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  • Anybody wanna start a revolution?

    I know it's retarded to say this on your phone because everything is being watched... But see that's kind of the problem. Am I serious? No, it's not possible. The world powers are already established and resistance is futile. But see? That's kind of the problem... I just need to know if anyone feels the same. I see all you people bickering about mind numbing politics and racial arguments and religious arguments forever circling down the rabbit hole of bullsh*t... Am I the only one who wants to see all of this burn the the ground? Am I? 

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  • Is depression a sign of being a beta human?

    The unaccomplished. The rejects. The not sexually active. The socially inept.... The people who just don't fit in at all. I'm starting to see it. Takes alot to admit to being sub par. Just not of the social stock, the breeding stock, the... Whatever it is that makes people fit in here. It's just an inability to carve out your place in a world where you should have never been. That's why depression isn't related to hardship in life. It's related to loss of self. Most of us can't even explain why we feel this way. I think it's just us realizing we don't belong in the evolution of the human race and it's agonizing to watch a species we are supposed to be apart of feel so different.. so alien. But then again, seeing our current path... Maybe that's not such a bad thing. 

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  • How was your day today?

    Just think we need a break from all these racial tension bullsh*t questions.

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  • Is life jaded now?

    Technology has given us access to unlimited information, kills our sense of wonder. An overpopulated world with money deciding our we worth in life, lower quality of life for anybody who isn't well off. A society with a system constructed with the illusion of freedom. A hawk in the sky is free, if you think that exists for people in the current age then you don't understand freedom. The only free ones are the ones who are free to enlsave the rest of us. Porn turns our minds to mush, completely losing the intimacy of what mating is supposed to be. Large amounts of unhealthy bullshit instead of what we are meant to eat. Pollution killing the one planet we got. And last but not least a world full of people who don't seem to give a **** about any of it.... If ever a species deserves extinction.

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