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  • Why is Biden running?

    Hes been around 40 years in politics and he hasn't really produced great results. He is frail, and in the twilight of his life. He doesn't have the energy or charisma to run let alone be president. Most concerning is his languishing mental ability seemingly brought on by dementia. He is getting progressively worse and he should stay in his basement. I feel like his wife and friends convinced him he would make a good president. It's called elder abuse. I just picture him in a rob, in his basement, sipping on hot chocolate and wondering where the hell he is and how he got there..

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  • Question about IRS stimulus check and tax refunds?

    I just filed my 2019 taxes today and will be getting a refund. I haven't received my stimulus check yet. I recently gave my accountant my checking acct info to have my refunds directly deposited. I haven't set that up yet for my stimulus check but I will. Is the reason my stimulus check hasn't arrived via mail due to the fact I waited until filing my my tax info or no ?

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  • Is this bad news for Joe Bidens electability argument ?

    Trump Is now getting positive reviews from Democratic Governors, and some congressmen/women. This is good publicity for him. He is being very proactive in this fight against the Virus.

    Bidens messaging has been drowned out and from here on out he will look more irrelevant as Trump continues to fight this virus. Trump is actually benefiting ,sadly, from this virus.

    " War time president" and its implication. Trump has referred to himself as a war time president ( fighting the virus) with no push back. A president who presides over a serious crisis will invariably have the advantage on election day. Think of this old expression, " no one will get off that horse midstream".. Psychologically voters will think Trump is a strong leader..

    When the virus subsides, and it will, Trump will get much of the credit for his proactive measures. November is actually good timing, in this regard.

    Many Bernie Sanders will not vote for Biden. Populist movement usually is about "all or nothing". Some will even vote for Trump as a protest vote against the DNC, of which they are not beholden to. Privately many will want Trump to win because they think it will accelerate the demise of this country thus accelerate the necessity of Bernies message and beliefs. They will look at Biden as another establishment politician that represents the status quo and a speed bump to their progress. Also they would rather dance with the devil they know than dance with one they do not know.

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  • What do you think about the Dem candidates?

    In my opinion the selection of Dem candidates leaves a lot to be desired..

    1- Bernie- a socialist, crap personality, and a curmudgeon. Most of his supporters are college aged kids who like free stuff.

    2- Warren- overshadowed by Bernie.. Her numbers are dropping. Claimed to be Native American Indian.

    3- Buttigieg- limited name recognition, really young, small town mayor. Does not poll well with African Americans.

    4- Biden- forgets what state he is in, fragile and almost as old as an antique. Does not have energy, and is prone to gaffs.

    5- Bloomberg- an elitist snob who has offended gays, blacks, and women. Bought his way into the election, and if nominated will get minimal support from the Bernie supporters. He has the charisma of a tree stump and isn't particularly well liked. He reminds me of Hillary , just a tad more dull.

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  • An honest question. How does Trump keep "winning" in the face of everything that was against?

    I support Trump but this is an honest question.How does he do it? Keep in mind he beat 17 other Repub's, Hillary Clinton, consistent bashing by the media, Mueller investigation, a corrupt establishment , including the FBI, Ukraine investigation, and so one.

    He is a political phenom and no one else could have survived politically, but him.

    How does he do it?

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  • How come most Democrats aren't clapping when Trump talks about positive things?

    It just seems to me bad form and terrible optics for the Dems . Do they not care ?

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  • Did the fidget spinners annoy Schiff ?

    What better way to illustrate how unimportant and ridiculous this impeachment "trial" is than to have senators playing with fidget spinners, walking in and out of the room, and doing yoga positions. In fact one senator brought in chewing tobacco. Typically such behaviors would be frowned upon and discouraged. Because this whole trial is a farce ,they purposefully played with their spinners to indicate how they really feel about this trial. History books will include fidget spinners and the legacy of Schiff as the person who bored the senators to the extent that toys were more interesting than what he had to say.


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  • I am a political psychic. Do you want to hear what I can see in my crystal ball ?

    The Senate will exonerate Trump and Trump will claim vindication. Liberal Democrats will be disappointed, again. The news media will continue to bleed their profits away, send off a few more pink slips to low level staffers, and pretend a Democrat can beat Trump.. Either Biden or Sander ( old, white, wealthy men ), either of whom will not get too many young ANTIFA types, or Social justice warrior types. Trump , with a great economy, low unemployment, will assuredly win and serve out a second term. The democratic base is fractured thanks to lousy Dem candidates all of whom, couldn't even come close to filling arenas they way Trump does. I do not think Sanders can and he is the candidate that draws large crowds.. Just too bad he isn't electable. Sorry if I triggered some of you. Look at the bright side, at least you will have 4 more years to try and bring Trump down..


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  • Are the anti Iranian protests in Iran a signal of potential change or just a temporary show of anger ?

    Trump is a very consequential president and I wonder to what extent his vision or foreign policy helped to propel these protests?

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  • Why are so many liberals upset that our military neutralized an Iranian terrorist?

