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  • Help interpret antinios dream?? thanks?

    antonio was at a resort at a beach with his friend... not a real friend just a dream friend #fakefriends and then it gets dark like rain dark not regular dark then the water goes back, the tide gets pulled back and he remebrers this from Godzilla (2014) in which the tide retreats before the Tsunami. Antonio and his #fakefriend are like "we gotta go" and then they remeber their other friend is with bad guys in the bulding (tall building) but they are like how are we gonna get there and keep our friend safe??? thats when antonio had the idea to get a bear to be the missing friends bodyguard (the bear peed?? eww gross but it is important idk why). They go to the top of the building and build a healthy positive relathionship with the bad guys BUT it is a ruse just so they can avoid the tsunami and the baddies were looking for antonio and he went in after everyone and went to the bathroom (possibly with the bear) and climbed out the bathroom window. Antonio was hanging out the window looking in and he saw his friend (both of them) sitting with the bad guys and it was raining lions and wolves. (metaphorically of course). Antonio noticed how heavily  it was raining and it was thundering berry berry loud. He woke up and it was raining in real life irl outside. Did antonio alter the course of time with this dream and cause the real thunderstorm??? what does it mean

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  • coke dream?

    had a dream where matthew planted coke in my backpack, i threw it away and he ghot mad and then joseph was searching the trash cans for it because he was addicted to cocaine what does it mean?

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  • who won epic rap battle apple steve vs micro bill?

    i think steve won because of the epic pancreatic cancer line

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