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Hello u's....hope all is well, My names Marie im 24yrs young n have a 3 months old princess which i love being a mummy. If u wana chat of be a Fan lol feel free 2 contact me...i only bite sum times lol TAKE CARE n hope 2 hear from u soon!

  • 10 wks pregnant & pain under rib?

    Hi I've been experiencing wee pains under my left rib??

    I'm only 10weeks pregnant with 2nd child so feel I'm looking bigger 2nd time round. I phoned midwife n she said probly not pregnancy related as baby will be lower down.

    Has any1 experienced this???

    Maybe in paranoid as miscarried previously howeve have had a successful pregnancy after..

    Thanks you

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  • 1st dance wedding song...with a twist HELP!?

    Hiy well im gettn married after being together with my an man for 10 years, we have a beautifal wee girl and we want to do something different on our 1st dance....

    We will start off with a romantic meaningful song then i want to break into dance with a few different songs like thinkn footloose then mayb Billy jean ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE any thanks

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  • IN a 9yr Relationship...But in LUST after some1 hardly kow HELP?

    Oh im so CONFUSED im 25years old

    Im in a relationship for 9 years , its going great n weve had a baby whos 18months, Were quite adventurise n have a great sex life n r more like best friends n always be ther n support each other PRETTY PERFECT BUT....

    Theres a parent where i work n hes such an all round great person, Happy, Smart n always Smiling bt i cant help id IM in lust i always make a fool of my self when im talking most o the time get hot, N even been dreaming about him AHHH, Dont think he would know as guys never spot things like that.

    Is this normal, Is it because like in a long relationship, Fantasy

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  • HOLIDAY ESSENTIALS for 15months old? HELPPPP?

    We are going away 2 Spain next week for 10 days.

    My 15 months old baby girl does not get a luggage allowance so we need to cram every thing into 2 suitcases, She is ttehing at the moment n walking so WHAT WOULD U CONSIDER must haves....

    Ive got

    Calpol, Teething Gel Bum cream

    Suncream/ hat Arm bands


    Night bottle


    Also hand luggage?

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  • Whos the male that sings SOMEWHERE OVER THR RAINBOW?

    Just heard it the other day n felt really emotional,All i know is that its a man bt so beautifal

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  • Mums on MATTY leave..Do u ever feel USELESS and ALONE?

    I have a good job in supervising..

    My baby now 8 months old n i love her to bits, best thing thats happened to me love being with her.

    Recently been feeling STRANGE like most days have nothing planned,dont have to be any where finding thta difficult now n most friends not bothering anymore as babys older, When my Bf comes in from work tells me hes had a great day n all about it n i feel like i have nothing to say, I dont sit in house all day i go out bt just feel like oh theres nothing xciting bot saying oh went in to town,shopping.

    Have looked in to Baby/mummy classes n got a few mornings booked up starting next wk so should make a big difference n will be quality time with my baby

    I am not going back until Feb as i feel i want to be off with her n enjoy her n c her 1st steps etc

    Does anyone else feel/felt like this?

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  • WORKING mums off on MATTY LEAVE...Do u feel Useless and lost at sum point?

    My daughters now 8 months old n recently ive felt strange as i find it hard not having 2 be any where now, when u have a baby everyone always want to come n see u or do lunch but when baby gets older they dont bother....Im a qualified nursery nurse n am so lucky 2 be getting 1 year off just when boyfriend comes in from work n tells me bout his day i get a bit envious n think "well i dont have any thing to say reall" only went into town or shopping etc

    So im starting going to baby n mummy classes got a few days a wk taken up so think that will help a great deal,

    I dont want to go back to work as i want to have the 1st year with my PRECIOUS daughter, best thing thats happened to me n want to give her the best start in life as i will never get this time back..

    But feel bad for thinking like this..have u felt like this?

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  • HONESTLY.....What du u think of the name STAR 4 a girl?

    Got 1 wk left 2 go....Star just came 2 me n i love it but not sure what ppl think...

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  • HONESTLY......What do u think of the name STAR 4 a baby girl?

    Just thought of that name...Dont know why just came 2 me...Such a big decision.....

    PLS ANSWER ONLY got 1 wk left

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  • partner of 7 years dumped me..How du u PREPARE 2 be a SINGLE MUM?

    My partner of 7 years suddenly turned round n said 2 me "he doesnt love me anymoren hasnt 4 years n months" very manly ah....

    He DUMPED ME N WALKED OUT ON ME n my baby whos due in 9 wks time

    I did not plan 2 be a single mum n didnt imagine he would do this 2 me

    Hes been suffering depressing bt thats no excuse i feel i need him most at this time ....

    How do u prepare / manage 2 be a single mum

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    My partner of 7 yrs came out the Army 4 years ago after serving in AFGHANISTAN where he also developed Milaria n nearly died...

    He had Some un-imaginable, Dreadful Experiences including witnessing his friends die n few near death experiences also incidents of violence 2wards children etc

    He got diagnosed with "Post traumatic stress" n is been refered 2 professional bt cud take weeks/ months which is no good

    I am currently 7 MONTHS PREGNANT n feel i can no longer support him as hes sayin 2 every1 "He thinks he doesnt love anymore"n some days not speaking 2 me at all have 2 constantly walk on egg shells n im begining 2 resent him as every1 says "Pregnancy should be the happiest time of ur life" which is difficult when hes not even bothered or supporting me

    Ive been there for him bt feel whats the point when all i get is grieve n heart ache

    Also he never had a steable n secure up bringing n not experienced the loving family which i think could be scaring him as well

    opinions pls

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  • HELP 7 Months pregnant n severly DEPRESSED PARTNER.....?

    My partner served in Afghanistan 4 years ago...

    He has been diagnoised with "Post traumatic stress"

    When he came out army after Afghanistan he seemed fine and enjoyed life n freedom

    Now he is in a bad way due 2 depression (which is under standable) As he lost/ seen many friends die during war n saw some horrible,un-imaginable things he is getting counciling bt could take a while...

    Some days he doesnt spk 2 me n told people "He doesnt love me" Were currently expecting our 1st child n have been 2gether for 7 years n shouldnt be like this i am finding it hard being there 4 him when some days he doesnt talk 2 me n have 2 walk on egg shells n stresses me out as im due our baby in 2 months n feel i cant handle this strain...

    Im trying 2 be there 4 him but cant handle this bt dont want 2 let him down at this time

    Also didnt really have a good up-bringing n doesnt really know what mummy n daddy roles as never had role model parent which think could maybe be a factor!

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  • IM 19wk pregnant n have been feelin like quick shooting pains on top of bump is that just body stretching?

    Think i read at 19wksbody preparing n stretching..I have miscarried b4 n think im just being paranoid...N nervous bot 20wk scan


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