    I thought politics stops at the water's edge? It's crazy to think many liberals are making a false equivalency between Iran and the U.S. Trump ordered the strike on a terrorist and consequently rendered him a pile of ash. Why does it bother liberals ??

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  • When will the liberal media just stop ?

    Crazy is defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I can't think of anything that exemplifies this concept better than the medias blatant futility in constantly attacking Trump.. As a result CNN and MSNBC suffer from poor ratings, layoffs and a real hit to their " journalistic integrity.. They have pigeonholed themselves as a caricature of an insane person frothing from the mouth hoping someone will take them seriously.

    Will they continue down this path of poor ratings or will they change their business model ??

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  • In a time of peace and prosperity can any Democrat beat Trump ?

    The economy is very strong, the stock market is doing well, unemployment is down and we aren't fighting any wars. Black and Hispanics are finally enjoying low unemployment rate. What incentive is there or anyone to vote for a Democrat ? If it's not broken do not fix it..

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  • Should Comey's lawyers advise him to stop talking publicly now that the FISA court has stated their strong rebuke?

    The FISA COURT has offered a strongly worded rebuke. Apparently they do not like being lied to. It isn't looking to good for Comey and company.

    Law & Ethics8 months ago
  • Obstruction of Congress and abuse of power ? Are the Democrats serious?

    No "Quid pro Quo" anymore? No charge of Bribery? Instead they pick Obstruction of congress"? How did he obstruct congress? And approval ratings for congress is very low, often referred to as the " do-nothing congress". I do not think people will empathize with a house that people do not like to begin with.. " Abuse of power" ? This article is rather obtuse and vague. Is this the best the Dems can offer ? No one is taking this seriously, least of all Trump. The DEms do not have the narrative anymore and public sentiment favors Trump. Great Job getting Trump re-elected... What do u think ?

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  • Is this " Impeachment " saga the best Christmas present for Trump?

    Because I think it is.. My prediction-- a few Dem's in districts where Trump won easily will not vote for impeachment, doing so will be political suicide. This entire farce has been conducted by liberals who hate Trump.

    Good luck trying to impeach a president who has helped create a very strong economy( strongest in decades ), strong stock market, and low unemployment. I suspect the American people care more about things that matter to them, like the economy, versus some ridiculous "hearing" headed by delusional and desperate politicians. If it even got to the Senate, which I don't think it will, it will be dead on arrival and Trump can rightfully claim exoneration..

    And do not get your hopes up that a Dem candidate can beat Trump in the next election. Do you really think the young and more progressive voters will vote for some old, rich, white male ( Biden) ? If you are a liberal and optimistic, don't worry , you will still be a liberal after Trump wins.. Thoughts?

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  • What was the point in having 3 lawyers testify when they aren't fact witnesses ?

    Next time try to find lawyers who are least likeable! One lawyer was a pretentious pseudo intellectual , the female lawyer has a vile personality, and the other one was completely forgettable. The only lawyer that sounded intelligent and reasonable was the one who opposes the impeachment. Also what the hell is the purpose of this fake impeachment inquiry? Let me end the suspense and fast forward. The "house" will commit political suicide and vote to impeach. When it goes to the senate it will die thus exonerating Trump and assuredly giving Trump four more years.. How does it feel to know you are participating in an exercise in futility ?

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  • Should Republicans ignore tradition, policy, and rules, the way Dems have done for the past 3 years?

    Liberal politicians tell local law enforcement not to cooperate with "ICE". Liberals encourage the flood of illegal immigrants. Liberals have trampled on the constitution and liberal judges are mere activists on behalf of their political ideology. And now The dems in the house are preparing to draft articles of impeachment based on speculation, feelings, and here say. They use their "power" as a weapon and toss out any reasonable discretion. What do the republicans do ? Can an opposing party survive through traditional standards if the other party isn't willing to do so? I propose the Repub party can't unless they too behave similarly to the Democratic party. The degradation of norms, fairness, rule of law, paints a future picture of further lawlessness, where upon "tradition" will be tossed aside for political expediency, as indicated by the "impeachment inquiry". Rules will be established to benefit the other party, again, for political expediency. What happens ? Does civil disobedience lead to a police state? Does it lead to a "civil war" ? If we forget our history, we most assuredly are bound to make the sam mistakes.

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  • Should we thank Jim Jordan for expediting the inevitable death of this impeachment inquiry?

    Because their star witness was just eviscerated on live tv. Schiff would be wise to end this scam because I suspect a few Dems will not be voting in favor of impeachment. Schiff should feel embarrassed. And for all of you who still think Trump is any trouble, you are either helplessly optimistic or do not see what is happening.. Thoughts?

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  • Is Lt. Col Vindman really honorable?

    He is a Democrat and a partisan.. He lied under oath and and broke the chain of command. He knows the whistleblower.. And he worse that uniform like a costume. Do you think military police should detain him for lying under oath??

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  • Will they pull the plug on this impeachment hearing?

    None of the witnesses are providing any real "meat" for Adam Schiff and his fellow Dems. Not one witness has suggested that any form of bribery transpired. I don't see how this goes on. Thoughts?

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