my resume not. If I put it on my resume, & I get asked at an interview why I got fired, what’s a good thing to say to still make me seem hire-able? Or is there nothing I can say? I’m not sure. Or should I just not put my job on my resume AT ALL & seem like I’m starting fresh? 

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  • How to tell someone i’m not attracted to them? ?

    I have been friends with this guy over the internet for over a year now but we’ve always just been friends but i know he’s always liked me. We have never met until today. We finally met & hungout. I frankly think he is the perfect, sweetest guy but SADLY I am not attracted to him ): WHICH SUCKS. i wish i was attracted to him. but i am not. i feel horrible. i wanted this to turn into something more but i just need to tell him it’s not going to workout. I don’t wanna waste his time. but how do i say this nicely? or should i just lie & come up with another reason? I DONT WANT TO BE MEAN 

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  • I’m struggling to treat my boyfriend’s son as if he was my own?

    So I knew getting with a guy with a child was going to be a bit more of a responsibility compared to dating a guy with no kids. I’m the type of person who hates kids. I feel like if I have my own kids someday i’d adore them BECAUSE THEY'RE MINE & everyone says you gain a lot more patience with your own kids. So my boyfriends son is 5 & don’t get me wrong I adore him! But I struggle with that whole “treating him as if he was my own” thing since i’m dating his dad. I’m just constantly feeling that disconnect & constant reminder that i’m not his mom. And I definitely try to act like somewhat of a parent role model because his son loves the heck out of me too. But it’s difficult for me because he’s not actually my child & I can’t raise him exactly how I’d like because he’s not my son. SO IT SUCKS. My boyfriend is constantly letting me know that I have all the right to discipline his son if needed if he isn’t able to catch things. I love that he gives me the “okay to do it” but i still struggle because i feel awkward yelling at someone else’s kid. I just don’t know how to stop feeling that way....anyone with experience dating someone with kids, does it ever get easier or what can I do to make this a bit easier for me? :(

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  • When do I let my interviewer know?

    So I got an interview for a job position & in the description of the job it states the typical end time is 6:00pm. I am a part time student who does night classes from 6:00-9:00pm. When is the correct time during the interview to let my interviewer know that I may need to be off possibly an hour early for my classes because the time may conflict. OR DO I NOT EVEN MENTION THIS TILL AFTER I POSSIBLY GET HIRED ON??

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  • My boyfriend has bad breath?

    So i’ve been with my boyfriend for 6months now & for the past few weeks i’ve noticed this horrible breath smell that smells the same EVERYTIME. I’m thinking it’s probably a bad cavity or something because even when he brushes his teeth, it starts smelling within a few minutes already. Anyway, he doesn’t have dental insurance at the moment & he isn’t in the best financial situation right now. How do I tell him about his horrible breath if he doesn’t have dental insurance to get checked or money to go? i can’t stand the smell any longer.

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  • Just found out the man i'm in love with has 2 kids and he didn't tell me. Should i stay?

    So me and this guy have been dating and we fell in love. I knew he had 1 daughter since the beginning & it kinda bothered me he had a kid with someone already but he treats me right so I overlooked it & got over it. Well today I found out barely that he has ANOTHER daughter. When I asked him about it he said "I never said anything because I thought u already knew." If I knew this man had 2 kids already by different women, I would've never approached him to get to know him. I've never liked the idea of being with someone who has kids. But now I feel stuck because I already love him & now I feel like I can't leave. It really bothers me he has 2 kids but this man does everything right, he takes care of me, & loves me in such a way I didn't think I could be loved. Should I not let the fact that he has 2 kids bother me? Why or why not? I need help :/

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  • I told my parents I had an abortion. Their reaction is making me feel horrible. Pls help?

    I'm 21 years old & I decided it was time I let my parents know that I had an abortion about a few months ago. I decided to be open & honest, so I told them. My dad didn't say a word, he just got up & walked off (he hasn't spoken to me in 3 days). My mom on the other hand told me she's just very disappointed I made a poor decision (my parents love kids & are against abortions). She said she's happy I'm alright but very disappointed & she's angry that I made a selfish decision to get rid of it. I explained to her that I made a mistake & got scared because I wasn't ready for a baby & I don't make enough money to keep one so I thought of what was best. She gave me a hug afterwards...but since then they both haven't been speaking to me. It feels tension around the house & they are not speaking to me. I just feel like I destroyed their image of me being the perfect daughter & I feel sad about it. Idk what to do to make this right?

