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  • Worried about wedding Expenses? Looking for money saving tips?

    Here i have explained 5 basic pointers which can be your hero thought so as to maintain the cost level with enjoy level.

    1.Have a well defined budget that includes maximum and a minimum, so as to stay within the decided limits of spending.

    2.Selecting a convenient venue with best affordable options such as local restaurants, friend or family land, grounds or park, your home etc.

    3. Use minimal & optimal decor which should be in range and trendy to fulfil your wish of dream wedding.

    4.Some venues are strict about allowing outside food and beverages than others. If your venue doesn’t require you to use its catering service, definitely make arrangements to bring in your own food and utensils or you you higher the caterer from your end in which their would be no plate system and no limit of food to be served.

    5.Off season wedding would be the best wedding tips to suggest as this time money saving concern would be very easy to achieve.

    Considering these methods will surely cut your wedding cost.

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