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Mom of three beautiful kids.

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I am a mother of three children. Ages 5, 4 and 1. I just recently turned 25 and am enrolled in the medical assistant program! YAY go me for getting a college education with three kids. Its hard work but will be well worth it in the end!

  • Anyone have experience with using the birth control called mirena?

    Okay so I have been on mirena now for a little over a month and a half. The first 3 weeks I bled than I just stopped bleeding. Now I am having weird side effects that I believe are related to this birth control. Hot flashes, periodic nausea, periodic diarrhea, stomach upset, sometimes I have no appetite and others I am really hungry, and I am so tired but insomnia at night. The stomach upset, nausea and hot flashes are the worst. At first I thought it was the flu. But its been going on now for like 3 weeks. Anyone else go through this? I have had three children and I know what utis, bladder infections, yeast and all that feel like. I don't believe I have an infection. Before I call the doctor wanted to see if anyone else went through this. Any experience would be great thank you!

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  • Looking for people who have used an IUD before!?

    So I am a mother of three children. I was using the depo shot as birth control prevention before. I have used the pill too. Both of these gave me really bad side effects. So I decided to try an IUD! Can anyone answer some questions for me on this? My doctor did not really go much into depth and I called this morning and they have yet to call me back.

    1.When you first got the IUD did you have bad cramping right away? If so how long did it last?

    2.Did you have any problems with it after prolonged use?

    3.They say your suppose to check to make sure its in place after you period etc. I know how to check my cervix but what am I looking for to know its in the right place?

    Any other information you may want to give would be helpful! Thank you for your help!

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  • Ideas on meals for a 15 month old child.?

    He has his bottom teeth and eats just about anything. I am just bored with what I make and would love to know what other moms make to spice up the food in your house. I have three kids in total so any ideas would be great!

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  • I am in need of some help with my laptop! Thank you!?

    Ok would someone please go into depth on how to delete a hard drive and repartition the hard drive correctly? I would greatly appreciate this. Also if this is done incorrectly can you lose memory? Thanks!

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  • This is driving me crazy please help?

    Ok when i was younger i listened to this group. They sang one song i can think of. And it was called you don't bring me flowers. It is a WAY older group. The Name starts with an E Its like Exculseor or something of that nature. If anyone has any clue what i am talking about and can help you will settle a very nagging thought THANK YOU.

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  • Ok i have a question about 2nd degree burns.?

    I burned my arm two nights ago on my stove. Its about 2 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide. It burned about 3 layers of skin off. I got some some triple layer non stick pads some tape and some burn cream. It is now oozing greenish colored stuff and sorta bleeding. I did not think it was bad enough to go to hospital but now that its bleeding and oozing greenish stuff do you think i need to go to the hospital? What are the signs of infection? Thanks!

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  • Just wondering what fellow mothers think.. Thanks..?

    I had my Son July 1st 2008. So its been 3 months. I do take the pill for birth control. Here i am 3 days late for my period. I know i should take a test. But my question is can the pill ortho tri cyclen cause you to miss your period? Because i do not feel pregnant. We used the pill and condoms. So do you think it could be that i had a baby 3 months ago and the pill making my period late? Or is it worth taking a test? What do you think? Like i said i have no symptoms of pms or pregnancy!

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  • Anyone else have problems with horrible migraines?

    I had a baby July 1st of his year. Ever sense my period is WAY heavier and comes fast. I stand up or move and it gushes. And sense that started happening i have been having a migraine every day. Is there something wrong with me do you think? Should i see a doc for the migraines. They are horrible and VERY painful. And my period gushing bright red is that abnormal?

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  • Does anyone know why this is happening?

    I had a baby July 1st. My doctor informed me to take my birth control the second Sunday following birth. I stopped bleeding completely after two weeks. When i started taking the pill a week later i started bleeding and cramping like it was my period. That was two weeks before my period would of been due with the pill. I take a birth control called Jolivette. So is this normal? Why would i have a period in the middle of my cycle? Anyone else have this happen? Beings as i am cramping and passing blood clots do you think this is my period or bleeding from having the baby yet? Thanks!

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  • HELP i am having with drawl.

    Ok so i had my baby July 1st. Last year we tried to conceive all year long. Now that i have had a baby and we do not want any more kids as of. I still have the very bad urge to pee on a stick. LOL... Anyone else have this problem seriously? I know it sounds dumb. And obviously it would be negative. But man seriously...

