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  • Why was my legitimate question removed?

    I asked a question about the "high moral" attitude of most veggies and vegans and it has been removed. Why? Maybe the veggie masters dont want to be questioned because they know there logic doesnt stand up?????

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  • Are we ever going to see the rise of a truly representative political party?

    If you have some ideas and think you could help establish such a think contact me directly.

    13 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Sorry to repeat what do the WWC (white working classes) think?

    un represented, no chance of advancement, in criminal danger, ruled by corrupt politiicans?

    Is this what you think and how do you want it to be changed?

    8 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • So what do the WWW want?

    According to the news 60% of people in the country aren't happy because they are unrepresented. So if you are a WWW what are your views? What ideas do you want representation for?

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  • Has anyone changed the place they buy chicken?

    TV news is saying 75% of people have changed this is rubbish. We ain't so universallt dumb to believe the rubbish Fearnley Whittingstall and Oliver put across on those sensationalist programmes recently.

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  • Anyone in Lincolnshire or Sth Yorks want to play golf next Saturday afternoon?

    If weathers as good as today. Used to play off only played 5-6 times in last three yrs though.

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  • Why is it that the English have a genrally negative attitude to "Sales"?

    "Sales" of any kind in this country generally seems to get knocked and criticised by the genral public. Is this just my impression or do others feel the same. After all the fact is that "Sales" be that door to door, telephone, or any type of sales genrates money to pay for evrybody elses jobs as well as the salesman. If there wasn't any "Sales" there wouldn't be any businesses ergo there wouldn't be any jobs.

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  • Why would you think you were doing any "good" by being veggiez?

    After all the truth is you aren't saving animal lives after all if we didnt eat them they wouldnt be here, you arent getting healthy as you are an omnivore who requires meat to be a fully functioning animal, all you are doing is well really i dont know but i am sure you will come up with some sanctemonious self promoting reason why you shouldnt eat meat. After all you probably dont have a job or a life so you will have plenty of time to think of one.

    p.s. not of the reasons you come up with can or will or have been proven to be fact just hype by sad people who think they make a contribution by interfering with the proper way to conduct your life lol( watch for the responses to this that will give you a clue)

    16 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan1 decade ago
  • Why ask a veggie or vegan a question about ethics?

    After all to have any ethics that count you have to be able to think about other people and their views. Clearly not what most veggies are cappable of doing. Especially those who set themselves up to be "leaders" of the community after all they are mostly incapable of informed open debate and immediately get up their selves when you comment about "the lifestyle"

    14 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan1 decade ago
  • Jamie and his mate are working for the supermarkets!!!?

    I know its a statement before the smart*sses start. The question is about the recent programmes about food. Do you really believe that what was shown on the telly was the truth or even close to it? No real stats where used just approxomations and feelings. Do you think the programmes were designed to take the general publics off the real problem which is not to do with welfare of animals but the fact that so called "fresh food" the supermarkets supply are not "fresh". The cheap as chips chisken is cheap as chips mostly because it is injected with water to increase its mass and the whole "free range" lets feel sorry for the fluffy chickens thing is to divert the public from the real truth.

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  • Mathilda's question follow on about veggies and meat?

    Looking at the answers what a lot of veggies are saying is that if meat was still available that was more naturally grown they would still eat meat. Well guess what it is!!!! Maybe you are just to lazy to look for it? It is still possible to source meat that comes from very natural sources with as little intervention as is necessary to keep animals healthy.

    This series of answers just goes to reinforce the argument that veggies are just doing it to "seek attention". That then would go to explain also some of the reactionary anger constantly displayed on this forum by veggies when someone asks a legitimate question about the health, ethics, worth etc of being veggie.

    Would you agree?

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  • If not eating meat is the right thing. Why?

    Are ost questions in this section about health? Too fat, too thin, no energy, etc? Healthy lifestyle? Horses *** i say

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  • Anyone read this before? Believe in it?


