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I am a Filipina JW. found the truth when my 1st husband died. JEHOVAH has set a day of judgment for mankind. (Acts 17:31) If it is to be a day of salvation for us, we need an approved standing with him and his appointed Judge, Jesus Christ. (John 5:22) Such a standing calls for conduct in harmony with God’s Word and faith that impels us to help others to be Jesus’ true disciples. John 5:28-29 promises that I am waiting to happen in the near future. These scriptures help me to understand and sets me free from false teachings.

  • How can we understand the Bible correctly?

    Everyone has his own interpretation of the Bible.

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  • Why, How, What made you a JW?

    I am not searching before but believed that all religions are acceptable to God. But now I am a JW and didn't regret my decision.

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  • Who is God? Is God a real person?

    How would you answer that question?They believe that he exists but know little about him.

    While speaking with a religious woman he met at a well, Jesus Christ emphasized the need to know the truth about God. This woman, a Samaritan, acknowledged that Jesus was a prophet. But something botherd her Jesus religion was different from hers. When he expressed this concern, Jesus plainly said to her: "You worship what you do not know." Obviously, Jesus felt that not all religious people truly know God.

    Does Jesus statement mean that no ne can really know God? No. Jesus went on to say to this woman: "True worshipers will worship the Father with spirit and truth, for indeed, the Father is looking for suchlike ones to worship him."

    Are you among those who worship God "with spirit and truth"?

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  • Do you believe in Hell?

    Is Hell Hot?

    PEOPLE often forget they have brains when it comes to a topic such as hell. Oh, many persons will ponder on financial or other matters, but when hell is the subject they seem to prefer that someone else do the thinking.

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  • What Is Our Heavenly Father Really Like?

    Many people can recite the Our Father or the Lord's Prayer, the model prayer that Jesus taught his diciples. Each time they say that prayer, they address God as "Our Father" How many, though, can say that they know him well?

    What about you? How well do you know God? Do you enjoy a close relationship with him. What is involved in knowing him?

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