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  • Does this make me a bad employee?

    I've been working at Burger King for 2 years now & I'm always on time & i never call out. I always get there, do my job, then leave. But everytime they try to call me in to cover someone else's shift or they wanna see if I can change my schedule with someone else i usually catch myself saying "no sorry i can't". Because I'm a planner so as soon as i know my schedule i plan my whole week. So does it make me a bad employee if everytime they try to call me in I don't answer the phone? Because since i can't go in at the time they need me to be, i figure, theres no point in calling back if i can't. Is that bad? I mean, can i get fired over something like that or nah? Cause i told my dad about it and he called me a bad employee lol

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  • What's wrong with my dog's eyes?

    So I have a Pitbull and in the last week I have noticed some kind of eye irritation on his eye lids and underneath the bag part of his eyes with puffiness. I have been cleaning the skin with oxygen peroxide and using antibiotic ointment for the past 4 days but see no result. I don't notice him scratching but it is not any better or worse. I am trying to avoid taking him to the vet. Does anyone have any suggestions for a home remedy or should I just need to take him in?

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  • How can I reach an orgasm by intercourse?

    I can only get an orgasm when I play with my clit. So when I have sex (penetration), I never reach an orgasm. But when I see porn, it shows girls there reaching their orgasm while intercourse. So is there a way to get that to happen for me? My boyfriend feels like he can't pleasure me because of this issue. I don't want to make him feel like he's the problem.

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  • Should I still go to work with a yeast infection?

    I barely found out that all the uncomfortable symptoms of burning & constant itchiness I been having are because I have a yeast infection & I'm gonna start to treat it today barely. But I work at a fast food place & my friend said I should call out because I'd be really uncomfortable at work. But I'm not sure if it's worth calling out? Should it be something to be calling out for?

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  • It burns down there?

    So im 18 years old & I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years & we have never had intercourse without a condom; we always use one. So the other day we had sex & about 30 minutes into it, it started to feel like it was burning down there as he continued & it got so painful we had to just stop. I don't know why it's burning or what is happening but it kind of scared me. I have never had this problem before. So I'm not sure what to think of it. I'm not concerned of any type of sexually transmitted disease because we never do it without a condom! So what do you guys think it might be? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    1 AnswerWomen's Health6 years ago
  • Having nail polish at my job is an issue.?

    So i work at a fast food restaurant & we aren't supposed to wear nail polish when working in the kitchen. Well i have been wearing nail polish the whole 2 years i have worked there & no one has said a damn thing, because we are required to wear gloves anyway while working with food. Well we recently just got a new manager that is a male & he has been really cool & easy going but for some reason yesterday he noticed my nails & told me i had to take them off but i made up an excuse as to why i couldn't because I did my nails in a certain design that took me HOURS to do & i really want to avoid taking them off. Well I want to know if I should just go ahead & remove them or keep them & hope that he'll just brush it off or hope that i don't get put in the kitchen today to work with the food, or maybe hope that that specific manager isn't there today? I really don't want to remove them. But then again if he IS there today when i go in at my shift, i don't know if he'll try to get me to take them off or just ignore it.

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  • My boyfriend is being a dick & I'm liking someone else?

    So I've been w. my boyfriend for 4 years & he has made me so happy! But lately, he's just beginning to come off as annoying & he's just being a dick all the time. I haven't seen him in like a month because his car is having problems so maybe that has something to do with it (no we don't live together) we are 18 yrs old. And I have been talking to this other guy, started off as a friendship but he just makes me real happy & he's always calling me beautiful while I'm trying to work things out w. my bf but he's just being a dick still! So idk what to do? And I like the other guy as well, but he lives in LA & that's 2 hrs away from where I stay. If this was you, what would you do? Would u keep working things out w. ur bf or go for the guy who lives in LA? /:

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  • Would my manager ask me for proof?

    So I work at Burger King & I work every single weekend now & it's getting to the point to where I'm getting kinda mad. I used to use my weekends to get away & relax, de-stress myself. I have college to worry about & my crazy life, I'm going nuts. So I was thinking of telling my manager that I got another side job to work only weekends to get my weekends off again. Would I require some kind of proof to show them that I have another side job??

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