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  • Why would a cat's hair stand on end?

    I've a relatively young kitten (13 weeks) and as all kittens he's very playful and inquisitive. I've just walked in to check on him and his hair was all on end. It wasn't smooth and groomed as per usual - it was all fluffed up. He seemed a little nervous at the time, but he seems to be playful again. I'm not sure really what the cause of this is, but after loosing a previous cat not too long ago I've grown a little too over protective of my tiny Charlie.

    Thoughts and reassurance would be taken kindly.

    5 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • Where did all these svchosts come from?

    All of a sudden my svchost.exe's seem to be taking up a lot of memory. I've not seen them on this Vista machine before (and I never had a second glance at the lack of them) but all of a sudden they seem to be taking up 80,000k~30,000k of memory each and I'm unsure why.

    Any help is appreciated.

    1 AnswerSoftware1 decade ago
  • Why is my skin so oily all of a sudden?

    Over the last few days my face has gotten quite oily. I'm using the same products as I was, and nothing has really changed. It's gotten to the point where I'm getting self-concious about it. What can I do?

    6 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago
  • Internal PC fan going real quick after Power Supply install. Remedy?

    Okay, so I've just installed a 600watt PSU on my PC which was 375.

    All of a sudden the internal CPU fan (120mm) has gotten ******* loud and is really kicking through air. Could I have jogged a wire or something?

    I must be doing something wrong because to practice this feat I tried taking out/replacing the PSU on my old PC. It did exactly the same. The internal fan went wild. What could I be doing?

    2 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • Nvidia 9800GT 512 silent running, or 1gb?

    Upgrading graphics. For around £100 I could get the silent running (epic heatsink'd) 9800GT or I could go for the gig version? Which would you go for?

    Other system specs:

    Vista 32bit

    3gig DDR2 RAM

    Q6600 Core 2 Quad

    Upgrading to a 600watt PSU before buying the card too.

    3 AnswersOther - Hardware1 decade ago
  • Multi-cored CPU. Is the ghz shared, or per core?

    For example, a 2.4ghz dual-core. Is that 1.2ghz per core, or 2.4 per core? I'm guessing the latter, as it acts as two CPUs.

    8 AnswersOther - Hardware1 decade ago
  • Tips/advice for a new job at a bar?

    I leave in 30 minutes, and I'm absolutely cacking myself. I've never done work like this before, so I'm clueless as to pouring a pint, mixing a drink, using the till, changing a barrel, etc. etc.


    I have cigarettes and Valium to ease the nerves.

    3 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment1 decade ago
  • Is it pub o'clock yet?

    What about now?

    7 AnswersOther - United Kingdom1 decade ago
  • MSN font sizing issues. Any ideas?

    So size 10 is the default font size. Everytime I put it down to 8, be it in a chat window, or using the main Messenger window it never sticks. As soon as I restart MSN, or close/reopen a chat window, it's straight back to 10.

    Any ideas?

    3 AnswersMSN1 decade ago
  • How can I find out what version of MSN I'm on?

    I know it's Live Messenger. But whether it's 8.1, 8.5 or something, I'm clueless. I can't find an 'About' section either.

    3 AnswersMSN1 decade ago
  • Game patches. If you install 1.005, will that have the updates of 1.003?

    Or should I install the previous patches too?

    This is for STALKER: SoC, by the way.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Vista locking problem.?

    In the last few days my laptop has been deciding to lock itself upon hibernation. There's probably an option to stop this, but I'm clueless as to where. Any ideas welcome.


    2 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • How simple is it to set up an RSS feed?

    Bearing in mind my site is plain HTML.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Why can't iTunes connect to the internet?

    Basically it can't access Gracenotes, nor the iTunes store (time out). The internet is working and both the internal and external addresses have been pinged with no loss. It's allowed on Zone Alarms and Windows Firewall, and turning them off altogether makes no difference. I later discovered that Windows Media Player cannot access the internet either, yet on the second and third PC's on the network are working perfectly. I've flushed then DNS a good few times too with no result.

    I enjoy a challenge, but this has me stumped. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    2 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago