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  • I need help coding a python program that simulates an ATM at a small bank, allowing customers to make various transactions?

    The task is to simulate an ATM at a small bank, allowing customers to make various transactions. The 

    file “P://Courses//CPSC//CPSC207//bankers.txt” contains the last names, PINs, and current balances for 

    each customer. The information for each customer is all on one line, separated by commas. Your program 

    should read in the data from this file. Once this is completed it should prompt the user for their name. If the 

    name is in the list, they will then be prompted to enter their PIN. If a matching name and PIN is entered, 

    then they should be allowed to make a transaction. They should be able to check their current balance, make 

    a deposit, or make a withdrawal. The withdrawal should only be allowed if they have sufficient funds. 

    The program should allow multiple users to use the ATM without rerunning the program each time. So, 

    after each transaction is completed, the program should continue running and again prompt the user for 

    their name. Allow the user to indicate somehow that the program should stop running (perhaps by entering 

    “done” as we did in a previous example). Once it is indicated that the program should terminate, print the 

    names and balances for all customers to verify that your program worked successfully. 

    This program will make use of object oriented programming. Your program should include a definition 

    for a new class called Customer. You should define an init method, an str method, as well as any 

    other methods you want to include. 

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