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  • What horror movies to watch?

    I am looking for some horror movies to watch, I like films with games, like, saw, would you rather, truth or die.

    What other films are there that are like them? I also like films like Black Christmas, Gore is good.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Renting a private property from estate agency?

    My rental contract is due to expire soon and I will not be renweing it due to the Landlord not being view helpful or getting repairs done when asked.

    I viewed a house yesterday that I quite like and would like to go for it, however there are a couple things that need doing to the property. Would I be able to negotiate a deal with the Estate Agency where I will pay £600pcm rising to £630pcm once the repairs have been completed?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Microsoft excel help, macros/user forms?

    Ok so I'm not sure how to best explain what I am looking for but here goes.

    I have a spreadsheet that I have made to keep track of where I am and what is going on with my jobs (I work in recruitment). It's only a simple spreadsheet but I would like to make it more automated.

    On the front page I would like to add a button for adding a new job, that when clicked, opens up a user form asking for the relavant detals before adding them to the home page but then also creates a new sheet using the same name as the job title.

    How would I go about doing this?

    Many thanks in advance.


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  • How much would this PC be worth?

    Hi all,

    How much would you say this PC is worth?

    SAMSUNG mega dynamic pc monitor s22c570 22"

    1 ROCCAT KOVA gaming mouse

    1 ROCCAT KULO gaming headset

    1 ROCCAT ARVO gaming keyboard

    1 wired xbox controller







    DRW - 24F1ST/BLK/G/AS-



    Many thanks,


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  • When going from a temp to perm role?

    I am currently on a temporary contract (maternity cover). My contract ends at the beginning of March. I have been verbally told I will be permanent, however, I haven't received anything in writing. If I still haven't received anything by March where will I stand? I will then be working without a contract which means that my job wouldn't be secure and I'm guessing is also illegal?

    Kind regards,


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  • Wordpress/script or freelance?

    Just wondered what your thoughts/recommendations were.

    I have a friend that would like to have a flash game website, he is on about hiring a freelance designer to make the website from scratch so it is all unique. I said he may be better off using an arcade script or a wordpress template/script as there is so much Competition out there that it wouldn't be worth paying out a lot on a freelancer.

    What would you recommend?

    Many thanks,


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  • ASP.NET website error?

    My mate has a website in ASP.NET but is having some problems with one of the pages. He has an admin area where he can edit the contect on the web pages like a CMS. But he is getting errors when tying to load that page/applicantion the admin directory is set up as an application on the webserver/hosting but when he goes to it he gets the following error:

    HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden

    The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory.Most likely causes:

    •A default document is not configured for the requested URL, and directory browsing is not enabled on the server.

    Things you can try:

    •If you do not want to enable directory browsing, ensure that a default document is configured and that the file exists.

    •Enable directory browsing using IIS Manager.

    1.Open IIS Manager.

    2.In the Features view, double-click Directory Browsing.

    3.On the Directory Browsing page, in the Actions pane, click Enable.

    •Verify that the configuration/system.webServer/directoryBrowse@enabled attribute is set to true in the site or application configuration file.

    It seems like it is because there is no default page so it doesn't know what to load? Is that the case? If so, how do I select a default page for it to load. I have little knowledge of ASP.NET only of HTML, CSS and PHP so if you could provide as much detail as possible it would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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  • Forgotten login details on my website. ASP.NET?

    A friend has brought a website all in thinking that I would be able to help if anything went wrong, however, I only know PHP, HTML, CSS.

    Anyway, the website has a CMS/admin page where he can edit all of the content on the website, however, he doesn't know the login details for the account that has that level of access. I thought maybe I could just create a new account on the website and then go into the database and change the user level on that account so it would become an admin. But I can't seem to find where it is deciding what level the user is or even what table the user details are being posted into when registering. There are a few tables with memebers details.

    As I have said I know nothing about so I was wondering, how would I be able to tell what table the members details would be getting pulled from and secondly, what would you suggest I do in order to get access to the admin panel? Is there something in the code that I could take out to get access then put it back after?

    Sorry if I have made the question very open.

    Many thanks in advance,


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  • Match Handicap / Asian Handicap?

    Hi All,

    If I placed a Match Handicap bet on a football game, team A -1.0 that would mean they would have to win by at least two goals, is that correct?

    Also, if they win by one goal is that a loss or is it classed as void? I remember reading somewhere that it would be classed as void and you would get your stake back, or is that Asian Handicap?

    Thank in advance.


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  • Will Wolves beat Crawley tomorrow night?

    Simple question, do you think Wolves will win? Also, what will the score be?

    First person to get the score correct will get best answer. My prediction is Crawley will win 1-0.



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  • I'm looking for a semi decent laptop, any advice?

    I'm looking for a laptop with decent specs and a dedicated GPU. I am not a massive gamer, the main games I play are link, fifa 13, football manager etc, nothing high intensity. What laptops would you recommend? I was looking at the Lenovo z580 but I have been told Lenovo's aren't that good.

    Many thanks in advance,


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  • Will this laptop run games easily?

    Hi, I am not a major gamer but I do like to play games like fifa and simcity. I was looking at the getting the Lenovo z580, the i7 version comes with 2gb dedicated graphics and the i5 version comes with 1gb dedicated. Would they both run the games fine?

    Also, if you know of any other laptops that are around the same specs and would run them and are cheaper feel free to say.

    Many thanks,


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  • EPL Dream Team........?

    So, it's time for the start of the season very soon. What are some good players for my dream team?

    Kind regards,


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  • Question about RSI..?

