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I am a Catholic, practising Christian, and live in Sydney Australia. I work in IT, supporting the ERP computer system in a large Australian manufacturing Company. I don't believe in Global Warming, or Socialism.

  • How often does Ash Wednesday fall on March 9?

    Ash Wednesday was my birthday this year

    celebrated with fasting, abstinence and penance!

    I believe this is the first time in my lifetime.

    Someone told me this happens every 77 years.

    How often does Ash Wednesday fall on March 9?

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  • Is the Green Party like a Water melon? Green on the Outside, Red inside?

    The Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, warned Catholic voters on the weekend to be wary of the Greens, describing them as "sweet camouflaged poison".

    Cardinal Pell's weekend newspaper column slammed the Greens' so-called Stalinist roots.

    He said the Greens were anti-Christian and opposed to the notion of family.

    "One wing of the Greens are like watermelons - green outside and red inside - a number were Stalinist supporting Soviet oppression," he said.

    "We all accept the necessity of a healthy environment but Green policies are impractical and expensive which will not help the poor.

    "For those who value our present way of life, the Greens are sweet camouflaged poison."

    This is in Australia during a Federal election, but the general idea seems quite fitting for the Green parties world-wide. What do you think?

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  • Why has no-one questioned the validity of tree-ring data as a proxy for Temperature?

    On there is a defense of Mann's Hockey Stick graph from 'climate blogger Steve McIntyre’s scurrilous accusations of “cherrypicking”.'

    One correspondent, Michael Smith asks the question "What remains unexplained is why/how there can be a hockey stick in tree growth when there is no corresponding hockey stick in the local temperature measurements. That’s right — the LOCAL temperature record does not show a hockey stick. So we are supposed to think these trees are responding to some sort of global average temperature and not to local temperatures? Try thinking about that one for a while."

    That is a brilliant spanner thrown in the works of Mann et al's methodology.

    I have thought about it and there is only one explanation that explains the apparently contradictory observations: The trees are not responding to temperature at all; they are responding directly to the higher CO2 concentration: CO2 acts like plant food to make trees grow faster at the same temperature. Think about that for a while - it means using tree-ring growth as a proxy for temperature is fatally flawed, because the correlation is only valid while CO2 concentration is stable. As soon as CO2 levels increase, so do the width of tree-rings. It is therefore a proxy for CO2 levels. Researchers are cunningly demonstrating by tree ring data that CO2 concentration as measured by tree rings has a high correlation with CO2 concentrations as measured by analysis of ice core samples!!!

    This makes all of Mann's Hockey Stick analysis irrelevant not because of cherry picking or inadequate statistical methods, but by a causal flaw in his base assumptions.

    Deep Climate's own defence of Mann's methodology is pathetic: "Generally speaking, growth of northern tree species is known to be correlated with summer temperature." Instead of "Generally speaking", he should have said "All else the same", or "At constant CO2 concentrations."

    Why have no climate Scientists asked this very basic question? I have only under-graduate degree-level qualification in Chemistry and Physics, but presumably these guys have doctorates? Does having a doctorate in climate change bar you from thinking outside the bounds of your own speciality?

    Where is the common sense? During the period the tree rings in the Russian series were growing, the tree-line was retreating southwards, a strong indication of falling temperatures, yet the series was used as "Proof" of warming.

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  • Can we trust anything from

    "Scientists, Data Challenge Real Climate Touted Antarctic 'Warming' Study - 'It is hard to make data where none exist' - January 21, 2009

    Schmidt Admits Defeat in Climate Debate! Tough New York City crowd reverses view on man-made warming and converts to skepticism following debate featuring's Schmidt– March 2007's Michael Mann incorrectly Cites Mt. Kilimanjaro as evidence of man-made global warming - Providence Journal - September 25, 2008

    Reality Check: Mann's using years old Mt. Kilimanjaro talking points. Mann's “facts” on Kilimanjaro are outdated.

    UK Spectator: 'Hysterical' Real Climate's Michael Mann's Hockey Stick 'most discredited study in history of Science – February 7, 2009 – By Melanie Phillips

    Pielke Jr.: Details's & Others Engage in 'Character Assassination' of Skeptical Scientists'

    Real Climate 'has clearly aligned itself squarely with one political position on climate change' - January 14, 2005 - Excerpt: The site's focus has been exclusively on attacking those who invoke science as the basis for their opposition to action on climate change, folks such as George Will, Senator James Inhofe, Michael Crichton, McIntyre and McKitrick, Fox News, and Myron Ebell. Whether intended or not, the site has clearly aligned itself squarely with one political position on climate change."

    Why would anyone quote from this warmist propaganda blog as "evidence" of global warming? It's like proving the truth about Stalin's USSR by quoting from Pravda!

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  • Is AGW from CO2 even possible?

    New research findings suggest that increasing CO2 cannot increase the greenhouse warming effect: "CO2 CANNOT CAUSE ANY MORE “GLOBAL WARMING” according to "FERENC MISKOLCZI’S SATURATED GREENHOUSE EFFECT THEORY" this has been peer reviewed by Miklos Zagoni, 2007 IPCC Reviewer, Physicist at Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary, in December, 2009.

    "The Earth’s atmosphere maintains a constant effective greenhouse-gas content and a constant, maximized, “saturated” greenhouse effect that cannot be increased further by CO2 emissions (or by any other emissions, for that matter). After calculating on the basis of the entire available annual global mean vertical profile of the NOAA/NCAR atmospheric reanalysis database, Miskolczi has found that the average greenhouse effect of the past 61 years (from 1948, the beginning of the archive, to 2008) is:

    * constant, not increasing;

    * equal to the unperturbed theoretical equilibrium value; and

    * equal (within 0.1 C°) to the global average value, drawn from the independent TIGR radiosonde archive.

    During the 61-year period, in correspondence with the rise in CO2 concentration, the global average absolute humidity diminished about 1 per cent. This decrease in absolute humidity has exactly countered all of the warming effect that our CO2 emissions have had since 1948.

    Similar computer simulations show that a hypothetical doubling of the carbon dioxide concentration in the air would cause a 3% decrease in the absolute humidity, keeping the total effective atmospheric greenhouse gas content constant, so that the greenhouse effect would merely continue to fluctuate around its equilibrium value. Therefore, a doubling of CO2 concentration would cause no net “global warming” at all."

    This of course proves that any misguided attempts to reduce human-generated CO2 by government interferenence in the free market will have zero effect on global temperature, regardless of how much damage we do to our economies.

    So do warmists now accept that AGW is theoretically impossible?

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  • Does Earth Hour make any sense at all?

    The Green Living Site advertised the idea of an Earth Hour Dinner Party on

    This suggested that we "Create a meal that reflects the occasion, using recipes that you can enjoy by candlelight and where no cooking is required during lights out."

    In other words, to save the world from CO2, burn candle wax instead of that electricity stuff, and ignore the smoke that is generated.

    "The idea is to cook a recipe that you can enjoy by candlelight, where there is no cooking involved during the earth hour (any prep can be done in advance)."

    Ok, This means it's OK to burn coal to make power for your oven to cook your meal before Earth Hour as long as you turn them off for the hour itself?

    How is this of any benefit at all?

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  • What will Warmists say in 2014 when it is still no warmer?

    Thousands of warmist sites including the WWF state"the world has just five years to initiate a low carbon industrial revolution before runaway climate change becomes almost inevitable." Given they said similar things abot 2010 back in 2005, what will they say if there is still no sign of AGW by 2014?

    I'm picking it will be something like "the world has just five years to initiate a low carbon industrial revolution before runaway climate change becomes almost inevitable! We mean it this time!"

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  • Given that James Hansen is an environmental radical alarmist, can we trust the NASA GISS data set he manages?

    Consider this: A radical believer in forced human population reduction in the name of sustainability is also in charge of managing the NASA GISS Global Warming Data Set. This is rather like stationing a fox in the coop to protect the chickens!

    His major fan and co-conspirator is crazed ex-hippie Paul Ehrlich who wrote "The Population Bomb" in 1968. You remember - the book that said we'd all be dead by now, based on exponential population growth and linear food production growth. Thanks to the Green Revolution and Birth Control he got that exactly backwards but still defends his position:

    He proudly quotes Hansen as saying "“We’re toast if we don’t get on a very different path, and, of course, any path that satisfactorily deals with climate disruption would necessarily involve control of human numbers."

    Hansen admits he is "combining his scientific career with a political one."

    and says "his understanding of climate change means he is morally obliged to become a climate activist."

    Is it safe to leave the objective measurement of climate data in the hands of a fanatic who will do anything to prove AGW?

    Should the GISS data set be rejected by the IPCC as a precautionary measure?

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  • I just got an email from accusing me of abusive post that I did not make.?

    I figure they're Phishing. Is there currently an attack on Answers users?

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  • How can you be a Pacifist and a Palestinian supporter at the same time?

    If you support Palestine in their war against Israel, the objective of which according to Hamas, is the "utter destruction of the State of Israel and the Jewish race", how can you claim to be a Pacifist at the same time? It's a bit like a vegetarian working as a butcher.

    I should add that Adolf Hitler was both a Vegetarian and an Environmentalist, and maybe that is a pointer to the answer.

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  • Is Halo a rip-off of Larry Niven's RingWorld?

    I have just played a PC game caled Halo - it depicts a world which looks a lot like Ring World. Is Larry Niven gettting Royalties from this? If not, Why not?

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  • How would you rely to the following unsolicited email?

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