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  • Why is my WiFi only bad on my desktop PC? ?

    My PC isn't particularly old. A few years, but I haven't used it that much because it's difficult to move around. Anyway, up until now, I've been using my laptop, but for unrelated reasons, it broke and I need to use my desktop PC instead. However, for some reason, the WiFi on my PC is awful. The immediate conclusion I came to, was that my WiFi adapter was bad. So I went and bought myself one that the team at Best Buy recommended me for almost 100 dollars. I told them my exact situation, and they directed me to the adapter they thought was best. I figured that even though it was expensive, it was worth the investment because of how much I use my PC. It worked great.... for about two days. Then it went back to spiking randomly for short or long periods of time. The most confusing part about it is that my roommates also use desktop PCs with similar WiFi adapters, but they have no problems at all. I've tried three different WiFi adapters, all to the same result. They work fine at first, but then start having problems not long after. Sometimes the WiFi is great, and then it'll randomly be terrible for a period of time. I built the PC myself, so it's possible I could have messed up the wiring or something, but I'm not sure. I asked my computer friend about this, and he said to either replace the port on my computer or remove and reinstall the drivers. I wanted to get a little extra advice before doing anything drastic though. Thoughts? 

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