    So I have seemed to be getting pains in the right wrist after sitting at the computer for a while (I work in recruitment advertising). I went to the doctor about this and explained what was wrong and that it only hurt while I was at work on the computer and at no other time, on the weekends it was completely fine. Anyway, he told me that it was RSI and that it normally goes away by itself after a week or so. It seems to have gotten worse, it hurts more often throughout my working day and even at some points during the weekend now. I read online that it's best to take a couple of weeks to rest it. I don't have enough A/L to do so I don't know what to do. I don't want to keep going the way I am and keep making it worse. Suggestions please?

    Kind regards,


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  • No power to radio in Honda Civic 98?

    I have a Honda Civic 98 and the stereo doesn't seem to get any power to it what so ever. I have checked the fuse under the steering wheel. I looked for a fuse under the bonet but couldn't find one for the radio. I can't test the cigerette lighter but the clock works but doesn't remember the time when the ignition isn't working so I think this may be linked with the issue I am having with the radio.

    Please can someone help me.

    Kind regards,


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  • Royal Mail - lost item?

    Ok I just don't know what to do anymore. I sold a laptop on eBay, the man paid for it and I sent the laptop to him. I received the money fine and was able to access it no problem. A month later when checking my bank I notice there has been £280 taken out via PayPal. I log in to find out why and I notice that they have refunded him for the laptop. I ring up PayPal to find out whey and apparently he hasn't received the laptop and he opened a case. As I only ever check PayPal when I need to I didn't notice the case, therefore, I didn't respond within 7 days so they favoured him and game him a refund.

    PayPal then put me through to eBay, I explained that I had sent the laptop a month ago, they asked me to send them a copy of the receipt. I explained that I didn't know where the receipt was, they then told me if I went to the post office I had sent it through they would print me a duplicate off. So I went to the post office to be told they don't keep that information on their system.

    I then ring up Royal Mail and ask them. They tell me that I need to go to the post office and get a P58 form to report it as a lost item. So I go and get this form, fill it out and send it off. A week later I receive a letter from the Royal Mail telling me that it will take up to 30 days to look into my case.

    30 days later I still haven''t heard anything so I ring them up and they tell me that they can see a cheque has been sent out to me. I asked how much for but they couldn't tell me, seems that's another one of the many things that isn't kept on their system.

    I received the cheque, it was for £8.80. They had refunded the amount I paid to send the item in the first place and said that's all they can do as I didn't provide proof of how much the item was worth. So I rung them up again and asked why they don't just send the laptop back to me as they obviously still have it somewhere. They tell me that they can't do that because they don't know where the item is because they don't track them so it could be anywhere in anyone of their depots.

    I just don't know what to do anymore. I mean it's not like a letter or something small, this is a £280 laptop which, in my eyes, they have stolen from me.

    Any advice on what to do next would be great full.

    Many thanks,


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  • Was the shop right to do this?

    I brought a phone from a shop called CEX, It stopped working earlier this week all that would show up is a white screen. Since I still had the receipt and I only purchased it in March I thought I would take it back this weekend as it came with a 12 month guarantee. I took it in there this morning and they had a look and couldn't get it to work, they didn't have another 2nd hand one there to swap it with so they said they would have to refund me. But then they told me that they couldn't give me the refund in cash I had to have it as in-store credit otherwise it would of been a free phone for 8 months. They then went on to tell me that instead of the £200 I paid for the phone I could only have £125 of that refunded because that's what the phone is worth now.

    This seems wrong to me, I can understand if I paid for it with in-store credit but I paid cash so surly I should get cash back. As for getting less than I originally paid, that's pathetic.

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  • Dynamic drive ......?

    I have a hdd but it is currently formated as a dynamic drive and I need to install my os on it but it needs to be converted to a basic partition. What bootable software is there that I can use to do this ?


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  • VB scripts with excel?

    I have created a spreadsheet for jobs that I am currently advertising, I would like to create a VB user form where I can enter the job details and it will insert them into the spreadsheet, into columns 1,2,3 and 5

    They are named Ref – Job Title – Location – End Date

    I have created 4 text boxes to enter the data into and I have created a drop down list to select what sheet I want the data to be entered into.

    I have also created two buttons, one to enter the data and one to close the form.

    This is the code i have but it doesn’t work. I have got this code from a tutorial but it doesn’t seem to work as i have tried to change it to change it to meet my requirements.

    Please could you give me as much help as possible. Thanks in advance


    Private Sub cmdAdd_Click()

    Dim iRow As Long

    Dim ws As Worksheet

    Set ws = Worksheets("Area1")

    'find first empty row in database

    iRow = ws.Cells.Find(What:="*", SearchOrder:=xlRows, _

    SearchDirection:=xlPrevious, LookIn:=xlValues).Row + 1

    'check for a ref number'

    If Trim(Me.Ref.Value) = "" Then


    MsgBox "Please enter a part number"

    Exit Sub

    End If

    'copy the data to the database

    ws.Cells(iRow, 1).Value = Me.Ref.Value

    ws.Cells(iRow, 2).Value = Me.JobTitle.Value

    ws.Cells(iRow, 3).Value = Me.Branch.Value

    ws.Cells(iRow, 5).Value = Me.EndDate.Value

    'clear the data

    Me.Ref.Value = ""

    Me.JobTitle.Value = ""

    Me.Branch.Value = ""

    Me.EndDate.Value = ""


    End Sub

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  • Excel if statments...?

    =IF(C1-L1 > 7, "G", IF(C1-L1 <= 7, "Y", IF(C1-L1 <= 0, "R", "")))

    I have this formular so far but at the moment it doesn't output R becuase any output with is less than or equal to 0 will show Y because it IF statment for Y includes that. I need a way to make it so that it is IF the number is less than or equal to 7 but more than 0 then it outputs Y otherwise R.

    Hope this makes sence.


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