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I like rock and i have for many years.. really i like all music besides 22 and live in michigan

  • what is this movie i saw it on tv a little over a year ago the guy is like a limo driver?

    i think he is in new york or boston and he has alot of different girlfriends though out the movie and every time they start getting to close to him he breaks up with them, his best friend was black and he gets his /girlfriend / wife pregnant, i think it was made in the 2000's, any help would be nice

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  • R&P What do you Think?

    What is the best band of the last 10-15 years?

    im gunna have to say the Foo Fighters are. the more you listen and discover Dave Grohl talent the more your like them.

    But i'd like to see what ever one else thinks, Please share!!

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  • gas pedal broke,i have a camaro and?

    i had the car floored and i went to shift gears and the gas pedal was on the floor anfd the throllte was stuck wide open i had to shut it off onthe road and just coast it in to a parking lot any ideas what is wrong?

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  • 95 camaro shifting problems?

    i have a 95 camaro z28 with a 6 speed and last night i was driving around and started haveing troble shifting into 1st and 2nd gear. later on i went to go into reverse and i push the clutch in and i couldnt get it to go into reverse. i can go in reverse if i put it in reverse before i start the car put i cant put it in when its started. i dont know if it is clutch problems or not any help is wonderful

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