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  • Feet get extremely swollen?

    My moms feet are always SO swollen to the point where she can't walk! She takes a lot of medication like suboxone, adderall, vivance and idk what else and does use a decent amount of salt as well. She also has bad back pain and I think her body also swells...does anyone know what this can possibly be? I hate that she cant do anything and is always in pain.

    7 AnswersPain & Pain Management10 months ago
  • Unemployment for taking too long of a break?

    Asking for a friend! She got fired from a large company for taking too long of a break. 

    7 AnswersLaw & Ethics10 months ago
  • Implantation bleeding 3 weeks after having sex?

    My husband and I had sex the night that my period ended and 3 weeks later it seems like I'm starting my period early or could it be implantation bleeding? He pulled out and it took us 3 years trying to get pregnant with our daughter. 

    4 AnswersPregnancy11 months ago
  • Renting a house with bad credit?

    So I have kids and moved to a place where houses are very cheap to rent and just got a job and am supposed to make good money after training. I have credit score in the 500's because of a car

    I had repossessed because the salesman lied and said my payments would decrease a LOT after 6 months but never did and the lender Santander was a total scam, they had huge lawsuits because of this, the 7 thousand I paid on it never actually went to the car. Also i have something else for almost a thousand dollars and don't know what it is. Would I be able to put down a large deposit or will we end up being homeless? We have a month and a half until we have to be moved out...

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 year ago
  • CPS said she would try to close case next week?

    So my mother in law is evil and decided to kick me and my kids out and make things up and call cps on me. So I moved out and CPS caseworker came, asked a lot of questions, checked things around the hous, was actually very nice. She came by to bring something by two weeks later and said she would try to close the case next week. So does this mean there's more or will I just have to sign something? Or will it be a call? I love my babies so much and do everything in my power to give them a great life so this whole thing is just crazy!

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 year ago