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  • How do I get into repo?

    I'm looking to get into the reposession industry in Austin, Tx but haven't had any luck finding advertisement for jobs through indeed, glass door and typical hiring websites. Any suggestions as to how I would get a foot in the door? I have the prerequisite experience necessary.

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  • Grounds for Discrimination?

    I'm dealing with CPS in court, they're telling the judge that I have PTSD (Which I do) and that because of this, they're concerned about my Children's well being. They've made no attempt to ask me or find out how my disability rating came to be or the nature of my disability.

    Meanwhile they've given temporary custodianship to my mother-in-law who has PTSD herself yet they haven't made any attempt at discovering why she has it.

    I can easily identify the refusal to offer equitable treatment. Does this meet the criteria for disability discrimination?

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  • With the issues of Slavery across History, why is Black Slavery still a hot topic for Black people?

    The first slave owner in the United States territory was a Black Man. The word "Slave" stems from the word "Slav" and is a reference to the millions of (white) Slavish people who endured centuries of slavery at the hands of African Muslims in Africa. In the history of the United states, as many as 4,000 free black families owned slaves in the antebellum South. Going back to ancient times, the Egyptians enslaved the Jews for over 500 years (For those confused, Egyptians are Africans and were majorly Black). Mass genocide attempts, taking infants in the night and tossing them into the Nile..the atrocities are limitless but that's just for the Faithful, if that's not your cup of tea then so be it. The point I'm making and the bottom line question is: With so many historical injustices regarding slavery on all sides...why is it that 100 years later there's even a mentioning of it as if it still holds a victim card for anyone?

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  • U.S. Supreme Court Rulings?

    Concerning the findings of the U.S. Supreme Court, rulings have been made by the thousands regarding the law. My question is this:

    1. Once a finding is made by the court, is it considered law?


    No. 12-9490. Argued January 21, 2014 — Decided April 22, 2014

    2. If it is law, what law supports that U.S. Supreme Court Rulings are law?

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  • School officials told me "You have no right to your Child",?

    April 9th, 2:40pm my Daughter's Elementary School went into lock down for a drill. At 3:20pm the doors were still locked, no one was allowed inside the building and the staff refused to come to the door. No explanation was given over the phone as to why the school was in a lock down but lout announcements could be heard over the PA system and it was made clear by the principal that they were going through a drill.

    I called the School, asked to have my Daughter and I was refused and again the explanation of the lock down drill followed. I asked specifically "Do I have the right to my Child" to which the school official stated "No sir, you do not".

    Opinion suites some and bothers others but setting that aside I'm looking specifically for the letter of the law or "Legislation" that I need to look into to find out just exactly how to fight this, I know the school can't legally keep your Child from you but I cannot seem to find a law specific enough to detail just that.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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