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  • Ok so i have to know. When people say blonds or burnettes or red heads do it better...?

    What exactly do they do better? And how do you know?

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  • Ok another questions any help from anyone would be great.?

    Ok last night i asked this question...;_ylt=AoDpY...

    So to update on it. This morning the child woke the family up in a startling way. They have a new born son. He is almost a month old. The child climbed in the bassinet and sat on top of the baby. On babies chest. The family has called dhs and the psychiatrist waiting on calls back. They are scared for the youngest child's safety. Seriously has anyone gone through this what would you do? There is no evidence she was trying to hurt him. But she does know that she should not sit on him or even crawl into the bassinet. And when asked nicely why she did it. She just starred blankly like she had no clue on what she did. She did not show any remorse at all. Please help!

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  • Ok any opinons from parents non parents providers does not matter.?

    Ok heres the deal say you have a almost 5 year old. The child has seen multiple psychologist and been diagnosed with adhd and odd. For those who do not know odd is oppositional deficiency disorder. Say this child was put on a medicine fda approved for Adhd its not ridilin its called Detroamphetamine. This child has been to a play therapist for going on 2 years. The child has taken the meds seen psychologist numerous times. Nothing seems to work. The child is disciplined with time outs and naughty chair. Nothing seems to work. It is believed that the child was mistakingly labeled adhd and has something more serious that is not really known yet in children. The mother and father both have bipolar disorder. The child carries a lot of traits of child hood bipolar. The child is destructive, very temperamental, unpredictable like a tornado. The child knows the difference between right and wrong acts out on purpose. The child shows no remorse. Please wait more to come.

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  • Ok another question... All about getting baby on a schedule please help?

    My new born son will be a month old on Monday. I need help from experienced mothers. My oldest is 4 years old and my second born is 3 years old. So its been awhile for me. So heres what i was wondering..

    When is the best time to start enforcing a schedule for baby?

    How did you do it? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Can anyone tell me the difference? Thanks!?

    Just recently i heard of something called nursery water. What is the difference between bottled water and nursery water? Anyone know?

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  • Ok i just had a baby July 1st...?

    Now mind you before you answer this please know I AM NOT HAVING SEX!

    Anyways i have not taking birth control pills in AGES.. I was on the shot sense i was 16 and now have three kids. Ok so i missed my pill yesterday. Its 1:27 am Wednesday. I remembered to take it now. Now later today can i take yesterdays pill? How does that work? Also i was wondering with the depo shot i suffered through migraines and no sex drive at all. Can you have the same side effects with the pill? Thank you!

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  • I just had a baby 2 weeks 5 days ago is this normal?

    Ok so i had my son July 1st. I stopped bleeding a week and a half after i had him. Then started bleeding again and am passing blood clots and cramping. Do you think this is my period? Isn't it to soon to be starting that already?

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  • Ok me again... Another question about impending labor.?

    So a quick history. Started having loose bms all week. Had watery Diarrhea at 4am this morning. By 9:45 am i lost a bit of my mucus plug it was clear with a little brown blood. Then by 1:30pm i lost some more except this time it was more brown and red. Then By 2:15 i lost some more which was still brown and red. Is this normal? Now i am feeling LOTS of pressure on my lower region and my bottom area. My lower back is starting to hurt a little and so is my front region. Should i try to time it? Do you think its in my head? HELP ME LOL! I am pregnant and going nuts! Oh ya and my doc checked me today and i am 50% effaced and 1cm dilated. And 36 weeks 4 days along. I am high risk for early labor. Had my first at 36 weeks and my second at almost 34 weeks. Its been almost 4 years sense i have had a kid. I am clueless LOL.. Thanks!

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  • For mommies who have had more then one child?

    So i have been having loose stools all week. Yesterday they were loose not quite diarrhea. This morning i woke up at 4am and they have been watery. So then about 10 minutes ago i had this big jelly like substance with brown tinge come out of me. I assume this is my mucus plug? This is my third child it has been almost 4 years sense i have had a child. When you lost your mucus plug how much longer did it take for you to go into labor? Thanks!

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  • Can anyone relate to this? Should i be concerned?

    Ok so i am 36 weeks 4 days along. And this last week i have had loose bms. Then yesterday i had even looser bms not quite Diarrhea. Then i woke up this morning at 4 am and had watery diarrhea. I am not sick my tummy does not hurt. I can eat and drink fine. My question is did anyone experience this and then go into labor shortly after? Ether way i have a doctors appointment today! Should i be concerned?

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