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  • Why just blame the goalie?

    OK, Robert Green made a real howler which let Team America back in the game. He'll be made the scapegoat but it wasn't his fault alone that England didn't win the game - For 87+ minutes after Gerard's goal the England team didn't get the ball in the US goal. So, let's not crucify the goalie for a mediocre England performance.............

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  • Who supports a robin hood tax on bankers to raise billions?

    "A tiny tax on bankers that would give billions to tackle poverty and climate change, here and abroad. It sounds complicated, but actually it isn’t. A tiny tax on bankers has the power to raise hundreds of billions every year – giving a vital boost to the NHS, our schools, and the fight against child poverty – as well as tackling poverty and climate change around the world"

    Not complicated. Just brilliant.

    Have a look at

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  • British premier league football team......who's in it?

    We all know how many overseas players are playing for EPL teams but that's not the issue here. Let's imagine we are creating an EPL team composed only of British players (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland). We need a goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders, 3 forwards. Who would your eleven players be and who would be the British manager? The only condition being that the 11 players are currently playing football.

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  • Is Terry more interested in saving his career or his marriage?

    It was reported last night that Terry also instructed advisers to approach a number of other girls he fears could wreck his career. ‘This has now all gone much deeper than an affair with a team-mate’s old girlfriend,’ said a source. ‘It is all about Terry doing everything and anything to save his skin and reputation.’

    It seems John Terry has a lot of skeletons in his cupboard. Women, gambling, questionable financial dealings. The more I read about this the more I get the impression that Terry is far more concerned about saving his career/income and his reputation than he is in saving his marriage - how can he be concerned about his marriage if he's playing away so often. Capello did right to sack him as captain. How long can Chelsea stand by him as captain now he is soiled goods?

    Read more:

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  • If Madeleine McCann is found alive..........?

    I know many people believe Madeleine McCann is dead. But what if Madeleine McCann was abducted and is still alive somewhere? Suppose suddenly she is found somehow? How could she cope with again having her life torn apart, taken again from people she's living with, and returned to a family she's possibly forgotten? I know this makes a lot of assumptions like she's alive, she's being loved in another family etc. but it's something that I keep wondering. Please all you McCann haters don't just post your anti-McCann's more a question of how a child like Madeleine would cope with the situation

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  • Thanks to the gritters.......?

    Grit and salt is running out due to the lack of foresight of the government and councils, but let's sound a big thanks to the grit lorry teams who have been out in all the worst of the weather at all hours of day and night.

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  • Reinstalling Windows XP on to Dell desktop?

    I recently had problems with my Dell Dimension PC. After trying a variety of potential solutions which did not work I decided to completely reinstall Windows XP using the Re-installation disk supplied with the PC by Dell at the time of purchase. No problems installing but when I restarted the PC it came up with a message advising me that the copy of Windows XP needs to be activated by Microsoft. As I can't get online to contact Microsoft because XP won't activate how can I get Microsoft to activate?

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  • This would make global warming irrelevant......?

    I've just been reading this article. I'm not going to get too worried about as there's nothing I can do to stop it!! It did put in to perspective for me just how minor our current concerns are when nature decides to act - 3000+ light years away and it could wipe us out. Are there any space experts on YA who can tell me if we would know it had happened before it destroyed us - would the image travel faster than the physical effect?

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  • Desert Island Time.........?

    An old favourite but always interesting............if you could take just 3 music tracks, one book and one luxury to your desert island what would they be? (The luxury can't be any means of communicating with the rest of the world eg mobile phone, TV, radio!)

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  • What was your favourite.........of 2009?

    A totally unrepresentative straw poll. Don't want reasons or second choices just your favourite!

    1. Favourite TV programme

    2. Favourite film

    3. Favourite person (anybody)

    4. Favourite news story

    5. Favourite song

    6.LEAST favourite anything

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  • Where will RATM and Joe be in the first singles chart of 2010?

    Now that the battle for the Christmas No 1 has been resolved in RATM's favour, where do you predict they will be in a couple of weeks in the chart? Will they both sink like stones down the chart in to oblivion?

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  • Do these people or anyone else have evidence the McCanns killed Maddie?

    Wiles, David H, Simm101 seem to know the McCanns killed their own daughter but produce no evidence beyond their own presumptions and beliefs. Isn't it a bit worrying that people like this with their presumptions could be members of a jury in a court case?

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