    If you work for someone, for goodness sake work for them,. If they pay you wages that supply you with your bread and butter and pay for the roof over your head, work for them, speak well of them, think well of them and stand by them and the organisation they have created. Work for them for the whole of the time that they pay you not for as little as you can get away with. Your service to them should be undivided by selfishness and don’t want to do attitude if you don’t want to do what is needed for the organisation you should walk away NOW. Be someone who can be dedicated during their paid hours and put in the extra effort needed to succeed. This is just an ounce of loyalty but it far outweighs the value of any amount of being smart about your “legal position”. If you must criticise and condemn that to which hearts and souls have been committed resign your position and then you can condemn to your hearts content. Whilst you are part of that organisation it should be part of you and so long as you are part do not condemn it. Because by doing - you will not damage the organisation - but by condemning that to which you are part you condemn yourself.

    Never forget “I forgot” really means “I don’t care” and that will not do in any field.

    A reason why should not be needed but if you really want one. The people who started the organisation took a massive risk, they risked their income, their lifestyle, their status, all reward was laid aside. Because, they wanted to create an organisation which would bring work and reward to others.

    They knew the risks they took were great but if no one ever took a risk the whole of society would stagnate. They knew they would come across obstacles but they also knew that with the 100% commitment of people they paid they could work over, under or around the obstacles and reach there goals.

    They also knew that without that 100% support of those people; who would expect to be paid 100% of there wages even if they put in little effort, they would not succeed. The workers would lose out, of course, if the organisation failed. They would lose their jobs and have to suffer the indignity of signing on.

    Those employees would surely roundly condemn the organisation as a bad employer, or a bad manager or maybe they would just decide they were incompetent. They would not look at the extra breaks they took, the unmade or un answered calls, the “duvet days”, the sharpness of tongue used with one customer, who told a friend, who told a friend etc, the opportunities that were presented to them to make a difference that they did not take, the goods they did not check which had to be paid for, the goods they took because they thought someone had made a mistake in ordering. All these would become the faults and opportunities that should have been controlled or taken by the people who started the organisation.

    The people who started the organisation will have worked hours that can kill, they will have lost sleep over mounting bills, they will have gone grey from worrying about how to get people to be the best they can be because they know that if there people can be that they will not have to worry. They will have worked out over many hours how much is the maximum they can pay to get a job done. They will have done all this in the full knowledge that those who come seeking employment will expect to be rewarded for skills they profess to have but do not like to use, that they will get a task completed and not look for more to do, they will need to be mollycoddled and spoon fed work, they will come to work and put in just enough and expect to get a pay rise regularly.

    At the end of the day the employer will have done all this because they expect to be rewarded, of course, but they understand that the greatest reward is not the money, which may well be more than those employed get, but in the satisfaction of knowing the obstacles that have been overcome and the short term compromises made to achieve something that has changed their and other peoples lives.

    When a business is struggling do not say “Let the management sort it out” say instead “Is there any small thing, even if I am not very good at it, that I can do to improve the situation” If the organisation still fails you can walk away with your head held high and say

    “I made a difference, I alone could not make enough difference,

    but, I did put in the maximum I could offer”

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  • Should we the English now stand up and be counted?

    For years now we have been "apolgising" for making the world a better place. Colonising and establishing trade with many far flung places I am sure this is why we are so easy on immigration etc. So is it not now time to say enough is enough let the scots have their independence, make them pay of course fr the investment UK made in establshing the oil fields etc, stop the ex "colonies" taking advanyage of our slack borders just put up the FULL sign

    16 AnswersImmigration1 decade ago
  • Are the English being suppressed?

    English ness is dying because we chose not to stand up for our own values but we bend too far to accomodate others. Is it time for a peaceful revolution mush the same as coloured people did years ago?

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  • Vegetarianism outlawed?

    Anyone know of a country where vegetarianism has been outlawed?

    21 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan1 decade ago